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  1. Weekend contest #11 - Healing time

  2. Weekend contest #11 - Healing time

    I loved the tactic^^ ty so much guys <3 zurit eu-west93285 Jerry Mouse eu-west190169 HeMAN eu-west116811
  3. Weekend contest #10 - Flawless Victory

    Thanks to much to adaybicho and moonmicha <3 epic match ^^ Adaybicho eu-west 188048 Moonmicha eu-west 175440 zurit eu-west 93285
  4. Weekend contest #9 - Epic combo

    Esta mal traducido draw=empate en español, suerte intentando el empate
  5. Weekend contest #9 - Epic combo

    When you have a lovely and awesome team YOUCAN DO IT!!!!!!!! special thanks to Adaybicho and Zen love u boths <3 Zen eu-west 116546 Zurit eu-west 93285 Adaybicho eu-west 188048
  6. Weekend contest #8 - Team build

    Special thanks to my windoll and my tomcome <3 u guys r amazing ^^ Zurit eu-west 93285 Aiwin eu-west151953 Tomsyo eu-west181174
  7. Weekend contest #7 - Party maker

    Special thanks toZen and Adaybicho <3 u r boths great ^^ Name: Zurit eu-west93285 Name: Adaybicho eu-west188048 Name: Zen eu-west116546
  8. Weekend contest #6 - Hero slayer

    Ty so much bichito <3 for all see u r the best ^_- Server: eu-west Name: Zurit Id: 93285
  9. Weekend contest #5 - Royal Neri

    Ty so much Zag <333 Ign: Zurit ID: eu-west 93285
  10. Contest #4 - Valentine's healer

    I made it Especial thanks to heman and zen <3 Server: EU Id player: 93285
  11. Weekend Contest #3

    I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Weekend Contest #2

    I already posted myid i will do agen... Also i contacted with pavel, i said to him i have updated my post with my id but i dont see my id in the list... please update the list with my id
  13. Weekend Contest #2

    Server: EUrope Name: Zurit