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  1. Ideas For Unlimited Journey

    wel not sure bout number 3 could end up making the game pay to win... getting like best gear and then you cant win 1 vs 1 they should probably make such a thing for guilds... and the effects only work with guild vs guild matches... wel thats my thoughts what i really want them to add is universal skills E.g for all water heros there are 4 skills that can be used for any hero as long as the hero is water type... cause some skills dont get used at all or just are not liked so having 4 extra to swap with would help
  2. Lamia weak

    lamia was actually over powered thats why they took away attack through things... for the charges you just have to time yr attacks (dont use all attacks at once have some autos inbetween)... anyway just practice with her to learn how best to use her
  3. Contest #4 - Valentine's healer

    First try.... hahaha player id: 79040 eu-west
  4. arena search cancel bug

    So the way this bug works is if you are queuing for a match and your friend invites you and you accept it does not cancel yr search and you end up joining that match even though yr friend joined yr party... also tried canceling the search then accepting invite, canceling both invite and match and then invite my friend to party but all result in me entering the match (the one i searched for solo) without my party oh also it sometimes shows the error message when you try to cancel the match search after you accept the invite
  5. ideas for more game modes

    so most people are not using all the hero's they just stick to one or two... so i was thinking how about a game mode added to random arena called random hero's... when you die in this game mode you swap to a random hero (you have unlocked) spells could also be randomized to make it more interesting... with a mode like this it can help to get people to play other hero's or at-least learn how to play with and against them another mode could be elimination... each player gets 3 lives when they kill someone they steal 1 life... every 30 sec(could be a longer time) the player with the least amount of lives gets eliminated... eliminations will continue until one person remains last one i will call it defend (idea from battle royal) you have a limited amount of time to collect towers, walls, traps to build a defense for the wave of monsters(or other players) that will attack when yr time runs out... to win survive the wave without dying
  6. more uses for unny coins

    player id: 79040 eu-west
  7. more uses for unny coins

    besides upgrading spells and unlocking characters.... right now i got 5k unny coins with nothing to do with them so i was thinking 1.maybe buildings above lvl 6 can start using unny coins for upgrade 2.use coins to invade... eg 10 unny coins to invade 3.pay minions to defend yr planet (hire them) when that gets added 4.guild contribution 5.try out skins (1000 coins to try out a skin for a few hours) 6.buy shovels dont know if other people feel the same, that unny coins lack enough usage
  8. make plants intangible in arena?

    I am tried of the bots getting stuck in the plant life during arena... so can we make the plants intangible or give the ability to the bots that way they wont get stuck... they can just walk right through
  9. Restrict Planet Layout Like This

    maybe put like a dome shield over town hall preventing landing in that area... it will automatically push yr ship away to the edge of the shield
  10. Restrict Planet Layout Like This

    i think you should land on planet like battle royal... when attacking that way you can basically attack any area on the planet... also it stops this one way attack point and craming towers because you have to spread out your defense also helps when minions come back you can station them in the north, south, east,west areas of the planet... makes it more fun you have to fight the entire planet and not just one pathway
  11. how bout adding a bug report button... like it takes a screen shot with player id and region and sends it to you guys, could include a brief description or could make a list that the player just ticks... though i am scared of players abusing it
  12. bots frozen moment match starts... bug?

    player id eu-west 79040
  13. i just jumped into a match and the bots stayed completely frozen didn't even move out of spawn on both sides... it was capture the flag... i was the only one moving on the map while the bots just stayed in their base... unfortunately i just played through and forgot to record the bug... if it happens again I'll post a screenshot
  14. gaya bugged?

    she has no ready animation when searching in arena, not sure if it's a bug or that's how its suppose to be
  15. no floor

    floor is missing