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  1. account giveaway

    that's a mobile version account right? anyway looks like you cheated lol i mean look at the insane amount of gems and purple crystals, 2500 gems are worth $99.00 dollars iirc sorry but i seriously don't believe someone could have spend (give or take)over 2k us dollars and if you did invest suchamount for real why would you throw it away giving it to some random user from this forum?
  2. hero masters

    it seems unnyhog team is missing i dont see any facebook activity and yours is the newest topic and already 10+ days old with no reply, anyway lets wait and see what happens.
  3. Updates for Hero Masters

    uhh no answer, 1 month old topic with no reply from staff id guess they are on vacations or very busy, anyway +1 for the next update and patch notes.
  4. Update announcements

    uhh just to let u know guys the chat is broken on steam version, cant see anything there its empty, ohh and the rare pumpkin from the halloween event is some white box theres no model.
  5. Report hackers

    ive been playing since July, im lvl 21 atm and yep there's some people summoning many 4* and 5* with eg: lvl 1-10 accounts which seems very suspicious because since the last update the game got more difficult to do such things, i would have believed it before the most recent update 1 month ago, but now? nope, they either cheat/exploit or spend $$$ but is that even possible right now? on steam i dont see how can you purchase anything with real moneys, anyway... Upgrading 2* or 3* runes to lvl 12 or even lvl 15 its possible and not so expensive compared to 4* or 5* runes, so dont worry bout someone upgrading tons of 2* and 3* that "Stranger" player looks legit so far. Now "MadMax" that one looks suspicious indeed, if he has low lvl account i dont think its possible getting so many 4* in a row.
  6. suspicious players?

    Well some people got surprised and some other raged against one guy who non-stop summoned 4* heroes and sometimes 5* heroes, at some point that guy the one summing high lvl heroes implied he spent 2k real money lol, well he kept doing it plus called some ppl "noobs" ,then i think he changed his name or something coz another one showup later doing the same thing, 4* and 5* summons, both had the "rino" avatar that's whyi think it was the same guy but changed his name, 1st one was lvl 7 and the 2nd was lvl 8 buti don't knowif the name change feature is available yet but... those guys had low lvl accounts since the chat announced how they were finishing the normal difficulty in each planet, at the same time, summoning 4* and 5* heroes (and evolved some to 5* so he had many 4* )so this makes me wonder if the amount of gems, crystals, scrolls or any starter & free resources for new accounts are enough to do such thing, also might worth checking game security & chat log in case this was some exploit/cheat event, wont give names or post screenshots till devs require it(i took several screenshots) because honestly im dumb about summoning and farming, i just don't understand how a lvl 8 player could have gotten 4* and 5* heroesand then evolve some 4* to 5*,maybe they got lucky opening regular scrolls or saved gems for the special 60 gems summon, idk.
  7. Gamescom 2018

