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  1. Email Verification

    A player by the name of Zurit has just contacted me in regards to a problem with receiving an email verification in order to register for the forums. Zuritis both this player's IGN and the name that theyused to register for the forum. This player is especially concerned due to the fact thatthey want to submit an entry for some kind of contest.(I don't know the specifics, I have not been keeping up with this kind of stuff.) They have informed me that today is the last day that you can submit an entry and therefor requests that this matter be addressed immediately or if possible, perhaps this player can receive a 1 day extension until this matter is resolved. I can providethis player's email address if necessary, you can also contact this player on Discord by the same username of Zurit.
  2. puny rewards

    I would kill for 2.8k aqvium reward for an invasion, beats the 50-100 I get on average...
  3. Instant Promotion SUCKS!!!!

    Option 1) will not work for the same reasons I explained in my previous post. Let's say you increase instant promotion for G3 from 6k to 7k, you earn 7k points and now you are in G3, you earn another 500 points for a total of 7.5k butit's still not enough to advance to G2 because it now requires 8k, if you don't earn enough to place in at least the top 8 you will be demoted the following Monday meaning now you have 7.5k points for a 7k instant promotion, sure if (you) specifically are active than this wont matter because you will just be instantly promoted again but now you will run into the same exact problem of seeing players who have more points then the instant promotion because they are inactive. Option 2) means it will take much longer to get into Champion league since you will only be able to become promoted once a week so it will take a total of 12-13 weeks bare minimum to reach Champion league. I'm sorry but the vast majority of the player base disagrees with you, in fact most players want more instant promotions because there are no more instant promotions once you enter Platinum league so your progress becomes a lot slower once you reach that point.
  4. 1.2.0

    Excellent, I will try to make it but not sure if I can.
  5. Instant Promotion SUCKS!!!!

    Yes, it does make sense let me explain. Instant promotion for G3=6k and for G2=7k, so let's say you you've earned 6k points and are now in G3, you continue playing and earn another 500 points so now your total is 6.5k, you still don't have enough to advance to G2 and if you are not in at least the top 8 players I think for your tier by the time the leader boards update (Monday mornings) you actually get demoted down 1 tier which is why it is possible to have 6.5k points in that tier despite being instantly promoted at 6k, what would happen is if that player logs in they would just be instantly promoted again. I am not sure if you can collect the instant promotion rewards more than once though, I don't think so.
  6. 1.2.0

    Would've liked to player test BR before release, owell, hope everything works out.
  7. Sistema de liga

    I have a fix that would change that, you can read more about it here: The last time I spoke to the other devs about thisthey seemed apprehensive over the idea so I don't think this is something that is going to be fixed any time soon unfortunately.
  8. Sistema de patentes

    I want to reform the whole guild system, you can read more about it here: This is in my top 3 most requested features but the devs have other priorities unfortunately so I don't know how soon guilds will be getting an overhaul.
  9. planet reset suggestion

    Yes! I love this idea! Full support!
  10. Beware the dreaded puppy launcher! Effect: Basically a stun as you spend a few seconds petting the puppy.
  11. Or you can repurpose Trampolines into a make-shift catapult. You would have a post with a net attached to it, the net would contain rocks and drop 1 rock at a time onto the trampoline which would then catapult the rock at the enemy as a projectile. Something like this: This is just a basic idea, there could be a better delivery system rather then just a post and net.
  12. My idea for Trampoline: Upgrading it does not improve throw distance only base damage. Edit: With that being said. @Pavel IgnatovThe test build 1.1.5 no longer works, mind sending me an updated version with a reset function? I plan on doing a similar concept for the walls and it would help to be able to start with gates level 1 for comparison, the gates on my test build are level 6 so I need to reset everything. Also going to do transformations for the rest of the traps too.
  13. attack preview

    Sounds good! Looking forward to it!
  14. Oh I noticed doing this awhile back but I couldn't figure out what steps I needed to take to recreate the effect, thanks for the info!
  15. trampoline strategy

    About 50% of the planets I encounter use this tactic, all I am trying to do is prevent this from happening. Essentially this is my idea for planet invasion: New Rule: You must be able to defeat your own defenses in order for your planet to be acceptable. (Even if you are not using this cheap tactic.) Think about this like the game Mario Maker where you can create your own Super Mario levels for other players to play, your game can not be submitted if it can not be completed because it if can not be completed then you haven't actually created a game, you've just created a level to intentionally troll people. Planet invasions should be 100% completable, if they are not then they are not fair and something needs to be done to balance it. I am perfectly fine with making invasions very difficult to complete but they should not be impossible and I have found quite a few worlds where it is literally impossible to win. (I can name a few off the top of my head but it is not my intention to blame the players for abusing bad game mechanics, if we just fix those mechanics then problem solved.) Trampolines are just the first of many changes that needs to be made in order to make this happen. Well technically a few changes have already been made so I will give credit where credit is due, the devs are doing their best to sort this out and the team is relatively small so it's not like they can fix everything over night therefor patience is a virtue. (UnfortunatelyI am the most impatient person in the order. ) It's just that in my opinion they need to be more proactive rather than reactive in the futureand by that I mean have some people player test these things for a week or two before they are released and solve these issues before they become problems for the public. As much as I really like this update (honestly I was going to quit the game but then this update came out so I decided to stay) but it came with a lot of problems and frankly a lot of the issues are amateur level stuff that I have no idea how they did not catch before release, like no name or level displayed when you select a trap and no damage values in the info box, etc. This is embarrassingly bad, I'm sorry but it's true and worst of all, it's entirely preventable. I don't know, I just want to enjoy the game the same way that I used to do but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do that. And it's not just the recent update either, there's a lot of other stuff too but I won't go into it because a) its not really relevant to this topic and b) I try to be professionally courteous when I can help it. Anyway, that's my rant for the night. Happy gaming.