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  1. hero masters

    game not saving,
  2. Faceless bugged

    I am seeing his attacks doing damage to all otherheroes, whereas he is supposed to be attacking the enemy full spiky ball - and there is no def my team is way weaker than ever, he was my fave, but I seem to be doing better with the Gentleman or Lion King.
  3. Faceless bugged

    Hey I haven't read anything about Faceless or any others being bugged, but he is attacking his team with his special skills; I have not noticed any others doing this tho, and his special skill, the spike rock, he does mot attack just one hero, but all of them, so he is basically kill off his own team before the enemy has a chance to - lol. This I just noticed today.
  4. General

    Just some input, I don't like the idea of auto-equipping runes when I get a new hero. Loving the game so far, and looking forward to new updates and new ideas to make this game even better. !!
  5. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    oh nos! it has been happening again, folks - Planet 6, group with Gunner Snowman Snegurochka Graim and Lane. I had to again give up on the battle in the third round since it was not frozen, but they were not doing anythingand no more respawn. Then I went to Planet 5 and same thing, but did not even get to start cuz no response...I play on pc using Windows. was able to enter arena tho
  6. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    I went back after reading forums and added another to my team, now I have a full group of 5, and I can play in arena as well as do battle on the planets without any problems. I guess one must have a full team to play arena and to do planet battles. Thanks
  7. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    I like being able to speed up the battle, and I have enjoyed playing in the last couple weeks. The last update not so good for my game - I am level 10 and I cannot enter arena. The biggest problem I have had since update is that now I cannot finish any battles in the story and I have no choice but to give up battle, causing me to be defeated. They enter battle and the planet ok at first, but during the first battle the fighting stops and nothing happens. I thought maybe it is a lag, so I let them just sit there for about 30 minutes, then I had to give up the battle. impossible to complete any tasks except spending energy. Please help!