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  1. can you guys make magic crystal more durable. i mean make them upgradable so its hp goes up. its hp is the same as mail. one hit then boom, no more. no fun destroying.
  2. i just notice that new account can build less building. in my old account i can build up to 4 ship. now only one can be built. ship can add to defence since you need 3 to 4 hits to destroy. since we cant build less ship means less building other invader need to destroy to gain 100% but more building to destroy if you encounter old account
  3. puny rewards

    well almost when i invade i atmost get 8 to 15 crown when destroying 100% of enemy base. this time i only 2. Im just curious why only 2.
  4. well i'm just curious if this is correct. i got a 100% 3 star in an invasion and i only got puny rewards.
  5. tower range

    range of tower in own planet when being deployed. for example is the mortartower. i know the range is 3 blocks but the exact distance is unknown. if we're going to put the mortar behind the hills, we can get a general idea the range so can maximize the location we can put that can cover lot of area
  6. hi. can you add the range of tower when being viewed.we should get the general range for the tower when being deployed
  7. Restrict Planet Layout Like This

    my suggestion is putting another landing zone. maybe another two landing zone. those landing zone must follow the rule that it cant be deployed near each other. maybe 6block each distance. it also must be connected to path each mining crystal and ondu. minion now spawn on those two landing zone. also you should destroy the ondu,mine and castle to gain a star not just the castle.
  8. can you remove the path of 20 from landing to castle since teleport is available. we can better hide the castle thus we can make it difficult for others to invade and get a star. can you also add a button to change the planets we can attack. its always the same planet when i attack
  9. gate

    i already move the gate. i close the app and wait around a minute before i move the gate and it works. i just notice that after making some wall i cant move gate in those wall immediately. i think theres a delay
  10. gate

    after the patch, i cant move my gate. what happen guys?
  11. teleport

    i also suggest that you cant teleport if the hill blocking is too high. forget about other account whose has wrong design. they cant edit it anyway. only active account can make those hill higher.
  12. environment

    environment suddenly vanish when after looking at house
  13. teleport

    can you add teleport skill in practice mode? its hard to gauge the teleport skill distance. can you also disable teleport if theres a wall blocking? my maze became insignificant. any invade can now get a star.
  14. chat

    can you guys add chat in this website?
  15. i made a testing to the new trampoline in 1.2.0 patch. it now officially for trolling. no practicaluse