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  1. 0.9.8 - Coming 31.05

    1) Rank system in Guilds 2) Changes in old Arenas 3) Mute and Report for chat
  2. 0.9.7 - yakında

    1) Tüm Asya sunucusundaki oyuncular Avrupa suncusuna transfer edilecek 2) Bang-Bang Parti Arenasındaki Görünmez Kuleler düzeltildi. 3) Görsel hatalar düzeltildi.
  3. 0.9.7 - Current

    1) All players from Asian server are transferred to Europe 2) Invisible towers in Bang-bang Party Arena were fixed 3) Visual bug fixes
  4. An event for guilds to earn more exp

    In 2 weeks we'll release a new update with ranks in Guild. The experience you earn for your guild will also affect your own rank in the guild. The higher rank you have, the more experience you can earn. That system will help to see who is active in the guild and who is not, and also will accelerate the guild progress. It will also prevent people from jumping between guilds, because this way they will lose their rank. Later this system will transform into system with officers, who can help GM.
  5. Gaining 1 medal!

    Hello, Vendetta. The amount of medals you receive depends only on the amount of medals you and your opponents have. The more modals you have, the less you get, basically. It happens because you are getting to the top players, so it means that most of players you play with have less medals then you are. It was made to avoid medals to skyrocket for the best players.
  6. Gemler çok az düşüyor

    promosyon kodu: youthday19
  7. 1. Добавлены защитные вышки для строительства на планете 2. Ребаланс арены «Взрывная вечеринка» 3. Улучшены эффекты героя Йоджи 4. Улучшение и оптимизация игры 5. Добавлены Эмоджи для Арены 6. Добавлен Испанский язык
  8. 0.9.6

    1 Added defense towers 2 Bang-bang Party Arena was rebalanced 3 Yoji spell visual effects were improved 4 General bug fixes and game optimizations 5 Added emoji for Arena 6 Added Spanish localization
  9. Question

    Hello. Right now it's impossible. We'll add this feature later for the guilds.
  10. Neri Duplicate bugged!

    Ok, I'll try to find the problem. But if you'll learn how to reproduce it with 100% please share it with us.
  11. Neri Duplicate bugged!

    Hello, Vendetta. Which device are you using to play? Is it possible for you to record that? I was playing a lot recenlty with that hero, and that never happened to me, so I would love to see it on video if possible to understand what's going on. Regards
  12. 0.9.5

    Are you talking about Gaya in our roadmap?
  13. I can't start arenas.

    Thank you for the message. Don't worry, you are definitely not banned, so it's a bug. We are looking at it. Can you tell us which server are you playing in and what is your Id (you can find it in the settings window) ?
  14. Funding

    Retention, playtime, and hopefully revenue
  15. Funding

    Hello, Nicho. Thank you for the question. We started it as a self-funded, but later we got some investors. You can read more about that here : Our goal now is to reach good metrics soon, and go for the next round of funding before releasing world wide.