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  1. User experience lvl

  2. Level 5 reward

    Thank you
  3. User experience lvl

    Devs. can you make a visual bar so as to inform how much more experience is required to get to the nxt lvl. when it is pressed.
  4. Level 5 reward

    Meissner but i don't have the problem of actual lvl or the displayed level because my 3 star heroes max. displayed level is 30.
  5. Level 5 reward

  6. Claim your Contributor award

    But I already beat him in the hard mode but when I replay the level again to gain some experience i get defeated.
  7. Level 5 reward

    I am unable to get my lvl 5 reward of 100 gems even though I have reached it or am I missing something.
  8. Claim your Contributor award

    How come I can't beat the boss of planet 1 in hard mode when I have already defeated him with the same roaster of heroes.