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  1. Weekend contest #10 - Flawless Victory

    *Player id: euwest 115603
  2. Weekend contest #10 - Flawless Victory

    ty Aiwin and Zagziggy, i forgot to screenshotthe flawless victory screen
  3. Weekend Contest #2

    eu-west 115603 and thank you
  4. Weekend Contest #2

    Ingame Name: Mjolnir Server :EU Time: 10:10 CETCET
  5. 1.1.5 - Current

    Update seems great ! Just one problem when u click on buildtraps the dmg displayed is 0 ?
  6. 1.1.1

    I totally understand the 3v1/3v2/2v1 problem you explained above and I share your opinion about that completely, what bothers me moreis the vs no guildmates rule. As an example:I have severalfriends online from about 5-7 guilds, when we play as 3 from three different guilds this blocks us from a huge majority of our adversaries on our skill/rank lvl. I don t want to promote slaying your guildmates, I just think that maybe cutting in half theloosing points when u play vs aguildmate would be smarter at this young age of the game, then blocking the possibility to compete vs eachother completely.
  7. 1.1.1

    Sounds really good ! Do you think about changing something about the matchmaking this patch ? ( Cause with the no 3v1+ not vs guildmates rules) The matches vs real humans have become very rare.
  8. Leaderboard and friend list bug in Asia server

    Thank you for reacting so quickly !
  9. Lane ability Dmg Bug

    Ty so much for being so quick !
  10. Leaderboard and friend list bug in Asia server

    Hello, No I have done no transfer at all.
  11. Leaderboard and friend list bug in Asia server

    Have the same problem on the NA server, i am first in Plat 1 and got promoted to Plat 1 just now. Pls look into this issue many players are having the same problem on the NA server atm. Ty in advance
  12. Lane ability Dmg Bug

    Hey I have come across the bugthat some of Lanes abilities don t take into account his armor penetration or his passiv to reduce armor. These abilities are as far as i know loosen earth and earthshield. On the picture u see me using lvl 3 earthshield (62Dmg) on Duar who has 50% armor, the damage dealt is 31. All his other abilities take into account his armor pen and apply his passiv so pls fix this Ty in advance