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  1. About Health

    Left click off to the side of the message of the person you want to report and you should get a list of options, one of them being to report that player.
  2. PvD winning no gems

    Probably a transfer issue, if you have changed servers in the past what may be happening is your rewards are being queued up in the server you were previously at instead of the new one you are at now, essentially your game is recognizing two different accounts so the old data needs to be unpinned so that it recognizes your current location as your default location. That is just a guess though.
  3. PvD winning no gems

    I've noticed a similar issue today as well. If you do not claim your gems when the envelope first appears on your screen but instead ignore it and go into an arena, you lose the ability to claim those gems altogether and can not get them back. This can be seen in the PvD stream I did earlier today. I ignored one of the message rewards by going back into the arena too quickly and could not later claim those gems. It's not a big deal to me because I've already bought a bunch of gems but this could affect other players. I can time stamp the exact moment it happened at 10 minutes and 10 second into the stream, right after the first game. You can also look at the before and after amounts for my gems, before the stream I had 6549, I won at least 4 gamesand now I have 6849 gems, I should have at least 6949 gems. Again, don't worry about it, I don't really need them, just letting you know that this is something that can potentially happen to others.
  4. Clean suggestions to motivate

    1.1)Good idea for adding emojis to the game chat. 1.2) I agree with having a delay between sending messages but player moderators+ should be exempt from this. 1.3) Yes, this is something that I have suggested before as well along with an Admin Box or MOTD box at the top of the chat screen. Example: 2.1) I think the idea here is limit how much players can buy from just playing the game that way certain things will require gems to unlock thus encouraging the player to invest in the game. I'm not opposed to a few skins being purchasable with unny coins but not all of them. 2.2) Good idea, only thing to add is that new emojis should have to option to be bought with both unny coins and gems. 3.) I really like this idea, definitely helps out streamers. 4.) The first game I ever worked on had a similar feature. Don't know how easy it will be to implement it here but there should be a way to submit bug reports from the game itself or at the very least a link to the forums should be visible somewhere in the game. 5.) Very good idea, I keep the game muted most of the time because its too loud but if I could change the settings I wouldn't have to do that anymore. Thanks for all the helpful suggestionsPompeu_Athalwolf!
  5. Check ur build n' power

    You'd have to ask Pavel about that one, although these things are generally reserved for testing specific features and not just for running around on without purpose. Many of the things you have suggested technically can already be done in free roam: However a more polished and formal training arena with actual moving targets rather than these simple stationary objects could be a good idea.
  6. Check ur build n' power

    Is this for the players for testing? There already exists a test server for the applications that you have mentioned. Some of things can probably be made available in game though.
  7. Game features discussion from AlexGamer

    I don't remember which one exactly. It was one of these two:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQqCeP4HBHQmtZlmzoCwnFg/videos?view_as=subscriber Fantastic idea! I remember hearing a few rumors circulating around about the possibility of a "clan world" for clan vs clan invasions, however I am not sure if that was simply a player suggestion or a planned feature.
  8. Game features discussion from AlexGamer

    1) This might conflict with the Founder's pack. Anyone who has helped support the game should be exempt from this rule. 3) Awesome idea, especially if my new intro is fully implemented, then there can be an in game lore explanation for these random events. Also kind of ties in to an idea that I had for a short dialog cinematic every timeyou upgrade the Town Hall, I briefly mentioned this in one of my videos but I didn't go into much detail. 2) and 4) Yeah, I think we should probably throw guilds into the list of topics in our nextplanned discussion. I've already brieflytouched upon a few things in this thread: Funny enough, guilds was the big topic of interest when I first became a community manager for this other game that I play, (community manager in that game for 2 years or so now) so we can potentially borrow a lot of concepts as implemented in that game and try them out here. Thanks for this great find! Hopefully this helps stimulate discussion and player feedback! Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say!
  9. 1.1.1 - Current

