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  1. I think right now there are too many players in the champion league and every week there are still many coming. So atm the player at rank 4 gets same reward with player at rank 70 in champion league so once you hit the champion league there is no need for you to play in arena because you will get the biggest chest as reward every week. I think it will be more interesting and competative if only 20 people can stay at champion league and the players below rank 20 gets downgraded one league. Also maybe players that are inactive for 3 months get downgraded too so new players can get chance to be in champion league
  2. Unny Zetsubou

    Wow!! Congratss to all Zetsubou members you are really something It wont be a suprise if a team from Zetsubou wins the next tournament.
  3. Ok first about the Battle Royale i think Lamia has way too much advantage because she can damage other players even if there is a wall between them. One solution can be decreasing the dmg 30% if there is obsticle between her and the enemy. About the plague i think we need 1 min or maybe 90sec with no changes on the map and after that the plague can start. Also we need that is some party tries to press start on battle royale with 2 same characters it gives error message please change characters. About my suggestion for new Arena, its has elements from the normal arena but also elements from the br becouse many people can participate at once. The idea is that 16 teams can be signed up at total (1 team can have at most 3 players). And then matching is done between the teams and the first 8 matches start. One match is battle like the one we had at the begining of the game( Small arena 3 vs 3 where the winner is the first one to get 10 kills). After the first matches only 8 teams remains and the next 4 matches start until there is only 1 team left. The winning team can have some special reward like in battle royale. Reasons why i think this game mode can help the game: - If players want to play versus many others teams but they dont want to be against 38 people at the same time they can chose mini-tournament - Also there is the tornament feeling that i think makes the game more fun - And i think the most important is that this game modecan be reused for real tournaments in feature. Last tournament i fell like the developers had a lot of manual work and with some changes in the mode we can have fully automatic tournament ( for example the starting teams are 32 , 2 teams after matching will play 3 random arenas and the team with better score continues). And about the matching how will it be made? - I suggest inserting a battle power [bp] (and planet power - will talk later) foreach player. Every lvl of the spells increases the bp for 1, each unlocked character increases the bp + 10, every league increases the bp for +5 (for example bronze IIIgives +5 bp and silver I + 30 ) , and + 1 bp for each rank in guild ( novice, private , corporal ....). So the starting players will have 30 bp from 3 character + 15 bp for the lvl 1 spells + 5 bp from bronze III that is 50bp in total and for example of player with 10 character and big lvl of spells he will have 250-300 bp so when searching in arena they can never be in same match becouse the diference of their bp is more than 100. This bp system can be used for matching in mini-tournament mode and real torunament but extended in teams (for example if player1 in the team have 200bp player2 250bp and player3 80bp (530bp in total) they can be matched with team for example (player 1 400bp, player2 70bp player 3 80bp (550bp in total) but there will be no chance that they get matched with team (player 1 100bp player 2 80 bp and player3 110 bp (total 290bp) because the differecent is 200+ bp. And the last ting is planet power [pp] whereeach lvl of the buildings on the planet increases the pp for 1. So for beginers they have 5 or 6 buildings lvl 1 so their pp is 6 and players with pp 50+ cannot attack their planet and also they cannot attack strong players because they will lose. So this will make the planet attacking system chose similar players. And one plus for begginer can be that until you make30pp you can attack only bots that are easy to invade and get good amount of aqvium (5k + each run) so they can start faster and not fear that their aqvium will be stolen from more expirienced players.
  4. Adding friend after match

    +1 from me. And for the chat in battles we can just get small fixed text ballons instead of the smiles
  5. 1.2.0

