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  1. Thanksgiving day Promocode

    Thank you!
  2. Leaderboard

    I noticed some flaws in the leaderboard. The place that is shown when you open the leaderboard don't always match your actual place For instance, it says I'm 53rd for Bang Bang party, but in face I'm 51st, and it says I'm 43rd with Akia but in face I'm 54th. It can't be that one updates faster than the other, because I went from 26th in total damage to 25th today and those 2 stats match with each other.
  3. Profile

    Not really a bug, just an imperfection imo. Maybe it's an idea to make a second row of heroes in profile instead of placing him outside the blue box.
  4. [ Badges ] Request your Forum Award

    Marianne #0307
  5. Leagues Discussion

    1) Do you want to see Instant Promotions for higher leagues? No. I've noticed that in the weekend I always try to calculate how much I play, because I've had twice now that I promoted on Sunday and then get insta demoted on Monday. Had I not promoted on Sunday I would have been first in my league, and I'd have gotten the extra gems that come along with being in the top 3. So for me, going to platinum league has allowed me to play as much as I want, even in the weekend. So what do you guys think? Should we add a Diamond League and then make Champion League the final league with only 1 tier? Yes!