    woahh awesome, good luck guys take lots of pics and have a good time
  8. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    All right that's why we are here to contribute in every possible way, ty for all your work Pavel, just gonna point out that increasing the difficulty depending on the planet tier is ok, the last planets must give a challenge regardless difficulty mode (normal, hard & hell) so with the current update and recent changes i thinksomething like this would work and look better (actually i think its like this right now): Normal difficulty is intended for 1* to 4* heroes with runes lvl 3, 6 or 9, Planets like Lanaville & Neribor would need 3-4* heroes with 6+ lvl runes or something like that. Then hard difficulty would be focused on 4* to 5* heroes, runes lvl 9+ and its expected that players get 5* heroes with runes lvl 12+ when reaching Lanaville or Neribor to have a chance of winning and a decent but fair challenge. Finally hell difficulty requirements will be like minimum 5* heroes, runes lvl 12+ and players should have some 6* already when reaching Lamiland, Lanaville & Neribor, the last planets. So if someone with 3* heroes goes to Lanaville in hard difficulty hes gonna get crushed lol, thats fine, like in any other rpg you don't go to high lvl areas coz you know monsters gonna beat ya in one turn. Before the recent update i finished normal, hard and hell in 5-6 planets so in the former "power" or "accuracy" planet the hell difficulty was easy, im sure thats something you devs didn't want because it doesn't make sense, hell difficulty should be extreme therefore the recent update is correct but unexpected and felt like a big nerf since we got used to fight & kill easily no matter what difficulty mode we choose. Again sorry for writing here Meissner.
  9. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    Change in energy consumption & regeneration is something i can live with, not so bad, not the thing i expected thocozi liked the previous state much more, yea it was too "player friendly" allowing us to battle non-stop but we got used to it and with the new update the change seems bit hard or radical so gotta pay more attention in battles and move forward since farming low lvl planets isn't worth it anymore, anyway, the thing ididn't like is the increased difficulty, i had like 2-3 planets left to finish the game, the vampire planet, speed and uhh another one i can't remember, well now i cant even beat 4th or 5th planet in hell difficulty it's just impossible for my 4* heroes team, it was enough before but now they barely stand a chance in those planets with hard difficulty, eg: planet 4th "Morthor" previously known as "Power" was easy to complete in top/hell difficulty with 4* heroes wearing lvl 6-9 runes, now i can't beat the 1st wave of "pumpkins plants"lvl 291 minions. So i moved to the 9th planet "Laneville" and finished the normal difficulty, it was ok not so hard, not so easy so my guess is that difficulty changed in order to be more challenging when you change the mode and not only according to the planet tier like it was before this update. In the previous version difficulty increased the more you advanced through planets, 1st planet being the most easy to complete and the last planet the most difficult, changing the mode in the 1st planet from "normal" to "hard" or even "hell" still was easy enough, so we moved through planets beating all the difficulty stages till last 2-3 planets where the "normal" mode was much harder compared to any other previous planet. Now it seems the game wants us to beat all the planets in the normal mode before trying something higher so it's easier to complete planet 1,2,3, normal difficulty (this update) than completing planet 1 in normal, hard and hell difficulty (previous version). Id guess we gonna need like 5* or 6* star heroes with 12+ lvl runes and good setup before trying any hard or hell difficulty even on planet 2 or 3, it makes sense if devs want extend the game before someone reaches last planet & last difficulty stageand reaching endgame with few things left to do like getting remaining characters or spending crystals leveling up runes to max, problem with this is 1) i saw no comment about all this in the update notes. 2) change is too drastic compared to previous version so in the future i would advise a complete update notes to understand better all the changes and avoid makingplayers going around figuring out what else is different or finding huge remork & major changes with no previous announcement.& explanation how things work now. ps: sorry Meissner for making comments in your topic but i think its better than making a new one with my engrish, by far you are giving the most detailed & valuable feedback at least in english coz ive seen lots of activity from russian players in other topics. thx man keep doing it pls.
  10. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    Yay it feels much more difficult now my guess is that they did this to avoid too much afk-farming and people not paying attention to the gameleaving just the auto-mode while doing some easy farming on planet strength or accuracy getting lots of scrolls, crystals and experience. If that's the reason well i understand it, many times i set the game in auto-mode farming strength planet with no worries bout energy or getting my party killed, didn't need any strategy or paying attention, that encouragesome kind of "lazy player" behaviorbutnow i can't beat strength in hard stageand Hell stage well its impossible for my current top heroes.
  11. Update announcements

