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  1. Bugs

    Hello, there is a bug that you can't use portal, and Lane using "underground tunnel" can't go through gates, and i don't know if it's a bug but Lane has unlimited cooldown at his double shot talent.
  2. Bugs

    Okay i don't see these bugs anymore
  3. Bugs

    Okay no problem
  4. Bugs

    Okay after choosing my army to attack something like this happened
  5. Bugs

    and when i clicked on house and i selected attack it said "The same minion already hired Reload" i clicked reload and something like this happened
  6. Bugs

    and the same happens on the ships
  7. Bugs

  8. Bugs

    No, I am talking about that building on my planet that summons friendly creatures to defend my planet
  9. Bugs

    Okay so im talking about portal that summons friendly creatures.