    It doesn't necessarily have to be only GMs, we could also make different guild ranks with differing guild permissions so that lieutenant/officers (second in command) can also toggle this option. It would probably be quite difficult to implement thisfeature so that it applies to every individual member of the guild separately, so it would either have to beeveryone within a guild can fight one another or no one can-which is a decision which should be left up to whoever is running that guild. The problem arises when you have one player who doesn't mind playing against guildmates and one that does, who is the tie breaker in this situation? This is a decision best left up to the players responsible for managing their guilds and if there are conflicts of opinion then its the obligation of the players of that guildto have a dialog with their leaders to discuss these sort of things. This way you can think of running a guild like managing a kingdom or business. As far as inactive leaders go, we can implement a system where if a leader is inactive for more than say a week or two then their position becomes available for one of the second in commands to claim. Or we can have a democratic process in which members of the guild can vote for whoever they want to be the new leader. In either case, it definitely seems like a guild overhaul update might be necessary sometime in the future and we would very much appreciate any suggestions or feedback you and other players may have in order to helpus to fine tune this concept so that it appeals to everyone's interests. We look forward to hearing some of your ideas!
  10. 1.1.1 - Current

    Best profile ever! I think you and me will get along just nicely.
  11. 1.1.1 - Current

    Off topic, but I love your avatar! <3
  12. 1.1.1 - Current

    Yes. We were just talking about cutting the amount of medals lost by 50% last night in fact. Glad to see we are on the same page. Perhaps the"vs no guild mate" feature can be relegated to a toggled option from the guild masters of those guilds, that way we can allow the players to decide for themselves whether or not they want to play against their own guild mates. You'd have to check in with Pavel about the technicalities of implementing such a feature but I definitely understand where you are coming from.
  13. 1.1.1 - Current

    Do you think 3v1 is fair? Or even 2v1? What about a Champion vs a Silver tier? Look at this from the perspective of a new player.Would you want to continue playing after losing 50% of your games? This means making absolutely no progress in ranking. What about losing more than 50% of your games? This is what would happen for a lot of players before the match making balance. But let's play devil's advocate and let's say you win 2/3rds or 66% of your games, is it fair now? I mean you are still making progress just very very slowly... If you want more players to compete with at the top then newer players need to be encouraged to play long enough to get to the top and they are not going to do that if they keep getting matched in one sided battles where they have no real hope in winning. Think of any player base as a pyramid, it's wider at the base and narrows as you go up. The most amount of players are going to be found near the bottom and as you move up in leagues you are going to find less and less people.So does it make more sense to cater match making for the dozen or so people at the top or for the thousands below them?Yes, this means people at the top might be bored while waiting for others to catch up and challenge them but in the mean time additional features like competitive leader boards, planet edit, increased level caps on buildings, boss mode etc. might help keep you guys entertained for awhile. Personally, I'd like to see a move toward more cooperativegame play modes that way leagues essentially wont matter, in fact the higher the tiers you are placed with-the better! But right now the development team is still rather small and resources are very limited so certain things must be prioritized over others so I couldn't say when to expect such features to be implemented. In the meantime, if you are starting to find that playing the game is getting a little stale then perhaps you would be interested in the suggestion/feedback side of things. Do you think some spells or characters are unbalanced and needs fixing, let us know. Have some ideas for additional features for the game, please inform us. And if that doesn't interest you, perhaps the community management side of things might. Spend a lot of time in the discord and want to collect valuable player suggestions for us? Let us know. Spend a lot of time in game and wish to be a player moderator? You'll have to speak to Lucas I think on that one. Maybe you'd like to help with streaming the game? There's tons of opportunities out there just waiting for you! All you need to do is consider giving it a try and see if you enjoy it. We value all our players and want to create an environment for which people can call their home.
  14. PvD matches 15th October

    Great turn out for South America! Way too go! Good job everyone!
  15. Badge Overhaul Super Suggestion (B.O.S.S Update)

    All 30 achievements completed and ready for review. Keep in mind we can always add more in the future, it would just require adding another row in the badges page.