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  1. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    @chancho No worries Chancho and no need to apologise. This is an open forum and it is great to hear your thoughts regarding the new updates. As for the difficulty, as you mentioned I actually like the game being more difficult as it gives us more to strive for. Before the previous update I could beat the hardest level in the game (Speed Hell) with 3 characters and use the other 2 slots to farm EXP. However, it felt a little empty since making my heroes stronger didn't matter as much without any more challenging levels. The new challenge is welcome, but the bosses and the first two waves have lost their balance in my opinion. Previously,the boss battle was muchharder than the first two waves. Now, the first two waves are way harder than the boss. If I can just survive long enough to make it to the boss, then the boss battle is a very easy fight. It might be worth making the boss battles more difficult to match up better with the difficulty of the first two waves.
  2. Hero Database (Collect them all)

    Hi Everyone, This spreadsheet has now been updated with the information for every hero in the game thanks to the new in-game hero database. Please feel free to leave a comment if you notice any errors or would like to add some of the comparison stats (stats for the further evolved heroes). Hope this helps! - Meissner
  3. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    Thank you again for all your hard work on this game! It is great to get to see all the new features as they are added and watch the characters become more balanced. I'm glad you approve of the math. On the same note, if you want to keep the rewards and quest requirementssimilar to before, then you might also want to adjust the rewards from Daily Quests and the Special Quests (like Explorer Yoji): Daily Quests still only require players to spend 26 energy to get the reward, which only takes 2 levels with the new energy system. This should probably be changed to require players to spend 130 energy to get the reward since players spend energy 5x faster. Special Quests: Explorer Yoji only gives 50 energy for 15 event currency, which is the same price as the 200% EXP for 24 hours booster. Since energy is 5x more expensive, this might also fit better with the other rewards if it is increased 5x to give 250 energy instead of 50.
  4. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    @Pavel IgnatovThank you for the reply. Yes, the energy recovery is much faster now (relative energy recharge seems the same as before) as you said making the energy change less drastic. However, it does still reduce the daily rewards (+30, +50, or +100 energy), the timer free energy rewards (+20 energy), the rewards from playing a story level (+1, +2, or +3 energy), and the benefit from buying energy recharges with green gems. Before, the story level rewards of +1, +2 or +3 energy made it so you could get over half the energy to play another battle. However, now even +3 energy doesn't make much of an impact when levels require 20 energy. Same with the daily and free energy. +20 energy is only one free battle twice a day. and the login rewards for day 4, 10, 14, and 20 are only 1.5 levels, 2.5 levels, 2.5 levels, and 5 levels respectively, which is not much considering they previously gave 6 levels, 10 levels, 10 levels, and 20 levels. It might be worth changing these rewards (daily, timer free energy, story rewards, and the energy recharge green gem cost)as well to reflect the higher energy requirements for levels. If you want to keep these the same as before, then I suggest the following changes: Daily rewards increased from +30/50/100 energy to +150/250/500 energy To reflect the 5x energy cost of levels Rewards from playing a story level increased from +1/2/3 to +5/10/15 energy 5x energy cost of levels Timer free energy rewards increased from +20 to +100 energy 5x energy cost of levels Green gem cost: I do realise it has already decreased slightly as it used to be 27 green gems. However, previously players could get +120 energy for instance for 27 green gems, which would allow for 24 levels at 5 energy per run. So for 27 gems, players could get 24 levels, which is about 1.125 gems/level. Now it costs 20 energy per run and 250 max at the same level, which allows for 12.5 levels with a full energy run. At 25 gems for 12.5 levels, the gem yield is 2.0 gems/level, which is almost half the previous value. If you want to keep the same value, then the gem cost should be 1.125 * 12.5 = 14.0625 gems. Thus, 14gems per full energy recharge would keep the same gem to level value as before @Pavel IlyenkoThank you for explaining. You are right, if I put him on the front line, then he does attack just as you said. Sorry for misunderstanding this mechanic and I appreciate the explanation.
  5. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    Update (07/08/18) (1) Energy System and Level Rewards Energy system changed to have a higher max and regenerate energy more frequently. However, it now limits game play much more than before. Max Energy changed from 120 to 250 Level Energy Requirement changed from 5 to 20 Experience from levels decreased Level difficulty significantly increased (previously could beat speed hell with 3 characters, now cannot even beat vampire hell with my best team) Thus, a player can only do 12.5 battles using all energy instead of 24 battles,have to farm levels with much lower rewards due to increased difficulty, and get less experience for those battles. Furthermore, this makesspending 25 green gems for max energy recharge not as valuable anymore. (2) Hero Database I love the idea of the hero database. However, the text is a bit off. Not everything is translated into English and Power is listed three times instead of Def, Power, and Speed. (3) New Planet Navigation I like the new visual display of the planets. There are just a few bugs and typos. Stun planet has vampire rune symbol Vampire planet has stun rune symbol (4) New 3-star hero abilities I like the new 3-star hero abilities for the most part, just a few bugs: Elf doesn't attack at all in battle and his ability bar doesn't charge in battle. He just sits there doing nothing. Queen's "Healing" Roar doesn't actually "heal" any more. So you might want to change the name. Snegurochka's ability names also don't match the abilities very well. "Slide Balls" puts a shield up and "Fury Smash" restores HP. I really like Snegurochka's new abilities though and will definitely be adding her to my hero repertoire. Lovely Girl's and several other hero ability names also don't match the abilities. The numerous hero ability typos still have not been fixed even though I've mentioned them in 3 reviews now ("Voley Of True" should be "Volley of Truth" for instance). Overall, my favorite heroes from this update are Snegurochka, Elf (if it is no longer bugged), and Lovely Girl. (5) Visual Visually the heroes look good except they now have a glowing border around them that looks kind of strange such as the white border around Frankenstein for instance: (6) New Friend Rewards I like the new friends rewards system, but please make it available for Steam. These rewards are amazing: epic scrolls (4-5 star heroes), magic scrolls, green gems, aqvium, etc. However, it is unfortunate that Steam users will not have access to any of these. It would be great if we could have in-game friends for these rewards. (7) Chat Bug Chat bug with the overlapping text boxes is still there (was reported after last update): (8) FAQ FAQ effects still show white boxes for quite of few of the effects (which I also reported after previous updates): Here is an example of a white box effect on one of my heroes (9) Super Slow Arena Battles Arena still go super slow sometimes as reported after the previous update. Even at 2x speed, the battle runs at slower than normal 1x speed. And if you change it to 1x speed when arena is running slow, then the whole battle occurs in slow-motion. (10) Reveal True Power Achievement Even though it is no longer possible to reveal characters, the reveal 100 2-star characters achievement is still showing in the achievements list.
  6. Arena is sometimes broken