    Will the update for the launcher be automatic or we will need to download the whole folder again ( from 2-3 updates ago the auto-instalation of new patches for the launcher stoped working)
  6. I have had this idea for the long time but i am busy lately so never got time to write what i think about the trade system. 1) I think the scroll trading should be just between guild members and not for everyone because that way it will make more competition beetween guilds (and i think competition is good forguild wars when we get themin future) and it will make people from same guild wanna help the other players in the guild. But with guilds as they are only 30 people can trade scrolls and i dont think that is enough. So my solution is to expand the max number of guild members (for example to 40) AND my suggestion is to make FRIEND SYSTEM FOR GUILDS. -> FRIEND SYSTEM FOR GUILDS - one guild can have at most 2 friend guilds. - Why friend guilds? -> members from one guild cant trade scrolls with people from the friend guilds so that way thenumber of people that can trade scrolls goes from 40 to 120. - When can the friend guilds start making trade? at lvl 3* * As members from friend guilds play in same party they get friend guild exp. So the relationship lvl of guild rasis ( pros from relationship level: at lvl 1 when playing with guild friend member you get +5% red crystals, at lvl 3 you can trade scrolls between guilds , at lvl 5 one players can visit the guild planet of the friend guild.. (this are just examples but lvl 3 is the important one). 2)About the lvl of the spells that need to be before one player can start the trade i dont think that maxing the spell is good becouse new players wont expiriance the trade system for long time and that might push them off from the game. I think we need un upgrade of the current lvl of the spells for 1 lvl (normal 9 -> 10, rare 7 - > 8, epic 5->6) and not make all lvl 10 becouse i dont think anyone can collect 400 epic scrolls and you can start trading scrolls when you make the normal spell lvl 7, the rarespell lvl 5, and the epic spell lvl 3.This way i think the new players can start trading scrolls after only 1 month of play and maeby less. 3)One more thing beside trading scrolls can be CRAFTING scrolls. - why? a. Maybe people dont like to join guilds and they wanna play alone, that way they cant trade scrolls but if they have leftovers they can use them for crafting the spell they need. b. Even if players are in the guild maybe noone has leftovers from the spell they need and there is no way to get it. So for example if you need the worm for lane and noone has it, if the price for crafting it is for example 5x Boulder scrolss and 10x underground walk scrolls + 10 unnycoins , you can trade your leftover scrolls for boulder and underground walk scrolls and craf the worm spell scroll . - Also you can use scrolls for crafting ONLY after you get the spell for that scroll to 7/5/3 ( normal/ rare/ epic ) level. @ZyonmkxqIwould apriciate it if you can find the time to read this (sorry for making it too long)and tell me what you think.
  7. Guild Name

    I vote for Black Clover
  8. Guilds Discussion

    I hope we can at least get the guild donations asap, becouse as an old player i have all buildings max level and normal skill lvl 7 and 8 so 90% od the time i am stuck with 400 000 purple crystals so mining and ivnade doesnt give me any benefit
  9. 1.1.4

    I think in some next update we should be able to post our party in the chat (like we can do with matches) so people can find and join party easier
  10. Guilds Discussion

    We really need these new things for the guild asap Also right now the leveling of a guild is really hard so maybe we can add like 1 guild quest daily for example 5 000 guild exp and all the members can help to complete it For example deal 500 000 damage Or win 100 times in arena Deliver 100 flags to your base... About guild members right now the maximum is 30 but there can be a building on the guild planet that has 5 levels and each level upgrades the max capacity of the guild for 1 player
  11. About new hero's concept

    spell interactions: - stone and ice ball can cancel each other - duar's ult can stop akia's rain - yoji fire wall can cancel morth's smoke from smoke granade - also water attacks can do more dmg after neri charges the enemi (i think this is in the game but i am not sure) - lane going underground cancels poison/burn/ the black thing from forga/charge - and how about we get back the stun from morth's normal attack but this time it can be on every fifth attack (it can really help in fight vs duar)
  12. 1.1.3

    Oh and also how about making morth's smoke granade poisonous like hiding alies but also increasing the poison stack on the enemies by 1 in 1 second. But it might be too op that way
  13. 1.1.3

    Nice update but i hope you can work something for Isna too becouse not many people like to play Isna as she is now and i think its becouse her ults are not very effective vs humans. I have tought of simple ult spell like the rain from akia but this time its snow and it slows down the enemies and gives small amount of shild to alies. As i said this is simple and can easily be implemented becouse we have similar spell like this (healing rain) but i am sure there can be better ideas and more interesting skills.
  14. Fighting friends/guildies

    It is never frustratig for me. We are friends but we are rivals too, so i see it as oportunity to have fun and also improve
  15. 1.0.8

    Should we wait for Duar on next update?