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  1. Restrict Planet Layout Like This

    maybe put like a dome shield over town hall preventing landing in that area... it will automatically push yr ship away to the edge of the shield
  2. Restrict Planet Layout Like This

    i think you should land on planet like battle royal... when attacking that way you can basically attack any area on the planet... also it stops this one way attack point and craming towers because you have to spread out your defense also helps when minions come back you can station them in the north, south, east,west areas of the planet... makes it more fun you have to fight the entire planet and not just one pathway
  3. how bout adding a bug report button... like it takes a screen shot with player id and region and sends it to you guys, could include a brief description or could make a list that the player just ticks... though i am scared of players abusing it
  4. bots frozen moment match starts... bug?

    player id eu-west 79040
  5. i just jumped into a match and the bots stayed completely frozen didn't even move out of spawn on both sides... it was capture the flag... i was the only one moving on the map while the bots just stayed in their base... unfortunately i just played through and forgot to record the bug... if it happens again I'll post a screenshot
  6. gaya bugged?

    she has no ready animation when searching in arena, not sure if it's a bug or that's how its suppose to be
  7. no floor

    floor is missing
  8. planet reset suggestion

    shovels are for editing yr planet... so resetting probably shouldn't cost shovels cause you will still have to edit it afterwards (so probably make it cost unny coins since its quite easy to obtain them now something like 100 unny to reset) but i don't think it should cost you.... about the storage there's two ways i see of doing it... 1.the town hall since it stores aqvium i dont see why it cant store other items 2.a new building (store house) or just make it a tab after buildings like stored items (could store all those cosmetic planet items) 2.5 i really would like this one give us a moon as storage space
  9. planet reset suggestion

    a weird bugs happened where at times it says my path is to long 21/20 when its been fine for the previous days... so i edited my planet to fix the bug... it then lead to an issue with my gate placement giving an error... at that point i just wanted to start from scratch. so my suggestion/question can there be a planet reset so it returns yr planet to its default layout... to do this you would need to add some sort of storage to house the items you added since the default layout had less stuff then you currently built
  10. new defence towers

    we mainly have attack based tower i wanted more stalling based since there is a time limit....i was thinking of some tower ideas this what i got so far... 1.wind tower - this creates a tornado that spins yr character pushing you back slightly and causing confusion basically like lamia's scream (no/low damage loose control of character) lightning/rain tower - basically akia's cloud but it moves... acid rain or lightning strikes 2.terrain affecting tower - this does effects like ice road and arrow rain were it affects a section of the terrain (to delay yr advance) 3.minion buff tower - all minions that pass by it receive buffs that could be time based or area based. effects could be increase health/defence/attack/speed 4.character debuff tower - basically casts debuffs within an area or a global effect till its destroyed. effects could be increase cool downs, decrease defence/attack some of these could even be changed into minion abilities... one of the minions could be slightly bigger and have a group effect......... also i feel the town hall needs a purpose... like e.g every 30 secs it sends out its drones to fix damaged buildings wel these are my ideas