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  1. Weekend Contest #2

    Hello, Friends! I have a new contest for you and it's called: UnnyGod! The rules are simple. Just achieve UnnyGod! In case you don't know what's that: you need to make 15 frags without a single death! The Prize: The Prize will be delivered in 2 weeks after the update. We are going to introduce some decorations and each player who does this will get the building: Please submit screenshot with UnnyGod label or with the statistics after the match. You can also record the video of how you achieve this and if you do so, we'll feature the video on our channels. You have time till January 21 midnight. Good luck!
  2. Email Verification

    Hello, Happy to hear from you. I've approved his account manually, so he can login to the forum now. Please tell him that he can still attach the screenshot to the topic with contest.
  3. Выходное задание #2

    А какая почта у нее? Она не получает письмо с подтверждением?
  4. Добрый день, я отписался тут:
  5. Привет. Приношу свои извинения. У нас очень часто были подобные проблемы и мы виноваты что плохо разобрались с ситуацией. Мы вернем все сегодня-завтра. Мы так же обсудили и в будущем больше не будем встревать в подобных ситуациях, даже если лидер действительно ушел.
  6. Добрый день, Мы сегодня посмотрим детальнее на проблема. Нужно как-то красиво разрешить сложившуюся ситуацию.
  7. Talk to Pavlusha #2

    Hello, Friends. In the first podcast we discussed our future plans and I was answering some of your questions. In case you missed it: We are going to have the second podcast next week at the same time, please come and prepare the questions. To speed the process up you can submit your questions here. Hope to see you all in the podcast:
  8. 1.2.3

    1. New quests were added. 2. Now you can select your gender in the game. 3. Amount of Medals required for Instant promotions between leagues were increased. 4. Hints were added. 5. Game optimization. You can select low graphics quality now to increase performance. 6. Spells: a) Ice wall now blocks all other spells b) Blood Control now can't be dispelled c) Recognition of Ultimate abilities was improved(Tap 2 fingers) 7. Bug fixes .
  9. La "Actualizacion" Me perjudico a mi o alguien mas.?

    Hola, hemos actualizado la versión del juego de Steam y Gameroom. ¿Has probado? ¿Te ayudó?
  10. ranking boards

    Hello, you are right. The data is now stored for just 14 days, so we should change the description.
  11. problemas en el juego

    Hola, hemos actualizado la versión de Steam y debería funcionar más rápido ahora. ¿Puedes verificar y confirmar por favor?
  12. Por que los Puntos bajan

    Hola, haz clic en el botón (?) Para ver la fórmula. Los puntajes dependen tanto de victorias como de pérdidas.
  13. About buttons and some ideias

    Hello, thank you for the feedback. We are working on optimizations for the next update. If I understood you correctly, while the gestures itself are fine, the problem appears only during lags. Can you tell me what device do you have? Can you take a picture of the UI and your hands? I want to see how small the buttons are for you.
  14. problemas en el juego

    Hola amigo. Estamos tratando de arreglarlo, por favor esperen. Le daremos una versión de prueba más tarde.
  15. La "Actualizacion" Me perjudico a mi o alguien mas.?

    Hola ¿Puedes decirme más sobre tu computadora? ¿Cuál es la versión de Windows y DIrectX? Además, ¿eso está sucediendo solo en el Planeta o en todas partes, incluida la arena?
  16. 1.2.2 - Скоро

    @Сергей Хромов Ульт можно использовать как и по-старинке на >, а так же новым способом.
  17. magic crystal upgrade

    Ink, we'll add monsters and heroes for protection, let 3 players to attack 1 planet and at that point we'll increase the HP for everything. that will happen very soon.
  18. less building

    Hello, Ink. We'll remove eventually the old ship from old account and everything will become 100% fair, but for now it's honestly not a big deal Do you agree?
  19. make plants intangible in arena?

    Hello, we'll be fixing the problem when the bots get stuck.. It has more sense rather than walking though plants.
  20. С НГ!

    С Новым Годом. Спасибо, Мопс - мы все будем стараться)
  21. Error building

    Hello, Can you please give your playerId (including the region)? Does it happen all the time whatever you are trying to build and in each cell?
  22. entregas de kill

    Hello, Lets fix this on January 3rd? Can you write to us approximate numbers from the statistics, which you lost?
  23. puny rewards

    We'll be changing Invasions in the same way as Arenas, creating Leagues. When that happens we'll change the amount of scores you earn from each battle.
  24. Weekend Contest #1

    Hello, Friends. We decided to add some entertainment for you on weekends. Before the week ends(you have about 2 days from now) you need: 1) Play in any arena(NOT custom match) and by the end of the match you need to win with the exact scores 7-7-7(frags-supports-deaths). 2) If you do that please make a screenshot of the statistics window at the end of the match, where we can clearly see those numbers. 3) Reply to this post with the screenshot, your PlayerID and the approximate time(including time zone) when that happened. We need the time to check in your history. 4) You can do that on all arenas and get +1 score for each. So in total you can get 3 scores. 5) We'll stop receiving Screenshots at midnight 23.59 UTC this Sunday. 6) On Monday we'll collect all screenshots, calculate the amount of scores each player has and use random generator to select one winner. The more scores you have, the higher your chances. 7) The Winner will get in-game mail with Founder's Pack (it'll work even if you have one), and also we'll announce the winner and all participants in Social media. 8) The winner can send us his photo to use for the post, but it's optional. We'll try to do such things every weekend, but with different tasks. If you have any ideas for such contest, lets brainstorm them! P.S In case you are not sure what support is. You get a support score when you damage a target, but don't slain it(someone else does). Or you can heal a friend, who slains an anemy.
  25. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!!