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  1. Weekend contest #6 - Hero slayer

    Eu.west / zen--116546 in both ways but keep the hard one ty special thanks to Aiwin<3 and Meliodas for supp.
  2. I wanna Thank you forresolving my connection issue @Suvitruf I'm back to the game ))
  3. hmmm...this looks bad. do you need me to doublecheck @Suvitruf?
  4. It's ok ) I just hope it'sable to be fixed. I'll wait yourresponse Thank you very much.
  5. sure. Greece / Athens and network provider name: Vodafon
  6. still keeps disappears,must capture the screenshot tho
  7. Good evening @Suvitrufwhen it reaches 17, itdisappears
  8. Good evening. I'm having a huge problem to connect the game ,since last update on Friday 2/3/18 We were playing when the update started,so it took us off game. when I tried login 3 hours later,the issue started. Developers suggested to try from another platform. so I tried from facebook gameroom. It's giving me 2 options,login with existing account or start play from scratch. I tried the 'login option and nothing happened,still cant get in. I was sceptic to press 'play from scratch ' cuz this option might get me loose all the progress I have on the game since I started,so I didn't click that. A friend suggested to try uninstalling and reinstalling from Steam,see if it fixes errors Which I Did ..and the problem remains the same. I cant get through from another platform or client version(we also tried) I'm waiting for your respond and help,so we can fix it asap.
  9. Contest #4 - Valentine's healer

    zen--eu-west->116546 Thank U HeMan+JuPy ^^
  10. St. Valentines contest

    zen and my beauty Valia UnnyLovers CHALLENGE accepted
  11. Weekend Contest #3

    eu-west 125838 name: Mr_Rob we also want a HeMAN statue for all the support,to all players!!
  12. Weekend Contest #3

    zen--eu--116546 I want to thank HeMan and Fr3Ak helped this happen^^ wooohooo (sooo close for 0-15-0)
  13. Weekend Contest #2

    ID:116546 ---name: zen---server:eu