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  1. there will be a story mode?

    Woah! I'd totally play a story mode. Maybe one exploring the background story of the champions. I'd like to see the story behind Isna I really enjoyed the story mode on Arcane Legends mobile app. I would keep playing just to see what was next
  2. 1.2.0

    Excited to see Battle Royale mode! Sounds like an interesting concept based off the description Do gems drop in chests now? Ever since I updated it, I haven't seen any gems drop at all. But not sure if that's because I play on iOS or not
  3. Problems Loading

    Just want to sayyou guys are awesome. I play Unnyworld on my iPhone 95% of the time.Thank youfor quickly looking into the random crashes, it was a little frustrating at times.Will let you know if more bugspop up.
  4. Problems Loading

    I have not run into this issue after 5 attacks!Hopefully everything is fixed. Thanks for working on that guys!
  5. Problems Loading

    I play on my iphone
  6. This is just a minor bug. The aqvium count is incorrecton the planet attack/defense list. However, I did receive the full 13,746 aqvium from the invasion, the count is just wrong North American server, iOS 11.1.2, ID:us-central 28367
  7. Problems Loading

    So it seems like I don't get stuck on the screen. Now the game just shuts down. But at least when I log back in, the screen loads and I have the full minute to plan my attack.
  8. Problems Loading

    Invaded 3 times and have not had any issue so far!Will let you know if I have this issue again.
  9. Revenge

    Infinite amount ofrevenge sounds so....sweet. mwahahaha
  10. Problems Loading

    I don't know how to send a log file. But my ID is:Us central-28367, North America server. This issue happened to be a while ago...I want to say within ~7-9 hrs ago? If it happens again, I will let you guys know right away. I haven't had this issue since then. Maybe it's fixed now
  11. Problems Loading

    I had this issue earlier...I also lose an invasion as well. Im currently playing on iOS and seem to have random crashes when I engage an invasion. I usually exit out of the app, stop it, and log back in and I generally don't have this issue again.
  12. 1.1.4

    Love thecharacter design! The added neck collar makes her seem so vampirish.
  13. 1.1.5 - Current

    I really like this update!Especially getting more time to view a planet (and also seeking revenge on those who attacked me). I've noticed that I don't see as many green gems pop out of the daily chest. Is this a bug fix or an update on loot we receive from our daily? Keep up the good work!
  14. Thanksgiving day Promocode

    Thankful for the promo! Thanks Unny Team!
  15. Does the badge have to be digitally drawn? Will you take a sample of a hand drawn badge?