    Hi there, they addressed this problem in this post and said it will be fixed in next update (tomorrow I think?). - Meissner
  7. Stun Runes from Vengeance Levels

    Ever since the last update, Vengeance Normal, Hard, and Hell have been giving Stun runes instead of Vengeance runes.
  8. Hero Database (Collect them all)

    Hi Everyone, I just finished updating this spreadsheet with the new abilities after the last update for all the heroes I have. Please let me know if you have the abilities for the missing heroes and I'll add them. - Meissner
  9. Nice feedback =D For me, Akia is 10/10 and I don't think they should change anything about her with the current setup, specifically because the single heal attack makes her so much more useful with the two row setup. She was much better in my team even as a lvl 30 4-star hero than my lvl 50 5-star queen, since the queen only heals with the final skill. She specifically heals the teammate with the least health, which makes her the perfect support character for the new two row system. With two tanks in front, she can maintain their health through the toughest of enemies. If the enemy crits on one of the tanks, then she specifically focuses healing on that tank, which is really useful. Your comment about not having an attack could be said about Graim as well, whose speed support is also very useful in this setup. However, for both Graim and Akia, I would rather have their pure support abilities than have them be able to attack. It seems like a worthy trade-off. If you want a healer that can attack with the first ability, then just use the Queen. She has a better final AOE heal (3*power +70% defense instead of 2.4*power) than Akia, and her first ability is a strong attack. If you give Akia an attack ability, then she will just be a weaker version of the Queen.
  10. Typos and Minor Bugs

    Bug Report: After the update, the game frequently (7times so far) gets stuck while fighting (this on multiple different stages (Power Hell, Stun Hell, Vengeance Hell, Speed Hard). Oddly enough, the hero then attack based on user input. For example, if I do a single line with my mouse then Duar attacks (he attacks over and over if I keep doing it) and if I draw a left arrow then Juggernaut attacks. After the enemies are all dead, the team just sits there. Thus, the only way out is to give up and forfeit the exp and rewards. Then, when I tried to start another battle, the game froze without even having enemies to attack. Thus, wasting another batch of energy and forfeiting the rewards. It is almost like all the enemies are gone and there is no one to fight.This time, there is no give up button and the only way to get back to the game is to quit the game and restart. Also, - Ability typos and grammatical errors I mentioned in my previous post are still in the game - There is no way to complete daily quest to defeat magic dungeon boss without dungeon bosses as many players have mentioned. - Player number is one higher than it should be by the player name in the user interface and when leveling up
  11. Typos and Minor Bugs

    Ok, thank you. What about making the Mascots able to be used in battle again? Then it would be much easier to level him from 30 to 40 and he could be used as intended as 5-star evolution material.
  12. Typos and Minor Bugs

    Happened after I evolved the hero:
  13. [ Badges ] Request your Forum Award

    Discord ID: Meissnereffect#0086
  14. Hero Database (Collect them all)

    Hi Amnesia, thanks for the reply and I'm glad to hear you are planning a wiki for the game. This spreadsheet was simply a meansto help organize all thecharacters, keep track of which characters I'm missing, and plan for different setups (which I'm hoping will be more important after the next update). While I realise it will change, even at early stages it can help. This isn't an entire wiki for the game, just a simple place to see all the characters together with their characteristics and abilities.
  15. Typos and Minor Bugs

    Thank you. Also, what are we supposed to do with the Level 30 Mascot I mentioned in the post? It cannot be activated to level up in battle, and as a 4-star hero it is expensive to level up using evolution. Based on the 4-star exponential EXP curve (EXP required for next level = 1003.1 * e^{0.1212 * Level}, not perfect but a pretty close approximation), it would take 439 one-star heroes + 351 200 Aqvium to level it from Level 30 to Level 40, which seems to be the only way to level it up. Just seems like a waste to use it as 4-star evolution material when it is already level 30. And regarding the white boxes, I think I found the answer in the F.A.Q. section. It looks like they are just missing their icons. Based on these white boxes, I'm guessing the two white buff boxes on the dungeon boss were (1) Decreases all incoming damage by 50% (2) Increases Power by 50%. Interestingly, the F.A.Q. shows the icon that appears with Frankenstein's Stance of Power skill represents decreased chance to get a critical hit by 50% instead of 100% as in the ability description, which makes me wonder if Frankenstein's skill is actually putting two of these debuffs on players when it triggers.