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  1. gate bug?

    Hello, Do you still have this problem after the update? If so can you give us your playerId and the region?
  2. Выходное задание #2

    Подарки были всем отправлены. Вы получили свой?
  3. Баги и ошибки

    Татьяна, спасибо за столь подробное описание проблем. Мы сейчас все внимательно изучаем и будем править.
  4. St. Valentines contest

    I'm the first!
  5. Powers slow

    Hello. When you play for Yoji it's hard to get to your target, then when you are playing vs Yoji it's easy to avoid the spell. So it's sounds fair Anyway, It's a part of the strategy. You need to find a right moment to cast your spells. Do you have any specific suggestions how to fix this problem?
  6. А у тебя все заклинания прокачаны на максимум?
  7. Добрый день, извиняюсь за задержку, сегодня глянем.
  8. Проверим сегодня, спасибо.
  9. Добрый день. 1) Этого мы не можем сделать. Скины - это правктически единственный способ заработка у игры. 2) Такое можно добавить. 3) Добавим. 4) Добавим. Спасибо за советы
  10. Weekend Contest #3

    Hi, sorry, but you made 1 kill. Please complete it without any kills or deaths. This is where the challenge is!

    Olá. Desculpe-me pelos problemas, mas nós já os solucionamos nos servidores de teste. Então, será corrigido para você logo após a atualização.
  12. Batle royale bug

    Obrigado pelo relatório. Vamos dar uma olhada neste problema.
  13. unlimited receive aqvium bug

    Yes, It was fixed. @Masque Can you confirm?
  14. Weekend Contest #3

    Hello, Friends! Congratulations to 24 people, who won in the last contest. I have a new contest for you and it's called: Support of the Day! I need to tell that this contest is way more challenging and I'll be surprised if we reach the same amount of players who achieve it. The rules are simple: 1) You should have 3 Neri in the team. 2) You should play in Big Bang Party Arena. 3) You should get 0 kills, 15+ supports, 0 deaths. 4) You have to win. 5) It can't be a custom match. One Neri has to get those number and he'll win the contest, while other 2 Neris can have any numbers, but they won't win. Unless you take turns. The Prize: The Prize will be delivered after the update. We are going to introduce some decorations and each player who does this will get the building: Please send us here the screenshot of the Statistics, so we could see the numbers, along with your PlayerID and region. You have time by the end of this Months. Wednesday January 31 midnight. Good Luck and Have fun