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  1. Update announcements

    Oh, okay. I hope, I can continue playing the game especially eventswithout any updates.
  2. Update announcements

    I downloaded it with Steam. I play the game on PC. Is it a problem?
  3. Update announcements

    When willthe update be available? I have only the version 0.3.1 and I don't know why.
  4. Report hackers

    Why should he be a cheater? It's easy to get these 3 news in a short time.
  5. Cloud Save?

    My question is, whether it's possible to play on two different pc's with one steam account and the same save point?
  6. Update announcements

    Okay, thanks! It's good to hear that.
  7. Update announcements

    When will the "reveal hero"-feature come back? And what about our collected elements? Do we get something as an exchange?
  8. Arena is sometimes broken

    Sometimes (about every third time), if I want to make an arena fight, it comes no enemy and I cannot go out. I can close only the game and if I do this, the counter for the Task "Play Arena Battles" will be reset. It means, that I cannot complete it and cannot receive all rewards. There is a screenshot with the problem.
  9. Update announcements

    Okay, I understand. Thanks for this change! I don't like this gamemechanics with these elements.
  10. Update announcements

    Does it means, that there are no more elements or that every hero has now his normal element from UnnyWorld? For example: Is Yoji now fire or without any element?
  11. last update = disaster

    Okay, thanks for the answer. Could you make the changelog in the future as a topic in this forum or as news in Steam? 3. No, I don't change much time the planet, but the principle is the problem. Before this update, everything have worked fine, without any loading time and now, there is a loading screen.
  12. last update = disaster

    Hello, My opinion to the last update is, that it destroyed everything, that was funny and that made sense. Why? 1. The idle mode is now removed. 2. I cannot fight against hereos, which I had already defeated (means, that it's unpossible to get much experience). 3. Now there is a loading time between switching planets. That did not exist before! 4. My player level was extremely reduced.
  13. Can we keep our progress?

    I mean, it's now in a Alpha or Beta, and if the official release on Steam is coming, can I keep my stuff, that I unlock now?
  14. Can we keep our progress?

    Hello, my question is, whether we will keep our progress in the game, if the game gets released?