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  1. Mural das vitórias

    Also, might want to post in the Portuguese section of the forum.
  2. Surprise Face

    I would love stuff like that dropping from chests! That's an amazing idea!
  3. Surprise Face

    I love the game emoji, and would love to see more faces we could use in game. This one is sorely needed indeed, can't wait to see it implemented. To piggyback on your topic, I would also love to see a neutral face we could use, since the closest thing to that we have right now is the facepalm one. I was thinking of a shrugging one, but with only a face to use, I can see that as a bit difficult.
  4. Moderators in the game

    I'd love to help out. I would ask that we have clear rules so that we know exactly what and how to enforce the behaviour of the chat. For now, I assume it's just the rules in the #welcome channel of the Discord server. -Ingame Name: LightningHF -ID: 58865 -Region: North America -Time Playing: Since the 26th of August -Arena Victories: 232 I have years of experience moderating Skype chatrooms and Discord servers of around 50 people, with thousands of posts a day. I am fluent in both English and Spanish, so I can moderate in either or both if it's so required.