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  1. Weekend Contest #2

    name:SHANKS server:EUROPE
  2. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    @Pavel Ignatov I like those 4 points you mentioned and specially making guild private and GM can't kick people with high rank. He needs to start a vote for that Also i think guild member numbers should increase more in the future and also increase guild creation cost because nearly most players are creating guilds once they get the 2000 aqurivium and keep your great work..!!
  3. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    i think they should add a history system for the guild so we can know who joined lately or who left or was kicked and also hopethey make a guild shop and donation system that you get special coins from donations that can b done only once a day and with this coins you can buy special items from guilds shop to make guild system more interesting and hope you can also make the leader of the guild assign 3 or 2 officers to be incharge of guild when he is offline and people who applys to a guild should wait till an officer or the leader accepts them or not . also i think thatguild leadershould be the only one who is ableto assign new leader who he trusts notby players voting.. thats all what i think should happento improve guild sysrtem for now.
  4. Happy birthday Kaidou! Congrats on turning 18 amigo:D

  5. Join my guild

    well im on america server currently ..in guild ENIXUS for now till finding english guild
  6. guild for english players

    the region is america currently
  7. 0.7.9

    ok ty for your reply
  8. guild for english players

    Hello players : if there is any englishor arabic talking players here..replyto this post so we can make a guild for english players together
  9. 0.7.9

    it saysi will lose my progress if i changed region ..does that mean i will have to start from the beginning ?and it also shows my region is USA but i think all people playing arent from USA
  10. UnnyWorld - Roadmap

    oh great i have a big arena idea for new arena but needs lots of details !! will offer it soon
  11. UnnyWorld - Roadmap

    when will be that update for the new characters?
  12. Hello unnyworld players hope you are enjoying your game : I have made a group for your beloved game on facebok and here is the link : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1925365937682951/?fref=nf hope you all would sign for it to make it easier for discussions and helping each other LATER . ENJOY !!