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  1. Bugs

    Okay i don't see these bugs anymore
  2. Bugs

    Okay no problem
  3. Bugs

    Okay after choosing my army to attack something like this happened
  4. Bugs

    and when i clicked on house and i selected attack it said "The same minion already hired Reload" i clicked reload and something like this happened
  5. Bugs

    and the same happens on the ships
  6. Bugs

  7. Bugs

    No, I am talking about that building on my planet that summons friendly creatures to defend my planet
  8. Bugs

    Okay so im talking about portal that summons friendly creatures.
  9. Bugs

    Hello, there is a bug that you can't use portal, and Lane using "underground tunnel" can't go through gates, and i don't know if it's a bug but Lane has unlimited cooldown at his double shot talent.