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  1. Guild Name

    I vote for Black Clover
  2. Guilds Discussion

    I hope we can at least get the guild donations asap, becouse as an old player i have all buildings max level and normal skill lvl 7 and 8 so 90% od the time i am stuck with 400 000 purple crystals so mining and ivnade doesnt give me any benefit
  3. 1.1.4 - Current

    I think in some next update we should be able to post our party in the chat (like we can do with matches) so people can find and join party easier
  4. Guilds Discussion

    We really need these new things for the guild asap Also right now the leveling of a guild is really hard so maybe we can add like 1 guild quest daily for example 5 000 guild exp and all the members can help to complete it For example deal 500 000 damage Or win 100 times in arena Deliver 100 flags to your base... About guild members right now the maximum is 30 but there can be a building on the guild planet that has 5 levels and each level upgrades the max capacity of the guild for 1 player
  5. About new hero's concept

    spell interactions: - stone and ice ball can cancel each other - duar's ult can stop akia's rain - yoji fire wall can cancel morth's smoke from smoke granade - also water attacks can do more dmg after neri charges the enemi (i think this is in the game but i am not sure) - lane going underground cancels poison/burn/ the black thing from forga/charge - and how about we get back the stun from morth's normal attack but this time it can be on every fifth attack (it can really help in fight vs duar)
  6. 1.1.3

    Oh and also how about making morth's smoke granade poisonous like hiding alies but also increasing the poison stack on the enemies by 1 in 1 second. But it might be too op that way
  7. 1.1.3

    Nice update but i hope you can work something for Isna too becouse not many people like to play Isna as she is now and i think its becouse her ults are not very effective vs humans. I have tought of simple ult spell like the rain from akia but this time its snow and it slows down the enemies and gives small amount of shild to alies. As i said this is simple and can easily be implemented becouse we have similar spell like this (healing rain) but i am sure there can be better ideas and more interesting skills.
  8. Fighting friends/guildies

    It is never frustratig for me. We are friends but we are rivals too, so i see it as oportunity to have fun and also improve
  9. 1.0.8

    Should we wait for Duar on next update?
  10. New Upcomming hero - Duar

    i see a shield and a spear so i think it will be cool if there is a skill that changes mode between attack stance (more dmg more speed / less deff and resistance) and defence stance (less dmg and speed / more deff and resistance)
  11. 1.0.2

    The mail worked perfectly for the first reward but after the second win it got bugged for me.
  12. 0.9.10

    About Morth's spells i think it would be nice if the 3 shuriken spell is back as it was (now it only makes dmg once even if you hit the oponent with all 3 shurikens). And i think Lane should be improved, i think he is the weakest character now.
  13. With the change of the talent system the new talents are easier to obtain but now i think there is small problem: the upgrade of the already obtained talents is very difficult because the scrolls are obtained by luck. I think this problem can be solved with 2 methods. 1. Creating market system where players can trade scrolls 2. Having daily task and bringing back the daily quests for green coins, and adding class based chests in the ingame shop (for example: Morth chest from witch you get scrolls for morth etc..) What do other people think?
  14. What is the max level of a talent now?
  15. 0.8.0

    i can't wait to try the new arena Do we need to upgrade arena portal before we can play the new arena?