    so far i noticed that amount of energy required for bosses and overall fights increased, before the update it was like 4-6 something like that even against bosses, now its 10,15 and 20 energy for bosses depending on difficulty mode,its a huge increase imo but at the same time i noticed how energy regeneratesfaster, in less than 10 minwent from eg: 184 to 197 or something like that, plus free energy every X hours helpsthose who spend lots of energy farming one planet, still energy runs out very quickly now, 25 gems to replenish energy doesn't sound too expensive but can't discuss this too much i didn't pay attention when getting gems doing events and finishing planets so idk but imo decent, fair amount, i think it gives ya all your energy back, currently i have max 200 energy so 25 gems would give me another 200, enough for 10 boss battles maybe a bit more considering the free energy every x hours, random energy reward if lucky when beating a bossand energy regeneration. Energy regeneration is 1 every minute so in 1 hour i'll get 60 energy (4 boss battles) and it will take 3 hours and half to replenish my entire 200 energy cap, not taking in count free energy or energy rewards. Difficulty increased as well,before today's update i could endlessly farmplanet Strength, (now renamed "Morthor") to lvl up 2* and 3* heroes and get extra purple crystals, even scrolls or low tier heroes like fairies and goblins, now the enemies and bosses increased in level, normal difficulty are 70's lvl, hard 100+ level and finally the Hell stage has 200+ level enemies (Morthor/strength planet), now it's much more difficult andi cant farm hell stage in that planet anymore, the 1st or 2nd wave of enemies kill my 4* party and in hard stage i barely beat the Yoji boss. It feels like a huge nerf, to be honest the previous version allowed us to farm crystals, scrolls and experience for low lvl heroes so easily in eg: strength or accuracy planet, ok we kinda abused because i could go and watch a movie and switch alt+tab to farm again and again one planet with no worries and energy would deplish only after 20-30 battles or something, maybe this changed to avoid too much afk-farm and make ppl spend more time watching the battle and play with strategybut hmm nerf feels a bit too much hard. Anyway this is like 1 hour gameplay impression, i would like reading Meissner impression he understands HM in depth mechanics much better i'm lazy and dumb for this stuff so maybe this update is better idk edit: nvm he did a good review worth reading with screenshots and better structure, that's how i would like to do it but yep me belazy & dumb And yep i noticed the environment improvement, i don't remember birds bunnies, little rats and pumpkins moving, doing things and making the background scenery much better its a nice touch no doubt plus moving through planets with the new interface feels much better, adds more "atmosphere" improving the game, sry for the engrish.
  12. Football Event

    This event was a nice idea, im yet tostartreviewing the event itself but yep so far looks good, thats the kind of things that encourage players for logging daily, play and while doing it, get a reward by accomplishing reasonable challenges. btw lmao france won the cup, i was supporting croatia (even tho my mom was born in france lol).
  13. Twitch streams on Saturday - 3PM UTC

    awww theres no chance for me to watch the stream and ask questions, my pc died 4 days ago motherboard fried or something now gotta find a new one anyway gl guys have fun!!
  14. Last UnnyWorld stream

    omg this is so heartbreakingid guessthat sketch is an early unnyworld concept, the idea of the pre-arena screen where players select their hero and get ready to fight. This is the perfect example of "a picture worth a thousand words"i can imagine a story over a 1000 words just with that sketch after spending 3 months playing the game and reading and watching many places with all the magic created by this amazing guys. But don't worry, Yoji, Neri, Isna, Akia, Forga, Lane, Morth, Duar, Gaya and Lamia are preparing to take the ship and head for the next adventure, hopefully they'll return someday to prove themselvesagainst each otheronce again in the battle arenas. See you tomorrow at twitch and soon at Hero Masters, GL !!!
  15. Thank you for UnnyWorld

    First let me tell ya, thanks for everything, for letting us try your dream and idea called Unnyworld, it was a very pleasant and most surprising experience, i was immerse playing smite by the time i found randomly an advertise of this little game while clicking steam recommendations, i liked the characters and the design, then i saw some screenshots by steam players, i checked the game size, downloaded and well from there to this sad day Unnyworld was something i enjoyed every single day, when I knew about the unnyworld patreon site I read the appealing, cute touching story of the game, made me shed a tear reading the hopes of keep growing, to improve and get better with the support of every player and that day I bought the founders pack on steam, I told myself “these guys deserve it” and at least for me they didn’t let me down giving me very nice moments with this game that I’ll never forget, thank you very much. Of course this is not a goodbye im gonna stay around waiting for the new game, i won't miss achance to play with Yoji and all the great characters from unnyworld again, i really hope the staff saved the players data before giving the gems code because who knows? maybe in the future the game could return, in months, a year, two years i don't know, but it wont matter ill be there, even if everything is wiped and everyone starts from zero again like a fresh start.