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  1. Halloween contest

    ID: EU - West 89664
  2. I didn't receive a rank up in West Europe server

    I am currently Platinum III and should have ranked up seeing as I have ended on the third place. However it is already the end of Monday and I haven't received a reward nor a rank up. The leaderboard also contains exactly the same people.
  3. Crash whenever I start an invasion

    Ok, great.
  4. Unnyman

    Not a big bug, but why are the towers called Unnyman and why is there Unnyman666 half glitched in my guild mates tab?
  5. Skills miss in invasion

    Sometimes my skills miss for no reason at all on multiple occasions during invasions. I don't know why it happens. For example water wave and mass arrows went straight through their targets and did not do damage.
  6. Crash whenever I start an invasion

    See title. After restart of the app the invasion continues as normal.
  7. Facebook connect button doesn’t work

    This one is clickable once, but also does not do anything. I do have the Facebook app installed.
  8. Waiting time gone

    When I start play with party in the arena and whenever I try to add someone from my friends or guild via chat screen and go back to the party screen, the elapsed time is gone above the cancel button.
  9. Destroyed buildings

    This happens randomly during invasions. When a building has 0 hp is stops working, but is visually still there with an empty hp bar. In the picture a mortar is shown as an example.
  10. Old flag capture feed during invasion

    Sometimes after an arena match, in the upper right corner a flag capture message will linger. This is a screenshot during an invasion in which you can see that a friendly Duar captured a flag.
  11. Advanced Akia skin

    Sometimes the skin from advanced Akia stays on the field after death.
  12. Badge colour

    Badge colours from premade teammates when a match is starting are changed to grey. Only in those five seconds though.
  13. Facebook connect button doesn’t work

    The Facebook button does nothing and is unclickable on iPhone version.
  14. Army change not possible

    Europe 89664 Additionalnumber isn’t on mobile somehow...
  15. Army change not possible

    Start Unnyworld. Press the hexagons in the lower right corner. Press Army. Press any unit to replace. This error happens.