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  1. Bugs

    Oh nice thx ! It works again indeed but some players are still experiencing the service not ready bug when trying to enter arena.
  2. Bugs

    Good morning there, All chat channels are currently not working ( u can t see any past chat and can t type anything in it ) I can t invade because i get an error saying "service is not ready" Hope you can fix those problems Ty in advance PS: would be nice to finally get the abilities for duar and gaya which were planned from the beginning cheers
  3. Weekend Contest #2

    eu-west 115603 and thank you
  4. Weekend Contest #2

    Ingame Name: Mjolnir Server :EU Time: 10:10 CETCET
  5. State of the game / rant

    @Pavel Ignatov Hello, Thank you for taking your time to answer all my points listed above, I hope I did not sound to harsh on some points. Can t wait for updates happy holidays
  6. State of the game / rant

    @Margarita Thank you very much for this explanation, this clears everything up that i had in mind about this post !
  7. There are a couple of things, that i would like to mention. 1) First of all about Duar, he came out on september 30 -> in his preview we were promised a second 4th slot ability called berserker rush which nearly 3 month later is still not out. Is this gonna be the same with Gayas second 3rd slot ability the moving plant ? ( We get a preview but then it never gets mentioned again until we forget about it ?) 2) On the Unnyhog twitter the post from december 14th shows a picture of the editor mode where you can have only 40 showels, 40 roads ?! and 40 walls ? ( why post something that doesn t correspond with the game or without any information of changes in this direction ? ) 3) The so called rebalancing of abilities was a huge kick in the balls for players who have been around for a longer time and who payed higher prices of scrolls, atm i have to obtain new scrolls to be able to have the same power as before. ( some abilities especially the purple ones feel so unsatisfying to upgrade now. example: electric push gets a +2 on dmg when upgraded which is less then a 2% dmg boost-> this just feels terrible) 4) The bots you fight against and with feel even dumber after the latest patch, i have not have one game where at least one of the bots of my team was not doing anything for 10-15 seconds ( standing around experiencing the landscape or something) 5) Aqvium gained after battles is calculated in a bad way. explanation : Lamia, Aquia and Gaya are all champs who heal and do dmg, so they automatically have a bigger score then pure dmg champs. ( I had games where i had more then 10 kills with Neri i got around 1.8-2.5k aqvium , with lamia having 10 kills brought me sometimes 4.5 k aqvium just because she also heals with her abilities.) So why should i ever play a pure dmg champ to farm aqvium ? 6) The problems the community had with planet defense ( trampoline traps being able to pushpeople into places where they could not get out) was solved in a very lazy manner by introducing the teleport ability to this mode, while still restricting us with a path lenght of 20. In my opinion building a good defense atm is very hard and knowing that u will introduce armies later down the road, the teleport feature will probably disappear cause teleporting your armies over walls seems kind of overpowerd. 7) Addingthe traps, increasingthe number of fire towers to 8 and increasingthe upgrade lvls of the icetowers to 6 while not giving us a little more aqvium production or other possibilities to gain some, the game became much more of a grind which I find to be a little sad. 8) An Idea for the walls: Every time you upgrade all your 3 gates at a lvl the walls should also evolve ( visually and hp wise ) this would feel rewarding while not putting new aqvium costs on the table. Thank you in advance and i wish you all a merry christmas
  8. So after the nerf on the icetowers, my base whichi havent changed since the update gets beaten nearly on every invade. That alone isn t really a problem, but after being inactive for a couple of days and then logging in Ihave realized that my mines which are all on lvl 6 nearly don t produce enough aquium to cover the prices of traprepair after being invaded manytimes. I think that this is a problem, inthe current state of the game you have to grind aquium to really be able to upgrade your base, the mine production is not enough to do anything except repairing traps. With the changes to planet defense with the teleport ability, building a strong defensebase becomes quite difficult. Long story short, I think that boosting the mine aquium production and/or adding 1 more mine would be important, while lowering the prices on trap repairs. Another thing that this would do is,coming back to the game after a couple of days would be more enjoyable instead of having just over a thousand aquium after repairing the traps... Thank you for consideration
  9. attack preview

    Pls add a replay button for the defenses and later down the road maybe some of these clips could be used for promotion
  10. trampoline strategy

    U are evil ! But i like
  11. wall usage

    The last one looks intense ! But again for my taste you give to much of your base on one spot ( one Aoe in this case ≈ 3-5% of your base)
  12. trampoline strategy

    I think this got fixed you cannot throw people over walls anymore i tried it earlier
  13. really nice ! thx for testing this !
  14. Does the Dmg of the spikes apply when u are on the bear trap ? Isn t it already out of range ?
  15. wall usage

    While i totally agree on the strategy part, I don t think putting the walls so close to the gate is good. I had the layout you show above for a while, but even if i won most of my defenses I still lost more then before ( Putting the walls in a form like this close the to the gate makes it more vulnerable to Aoe spells : ex pillar of flame) I found it more viable to put the gateslike this. C U on the battlefield