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  1. 1.0.8 - Current

    Should we wait for Duar on next update?
  2. New Upcomming hero - Duar

    i see a shield and a spear so i think it will be cool if there is a skill that changes mode between attack stance (more dmg more speed / less deff and resistance) and defence stance (less dmg and speed / more deff and resistance)
  3. 1.0.2

    The mail worked perfectly for the first reward but after the second win it got bugged for me.
  4. 0.9.10

    About Morth's spells i think it would be nice if the 3 shuriken spell is back as it was (now it only makes dmg once even if you hit the oponent with all 3 shurikens). And i think Lane should be improved, i think he is the weakest character now.
  5. With the change of the talent system the new talents are easier to obtain but now i think there is small problem: the upgrade of the already obtained talents is very difficult because the scrolls are obtained by luck. I think this problem can be solved with 2 methods. 1. Creating market system where players can trade scrolls 2. Having daily task and bringing back the daily quests for green coins, and adding class based chests in the ingame shop (for example: Morth chest from witch you get scrolls for morth etc..) What do other people think?
  6. What is the max level of a talent now?
  7. 0.8.0

    i can't wait to try the new arena Do we need to upgrade arena portal before we can play the new arena?
  8. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    Hello. I am also against democratic guild leader election but i also think that the guild leader should not have all the power. For example if theguild leader is mostly off and doesn't help other players, and maybe the members wantto stay in that guild and the only problem is the guild leader, then there should be voting. If ALL are against the current guild leader then the title of guild leader is going to somone else that is chosen by the members,and the previous guild leader is automaticly kicked. And i also agree with this can prevent toxic players taking over the guild and for upgrades i will leave that to the UnnyWorld's team becouse i know they will make great improvements about guilds in the future
  9. Funny bugs

    I was playing with my friends and i don't know how but this happend it looks cool like some new water character skill .
  10. Join my guild

    @nicho @KAIDOU Sorry Rulers is in Europe server
  11. 0.7.8

    I really like the new update but i think that now the water character is weakest. It has really bad last talent that takes too much time and it can easily be dodged/interupted so the only good skill was the cloud spell, so i think the slowdown should be at least 50% or if it stays 25% then there should be changes to the water bomb talent.
  12. Join my guild

    Hello evryone. If you are an active player and you are searching for active guild feel free to join Rulers(englsih speaking guild).