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  1. Bug reports

    @Bluehaven's Game Cornerwhen you enter the chat please open Navigation Panel on the left and then click on your name at the bottom to open your player's profile. When you do so - you'll see the URL I'm asking. Please send it to me.
  2. Bug reports

    @Bluehaven's Game CornerI'm sorry, but we didn't find any account with this emails. Did you use UnnyNet with your old progress? If so - I need your UnnyNet ID: Please go here Login as usual and open your profile page - there will be your ID in the url path. This is my url for ex: So my id is: b246adbe-c1af-4532-88ca-f1d1709b0211
  3. Bug reports

    @Bluehaven's Game CornerCan you tell me your google id?
  4. Bug reports

    Hello, don't worry. If we fix the issue, we can just send you the pumpkins you lost. Have you tried to launch the game without internet connection? If that won't help, I'll need to get your save file to reproduce the error.
  5. Attack lvl decrease after gaining exp.

    Thank you Goku, I can see the pink text. We'll check it today and come back to you later.
  6. Update announcements

    Hello, Friends! Please don't uninstall the game. We haven't yet released the synchronization feature, and you will end up loosing the progress. The chat appears when you shake the device, but we got the feedback that it's confusing sometimes, so we'll either remove this feature or increase the threshold for the shake power in couple days. Chat login issue was also fixed, please try again now. If the problem is still there, please fully restart the game or logout from the chat and login again - it'll work.
  7. suspicious players?

    Hello, @chancho. We have found some cheaters in the game, and probably that guys was one of them. We already have the list of such players, and they'll be banned soon. All the cheating they did is already written in their accounts, so changing the name won't help them. However if you find such strange behavior of a player and report it promptly to us (Better with screenshots), that might help us to identify new cheaters.
  8. Vampire rune

    Correct, thank you @Meissner Test
  9. vamp runes

    Hello, the feature of runes set bonus is still in development.
  10. General

    Thank you guys, there is a problem in the code. It's not an intentional behavior. We'll fix that.
  11. Rune Sets Duplicating on New Summons

    Wow! That's a news. I'll check that today - thank you.
  12. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    @Meissner Test Thank you. The rewards will be changed accordingly in the next updates. @chancho The difficulty might be to high right now. It happened because of so many changes and we didn't have time to test everything at once. With your help we are going to adjust the difficulty with the updates. Thank you for pointing at it.
  13. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    @Татьяна Ступак с промокодом все норм? @joaopedrolife Thank you for the feedback. Empty space is not a bug, there were elements selling, which are temporary removed from the game. Thank you for other bugs, we'll fix them.
  14. Update announcements

    Hi Pedda, We closed elements and reveal because they were not balanced at all. We are currently rebalancing all the heroes, and probably the next will be keepers and elements.
  15. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    @Meissner Test Thank you for the math. It really makes sense. @Pavel Ilyenko Please take his comments into account.