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  1. Restrict Planet Layout Like This

    my suggestion is putting another landing zone. maybe another two landing zone. those landing zone must follow the rule that it cant be deployed near each other. maybe 6block each distance. it also must be connected to path each mining crystal and ondu. minion now spawn on those two landing zone. also you should destroy the ondu,mine and castle to gain a star not just the castle.
  2. gate

    i already move the gate. i close the app and wait around a minute before i move the gate and it works. i just notice that after making some wall i cant move gate in those wall immediately. i think theres a delay
  3. gate

    after the patch, i cant move my gate. what happen guys?
  4. environment

    environment suddenly vanish when after looking at house
  5. teleportation unstable

    well i want to inform you that teleportation is not stable as of now. why? well i made some testing so that i may know how far can the teleportation take you. Ialso want to know what happen when you teleported to one of those hills. i happen to teleport in between hills then the speedhack ban is unleash. i tried to teleport away but its useless. teleport cancel and i cant get out. by the way i dont use speedhack. please dont ban me..
  6. 1.2.0

    can you remove the auto attack of range character when walking. melee character need to go near to those range. range character tend to make some distance while attacking making it annoying from melee character
  7. planet reset suggestion

    by the way, what i do know is that path distance is the shortest path tile it will take from your landing zone to your castle. my suggestion is while you are editing your planet path you can just move your landing zone near the castle while editing is taking place. after the maze is done you can move your landing place to the maximum distance you like.
  8. planet reset suggestion

    I also support this idea. how ever everymove cost shovel. if you put 20hills and lot of paths, remove some hills and environment. the purpose of shovel will be negligible. for example you made a hill then press ok that move already cost 2 shovel. then decided to remove that hill after which will cost another 2 shovel then press ok. after that you decide to put again that same hill. that move already cost you 6shovel. resetting will make that hill disappear that will be free cost of another 2shovel. example again is you put 20hills. costing 40shovel. if you want to remove them again, if will cost you the same amount. but if reset, you can gain a free 40 shovel removing them. it will be unfair to others
  9. not really a bug

    well i cant say this is a bug but a typo. showels and shovels
  10. well i happen to encounter planet that dont use those fancy wall or gate to block you from entering those forbidden area. instead he use environment to prevent you from entering. i think environment should be passable. you cant destroy those hidden behind environment. if i think about it, those planet that cover the rest building from town with hill can simply make small opening then block it with environment. it can be considered unblock but not passable
  11. gate bug

    heres the one gate and two gate version of the bug
  12. gate bug

    i encounter a gate bug which you can put together same gate in one block.. heres the picture. notice that only gate exist and not any wall
  13. Revenge

    can we have preview of the attack made how other get stars on our planet so we can improve the defence
  14. Trampolines

    actually trampoline are very useful. i made a maze in my planet, but how can anyone go to the maze when the landing site is limited to 20 blocks? i made sure then when landing in my base you will step on to trampoline and drag you to the maze. question is what if the trampoline fail to drag you to maze. dont worry i have back up trampoline to make sure you land again in the maze.