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  1. last update = disaster

    Okay, thanks for the answer. Could you make the changelog in the future as a topic in this forum or as news in Steam? 3. No, I don't change much time the planet, but the principle is the problem. Before this update, everything have worked fine, without any loading time and now, there is a loading screen.
  2. last update = disaster

    Hello, My opinion to the last update is, that it destroyed everything, that was funny and that made sense. Why? 1. The idle mode is now removed. 2. I cannot fight against hereos, which I had already defeated (means, that it's unpossible to get much experience). 3. Now there is a loading time between switching planets. That did not exist before! 4. My player level was extremely reduced.
  3. Can we keep our progress?

    I mean, it's now in a Alpha or Beta, and if the official release on Steam is coming, can I keep my stuff, that I unlock now?
  4. Can we keep our progress?

    Hello, my question is, whether we will keep our progress in the game, if the game gets released?