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  1. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    @Pavel Ignatov I think it directs the player and is valid, but if he prefers something different is to make a test in another difficulty not to evolve, but by choice an interesting example in the past event of yoji on a mission that was 15 times in dungeon mode did not say what the difficulty was, but the player completed and received the reward, which would give the player the freedom to decide how he would do what difficulty and which dungeon.
  2. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    I think raising the runes up to level 14 could be a mission to the point of fortifying up to level 5, in the beginning the player will not have much to evolve his rune but nevertheless does not prevent to economize.
  3. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    New update summary: I can not return the level of hell to normal to evolve the heroes and it forces them to evolve the ones that are at the maximum, but for them to become stronger I need to evolve them using other heroes with less stars but the difficulty does not change after which completes all the stars, will be in the same difficulty losing in the stage until the 1 or winning of the boss in the end.
  4. A bug or maybe a visual bug

    i too Hypnoo look topic feedback
  5. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    This happened to me too.
  6. Football Event

    Could it be a question with which team would win the cup? If the person got it, she would get three green scrolls and more than 100,000 of aqvium If the person was wrong they would receive 2 green scrolls and more than 75,000 of aqvium What do you think?
  7. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    Attention this is small update spoiler Red Arrow:I saw the number and I really found this force has something unique as a passive by the number of the reveal if I will be able to have as I have not been in the golem to see how much to gain from spirit I want to see if there are any more heroes in this state and it seems fair cost for the benefit? Yellow Arrow:I pressed the invite friend button and nothing happened. Green Arrow:in the online chat was missing the name of the person because you do not know who it is in relation to its use demonstrates the progress of the players how he looks his friend managed to reach the rune in level 12 win 1000 aqvium for his success and celebrate with him :).
  8. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    they would not be top only would not be weak against the 4 elements and neither the 4 strong elements against the 2 like light and shadow would be the tie.
  9. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    I have a totally different one and I do not know if it does the same effect but I will wait for more information.
  10. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    So I tested this error is linked to some character at the time of the fight that after the error begins in some battles end up missing heroes, it may be a spoiler of some new or old character.
  11. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    This happened to me but I'm analyzing what that mistake would be. -\
  12. Bug Reveal

    Pressing the reveal button on any hero will show that there is no feature because the game does not have a boss available for the collection of this feature but this is correct but the bug happens after the option buttons disappear along with the auto cast options and the reward screen gets a little dark.and the old bug reappears.
  13. Bug Reveal

    Notes: that this bug occurs in other situations such as when you reach the limit of characters and when you do not have the invocation parchment both white and green and in cases of invocation with the use of gems if you choose the option yes it will happen the same but if you choose the option will not follow the game normally. 1)character limit 2)green parchment 3)white parchment 4)Extra BugCasus this bug has nothing to do with the above bugs, but it's an easter egg hidden among some above if you haven't guessed look at the picture below. I hope I have helped in relation to this if you have seen all this image if you have something to say about ,speak below i see you next
  14. [ Badges ] Request your Forum Award

    Neri Expert and Champion league us-central 154554
  15. Update announcements

    Thank you so much I almost lost all my progress.
  16. New tutorial bug

    the button did not appear at the time of the tutorial, but I clicked on the field and counted as if the button was there.
  17. Weekend contest #11 - Healing time

    Extremely Hard challenge joaopedrolife us-central154554 Morty us-central 175477 Unetive us-central 38165 Thanks Morty and Unetive we were able to complete the challenge.
  18. Difference of stars?

    it seems that the reds seem different what eats where it lives this is a mystery?
  19. Concurso del fin de semana #10 - Flawless victory

    Desafío fácil joaopedrolife us-central 154554 Morty us-central 175477 From Brid -------------- Incluso sin el duar intentamos hacer el concurso fue una arena muy divertida llena de lluvia.
  20. Weekend contest #10 - Flawless Victory

    Extremely hard challenge Barbapowa - us-central 172873joaopedrolife - us-central 154554Dasthan -us-central 77106 Good job teamthanks barbapowa e Dasthan for help
  21. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    Я все еще не видел разницы между розой и желтой звездой?
  22. Weekend contest #9 - Epic combo

    Hard challenge. I have to thank two people Morty and Luixzify who helped me complete a challenge. and even with difficulty they did not give up they showed in the end the power of a team. joaopedrolife us-central 154554 Morty us-central 175477 Luixzify us-central 83439
  23. Concurso del fin de semana #9 - Epic combo

    Draw the match, playing in any Arena in a party en english Ganaou Draw ?