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  1. Bug Invadir

  2. St. Valentines contest

    come on Guys and girls, u post yourself pnly in trousersin instagram (i see u all) and cant post one nice foto here? ZEN, SENPAI I CHALLENGE YOU
  3. St. Valentines contest

    Cantabron aka Greatest Noob with wife eu-west 92922
  4. Weekend Contest #2

    Server Europe Name :Cantabron ID 92922 Time 16:45
  5. Concurso de Halloween !!!

    Buenos Dias. ID eu-west 92922
  6. баг на строительство

    Не собирай алмазы, достроится, я с тремя шахтами сижу
  7. Construction time resetting

    Hi, I Have 3 mines in construction and it´s resetting everytime, i have always 17:40 left