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  1. Rating calculations

    Hello Aron, In our current formula the rating you get depends only on the results of the battle, not the amount of kills/deaths.
  2. Getting to know the devs

    Your progress is automatically saved on your fb account if you play on Gameroom, so if you want to continue playing on your phone you just need to autorize in the game using Facebook. But you need to choose the same server region.
  3. Facebook GameRoom Arena bug

    Unfortunately that happens to some users, and we are still waiting until Unity3d fixes that bug. Meanwhile, can I ask about your operational system? Which windows do you have and what is your Graphic card?
  4. 0.8.3 - Current

    1) NEW HERO : Lane - the Earth mage Wandering through the deserted planets, Lane has mastered the destructive power of Earth. His talents allow to change the combat from defense to attack right away, leaving enemies no chance. 2) Happy st. Valentine's day meets you in Arena with a new skin. 3) Crash fix when you are trying to build the Arena Portal in tutorial
  5. 0.8.2

    1. Happy st. Valentine Day! Get new skins for your characters and the Planet. Made with love. 2. Changed the award system from arena battle. Now, you can get stones from each battle: a. 2-3 stones for victory and 1 stone if you lose. b. 5 bonus chest per day for the victory are still in the game. 4. Spells Morth: a. Upgrade duration of Smoke Grenade spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. b. Upgrade duration of Stealth spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. c. Upgrade cooldown of Somersault spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. 5. Spells Akia: a. Destiny Shield duration was increased from 6s to 8s. b. Water Shield duration was decreased from 10s to 8s. c. Upgrade duration of Water Bubble spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. 6. Spells Yoji: a. Fire Shield duration was increased from 5s to 8s. And each upgrade was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s b. Upgrade duration of Boost spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. 7. Code Optimization 8. Minor text and bug fixed
  6. Buggywoogie balance and skills

    Hello, Luver. Thank you for the feedback, and thank you, nicho, for the replies Everything Nicho said is correct, but I have something to add: 2) Originally all heroes are planned to work as a rock-scissor-paper game, so for our game it looks like Yoji > Morth > Akia > Yoji. So no wonder you don't like Morth, when you play Akia. However, it doesn't necessary mean that Morth always wins Akia, but he has an advantage for sure. 3) We are working on updating the bots. It also includes randomizing all skills they have. 4) We are still balancing the spells, so some of them might be changed. Anyway, you shouldn't worry about investing in skill you don't like, and here is why. We'll introduce new characters soon, and some of them are part of the same nature which you already have, so you don't need to build a new building for them, but you need to learn some skills first. For example: one of the next characters is Isna (Frost mage). She is a sister of Akia, and all skills she has will be in the same talent tree as Akia's skill. 6) Raise gate to level 4. Gates work the same way as any building. Just click on it and upgrade As for the other advice, we need some time to try other options and balance everything
  7. 0.8.1

    1) Visual improvements for all planet skins We've added many funny animations for all assets. 2) Bug fixes and optimizations
  8. 0.8.0

    1) New Arena You can read more about it in our blog : 2) Mini-map 3) Characters & Abilities: Yoji a. Phoenix (Delay/Radius) 2 /10> 2.5/8 b. Fire Wave (Damage) 150 > 175 Akia a. Water Wave (Damage/Heal) 150/75 > 140/100 b. Wave Form (Damage/Heal) 100/100 > 120/120 c. WaterShield (Damage/Heal) 25/30 > 30/35 d. Water Bomb (Delay) 3 >2.5 e. Cloud (Damage/Slowdown) 40/25% > 50/35% f. Karma Shield (Duration) 5 > 6 Morth a. Judgment (Damage) 120 > 140 b. Somersault (Charges/Period) 2/1 > 1/2 c. Stealth2 (Time) 2 > 3
  9. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    Thank you all for the feedback. I think we weren't clear, because democracy is not the only change. Guilds will have complex changes in all aspects, and in that case democracy will have much more sense than it would have for the current system. I'll try to cover the most important topics here: 1) Guilds will have levels and achievements. Every player give experience to his guild by just playing. The more experience you give to the guild, the higher your rank is. Each new level of the guild opens new features for all guild members. 2) Only people with the highest rank can be nominated for the new GM and can vote. 3) Guild can be private as well. It means that GM or Officers must approve any new member. 4) GM can't kick people with high rank. He needs to start a vote for that. All of that will prevent the bad stories like toxic group of people coming and taking the control of the guild, etc. Each player, who plays a lot and helps the whole guild by that wants to feel safe. Because if GM can easily kick him or stop playing at all, the guild and everything what that person was working for will not be gone. Basically, with the new system we want to protect not just GM, but the whole community of guild members. If you are playing a lot and help other people you will be able to become a GM or at least an officer, who has almost the same powers in the new system. As an option, we can give a future GM to choose which guild he wants to create : Democratic or not. In this case all players will see the type of the guild before joining it and that can be a factor for their decision. Please tell me what do you think about that?
  10. Getting to know the devs

    Hello, Nicho. Thank you for asking this. You can't imagine how important for us to get such messages We are a small team of 8 people. We all work full time, but we don't have an office. We work remotely from different parts of the World. Actually, we have a blog, were we post different stories : If you really what to know how everything started, you should read these articles at least: 1) 2) 3) Thank you again. I hope you will like the story behind the scenes.
  11. Game stuck

    Hello, Nicho. 1) We've added the option to switch your region in the settings window. Unfortunately, all accounts are bound to the regions. We'll add the feature to transfer your progress from one region to another, but I don't think It'll be very soon. 2) Thank you for clarifying on the crash. We see the problem now and we'll try to fix it before the next update.
  12. 0.7.9

    1) Bug fixes 2) Now you can change your region in the game 3) Characters: a) Akia: Movement speed was increased by 20% Water Bomb Damage/Heal was increased from 250/150 to 400/300. b) Morth: Shadow attack damage was decreased.
  13. UnnyWorld - Roadmap

    Can't tell this right now, but probably only in February. Right now we are focused on Arenas/Leagues and bug fixes.
  14. Game stuck

    Hello, Nicho. We will check the crash, and as for your progress. Which device are you using and are you sure you've chosen the same region as before? It looks like you have chosen a different fb account or different region.
  15. 0.7.8

    Thank you for the feedback. We have reduced slowdown because it was extremely annoying, but I agree with you that the character is weak now and we need to improve it somehow. Don't worry. We'll do that in the next update.