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  1. Founders Pack & Early Supporters

    Okay I see. Well that's unfortunate, I'm sorrythat BundleStarsdidn't support you as a young developer. They certainly should have experience and information related to putting items on sale soon after release. As a player I can see the benefit andneedfor increasing the playerbase. I hope you can also understand the view of someone giving youmoney for a product in support,then so soon aftersee you are givingthe same product to people for far less. Sales are inevitable, it's what we as consumerscrave,this is not even a month since it's release. Now all early supporters know is we can get the same thing for cheaper in a month. I'm not an expert and I don't have any numbers. I'm just letting you know what how I feel as a customer I now feel like I am missing moneyand undervalued.
  2. Founders Pack & Early Supporters

    Yes, but when did they approach you. Was itrecent? Was ita couple of weeks ago? Was it a month ago before you put the pack out?
  3. Negative Guild Rank Exp

    Any more information required?
  4. Hello, I'm interestedto hear information about the Founder's Pack. The Founder's Pack appears to have been made available to Steam players on15th Sep, 2017. Was the Founder's Pack made available to other platforms a long time before Steam? As an early supporter of this pack,I am a little upset to now find the Founder's Pack in a bundle on BundleStars not even a month after being available on Steam. When was the inclusion of the pack discussed? Did BundleStars dump this on you or did you know about this long before?
  5. Negative Guild Rank Exp

    The guild leveled up one or twomatches before, then I ranked up, then i checked my exp and it was negative. it feels like the exp for the previous rank was removed after zeroing. what is the exp needed to rank up meant to be?
  6. Negative Guild Rank Exp

    My guild rank exp appears to be in the negatives: Player ID 85964 Additional Player ID 85963 Region: West Europe