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  1. А можешь еще логи скинуть? В тот момент, когда у тебя опыт игры спрашивают.
  2. В следующем апдейте выйдет фикс. Приношу свои извинения.
  3. conquest with error

    Hello, I'm sorry. That will be fixed in the next update. All you Victories counts even if it shows just 1000.
  4. Halloween contest

    I'll tell you that in Private
  5. Halloween contest

    Please hold on, we'll be sending the rest of the badges on 17th of October.
  6. Дуар с красивым щитом

    Пожалуйста, я помню твой репорт)
  7. Lamia Skin

    We are working on the skins for all heroes for the Christmas, and Hi tech skin for Lamia. So probably in the mid December you'll get it.
  8. Unny?

    It's a secret, which will be revealed later
  9. some spell’s interaction is not effective

    I've just checked. It should be just visual bug. The debuffs shouldn't make any damage to you.
  10. Some bugs

    1) You can find logs here: Windows: C:/Users/[username]/AppData/LocalLow/Unnyhog/UnnyWorld/output_log.txt Mac OS: /Users/{name}/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log Please Archive them before sending to us. 2) The bug with Environment will be fixed today.
  11. some spell’s interaction is not effective

    I think it's a bug. Thanks for the report, I'll take a look today.
  12. 1.1.4 - Current

    Behold! Huge and Amazing updates are coming with most your requests satisfied! 1) New Hero : Lamia Lamia is a cruel and ruthless witch gaining her powers through blood rituals. Her knowledge and mastery of the occult allows her to utilize ancient spells and incantations. She uses forbidden magic to siphon off the life force of her enemies to sustain herself and her allies. She is a terrifying force on the battlefield often scaring her opponents away with her frightening presence. Her creepy and sadistic fascination with blood has earned her a reputation of being a Vampire. She fights to inflict pain on both her victims and the world. 2) Random Arenas are back. Are you tired of fighting with bots? Select random Arena to be matched with real players more often. Now you’ll also get some resources for that as well. 3) Daily Bonus. Earn Unnycoins for the first victory with each hero. 4) Planet Editor. Change the landscape of your planet in any way you want. Be ready for invasions! 5) Update tasks If you are stuck with a task, you can change it now. 6) Hi-tech Duar. New epic skin for Duar with updated spells. 7) New spell’s interaction 1. Earth Balls destroy Water Balls 2. Earth Balls and Frost Balls destroy each other 3. Earth Balls destroy each other 4. Underground walk and Earth Worm removes all negative debuffs. 5. Earth Balls, Earth Shield and Stone Run become Lava Balls when they interacts with fire. Lava Ball ignores all armor and resistance. 6. Stone Run and Earth Shield Balls destroy all enemy projectiles. 8) Auto-Focus on a target, who attacks you. 9) Invasion mode was radically changed. 10) Global statistics improvements 11) Code optimizations 12) Bug fixes
  13. Редактор планет

    Все верно, дорога должна быть всегда между Ратушей и зоной высадки. Насчет ошибки, если получится ее повторить - можете нам скинуть видео или описание того как это сделать?
  14. Some bugs

    Can you send us your logs, when this happens next time?
  15. Arena entering glitch

    Can you tell me if that happens right when you click on Play, or when the timer should've appeared or when the timer goes to 0?
  16. Arena entering glitch

    Hello, Reder. Are you playing on iOS? Can you tell us the model and your PlayerID?
  17. Greetings. We've decided to give you an opportunity to create your own daily quests and achievements. Please write down your ideas below, and if we like it, we'll include them in the game and mention your name there. Lets get this started!
  18. 2017/11/4 PvD (South Asia)

    I'm sorry to hear that, but the problem that the developer is from Belarus, so he has really huge latency playing with you( We are thinking now about changing the way how we make PvD. Probably, when re introduce Battle Royale, we'll be playing with you every day in that mode
  19. Добрый день, Посмотрите, пожалуйста, формулу. За победу/поражение ничего не снимают и не отнимают. После каждой игры идет полный перерасчет по формуле. Мы в новой версии игры сделаем это все немного прозрачнее. Формула : 1000*килы/корень(смерти) Для простоты объясню на формуле без корня : 1000*килы/смерти. 1) Если вас 200 убийств и 1 смерть, то у вас будет 200,000 очков. 2) Если смертей станет 2, то очков станет 1000*200/2 = 100,000 У нас формула немного сложнее(из-за корня), но смысл остается тем же. Если бы там была просто сумма побед, за вычетом поражений, то это было бы просто "кто больше нафармит, без учета качества" Сейчас проблема в том, что из-за ботов игроки мало умирают, поэтому такой резкий скачок между 1 и 2 смертями, но скоро мы это исправим с кол-вом настоящих игроков.
  20. Live Streamers!

    We'll finish integration with Twitch anytime soon, and that might attract some Streamers.
  21. Lane's earth warm bug

    Thanks. I'll take a look.
  22. about visiting system

    Next week we'll release Planet Editor and real Invasions, so for now you and your friends better to prepare the defense
  23. about visiting system

    Sure, go ahead. You can use any marketing material to promote UnnyWorld Thank you.