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  1. 2x exp boost

    @Bluehaven's Game CornerYes, I remember =D That is another example illustrating that the EXP boosts don't stack anymore, just extend the time. I was just clarifying sincePavel had told the other player that they stacked giving+200% EXP boosts when we both have found that they didn't stack and insteadextended the time. I was explaining that a couple months ago, the EXP boosts used to stack, but a player called Amnesia (and maybe others too) reported that it gave too much EXP and it was changed to no longer stack anymore. Thus, now it adds timeto the EXP timer instead of stacking. Hope that helps clarify.
  2. 2x exp boost

    @Ilyenko Pavel Are you sure? On both mobile and steam version 2 simultaneous EXP boosts gavethe 100% boost for 48 hours (not 200% for 24 hours). I know it used to be able to stack, but I remember Amnesia reported it a while back as being too big of a boost (made it imbalanced). Thus, I think it got changed to just add on time to the exp boost instead of stacking. - Meissner
  3. Ну как так?

    The Level 5 Achievement activates when your displayed level is 6, not 5. For some reason, the actual level is one level lower than the displayed level. Hope this helps! - Meissner
  4. Que runa usar ?

    The Rune Set properties have not been added yet. Currently, the Rune Set Names ("Critical Hit", "Stun", "Vampire", etc) do not do anything. It sounds like this featurewill be added in the next update. Hope this helps! - Meissner
  5. Attack lvl decrease after gaining exp.

    Hi there, to me the pink text looks like "Attack Bar" not level. After finishing a stage, the experience is awarded and the attack bars are all reset back to baseline for the next battle. This text might bejust informing you of this. - Meissner
  6. Report hackers

    Here are some additional screenshots. Current account lvl max is lvl 30 (displayed lvl 31).
  7. Hero Database (Collect them all)

    Thanks for the submission! I think the icon is just to signify that we are regular forum members and not staff. It might change as you increase forum rank I think. EDIT: Database should be uptodate now. Please let me know if you notice any errors.
  8. Rune bonuses

    @MargaritaI'm glad to help.Thank you for making such a great game.
  9. Rune bonuses

    Rune set bonuses haven't been added yet. It sounds like they will add it in a future update.
  10. User experience lvl

    @shuvadeep senThis user level has nothing to do with experience. You get the next level by beating another planet difficulty level (Normal, Hard, Hell). There are 10 planets with 3 difficulty levels, which is why the max level is 30 (displayed as level 31).
  11. Level 5 reward

    @shuvadeep senYour dislayed level is 5, but your actual level is 4. I'm refering to your level, not the level of your heroes. Once you get to displayed level 6, you will actually be at level 5 and get the level 5 reward.
  12. Claim your Contributor award

    @Talidi and @AUSSIE As far as I know, nopromo codes have been given out for this game yet. The "ContributorAward" is the badge for this Forum which you can see under my post next to the Discord Member Award.
  13. Vampire rune

    The rune categories feature has not been added yet so "vampire" rune isn't any different from any other rune currently. It sounds like they are planning to add the set bonuses (like Vampire) in a future update.
  14. Scrolls

    You still have to pay the 500 Aqvium to summon for scrolls that you have. The 500 Aqvium is not the cost to buy a scroll, but rather it is the cost to use the scroll. You have to click the 500 Aqvium to summon 1 hero or 5000 Aqvium to summon 10.
  15. Level 5 reward

    The displayed level is actually one level higher than your actual level. You should get the reward once you get to level 5 (displayed as level 6). For instance, the max level is 30, but my displayed level is 31.