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  1. The AI need be improve

    I feel our team's AI is more stupid than enemy team sometimes, they didn't occupy the stronghold . but enemy team always know to occupy this we need a more clever AI to realize players signal (like attack , back off, occupy) there is a bug about the AI sometimes turn around or silly standing but do nothing It's make me upset , cause the AI make the game lose and never communication
  2. some spell’s interaction is not effective

    Underground walk and Earth Worm removes all negative debuffs is still not work is this normal ?!
  3. Halloween contest

    Done~~:) Player ID :2184 (SOUTH ASIA)
  4. some spell’s interaction is not effective

    but the slowdown debuff is still can make me slow T_T this is a big problem
  5. Underground walk and Earth Worm removes all negative debuffs is not effective you can seemy debuffs is still working when I useunderground walk or earth worm
  6. Some bugs

    where can I find my logs ? the first problem happen in my friends too and the third happen sometimes I think the obstacle can't block the projectile in arena is a important bug need be fixed because this is a strategy that you can hide behind or dodge the attack . please fix it back T_T
  7. 1.1.4

    1.1.4 is released ~
  8. Some bugs

    It happen in steam version
  9. Some bugs

    1.When I invade ,I can't move and the screen is enlarge or shrink but when I re log ,the bug is fix (time is running out) 2.The tower is collapse but the laser still attack me (no damage) 3.Allof obstacle can't block the projectile in arena sometimes It's happen sometimes but sometimes is normal (EX: one game is fine but the other matchwill happen this bug) @Pavel Ignatov
  10. 1.1.4

    Still waiting too haha I guess this update will be released on Thursday.
  11. party enter arena bug

    sometimes I party with my twofriends but one of them enter the arena by himself (he played with 5 Bot) and we(two people) are still preparing the game. I sawothers face to this bug(This bug is rarely occur but need fix too)
  12. unlimited receive aqvium bug

    Player id : asia-south 2184 Masque
  13. PvD matches 28 October

    I hope south asia PvD have film too
  14. unlimited receive aqvium bug

    Here is a bug about aqvium It had been fix a bug about Magic mine is stucked and never complete. but the last stuck minecan unlimited harvest aqvium by play arena and one game can receive 15000*last stuck mine It's not only me can do that this is need to be fix.
  15. 1.1.4

    That is awesome great