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  1. Email Verification

    A player by the name of Zurit has just contacted me in regards to a problem with receiving an email verification in order to register for the forums. Zuritis both this player's IGN and the name that theyused to register for the forum. This player is especially concerned due to the fact thatthey want to submit an entry for some kind of contest.(I don't know the specifics, I have not been keeping up with this kind of stuff.) They have informed me that today is the last day that you can submit an entry and therefor requests that this matter be addressed immediately or if possible, perhaps this player can receive a 1 day extension until this matter is resolved. I can providethis player's email address if necessary, you can also contact this player on Discord by the same username of Zurit.
  2. 1.2.0

    Excellent, I will try to make it but not sure if I can.
  3. 1.2.0

    Would've liked to player test BR before release, owell, hope everything works out.
  4. Sistema de liga

    I have a fix that would change that, you can read more about it here: The last time I spoke to the other devs about thisthey seemed apprehensive over the idea so I don't think this is something that is going to be fixed any time soon unfortunately.
  5. Sistema de patentes

    I want to reform the whole guild system, you can read more about it here: This is in my top 3 most requested features but the devs have other priorities unfortunately so I don't know how soon guilds will be getting an overhaul.
  6. planet reset suggestion

    Yes! I love this idea! Full support!
  7. new defence towers

    Most of these ideas are things I have already previously discussed, see: The problem with adding more towers is that there is only so much room on the planet and I'd like to leave room for more aesthetic structures like statues, etc. So some of these things would be better regulated as "powers" given by the Town Hall.There is also the possibility of adding things like lakes and ponds in the future as well which will also take up space on the planet so rather than adding more unnecessary buildings and structures, I think it would be better to simply polish the already existing stuff. One example of this is giving players the choice of what kind of effect they want to attribute to a turret. For instance the Ice Tower might have a few different options where you can either increase it's stun effect, increase it's slow effect or increase it's overall dps. This will help with variety while allowing players to diversify their defenses without adding additional structures.
  8. Powers VS bots

    I've noticed this as well, the enemy A.I was significantly improved meanwhile your team mate's A.I still remains very basic. This leads to the bots on your team under performing while making earning victories much more difficult since you have to essentially carry your entire team making it feel more like a 3v1 battle. The A.I improvements came as a reaction to numerous complaints of the bots being "too easy" to defeat so I can not fault them for that however your allied bots need to be improved as well to balance out these new changes. I agree that it is frustrating that the improved bots now seem to dodge the majority of your spells, but I am willing to forgive that if my allied bots perform better in battles to balance this out.
  9. there will be a story mode?

    She is currently hiding out on my planet. Shh. Do not disturb the waifu!
  10. Add MVP system

    Your Avatar gets MVP of the forums.
  11. there will be a story mode?

    No problem. This is actually one of the things I really want to work on but the other devs don't share my enthusiasm in making this a priority so it will have to wait for awhile. This is probably in my top 3, up there with Guild planets and RTS features. At least I got my wish with planet edit.
  12. there will be a story mode?

    I had some ideas about this but considering everything else on the current road map I don't think something like this will bedone for quite awhile unfortunately.
  13. Forum Translation Bug

    I noticed this bug after replying to a thread in the Russian forum. It seems that if you translate the page that some of the text is being cut off.I am worried that this may cause problems for people from other regions who might want to read and participate in the English forums, especially considering that all of the Discussion forum threads are in English. This may prevent them from understanding the context of the discussions and discourage them from giving us their feedback. Before: After:
  14. RTS Discussion

    Finally updated! Sorry it took me a week to update this with a list of topics but I have been very busy. So go ahead and check out some of my suggestions and let me know what you think! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's feedback!
  15. Problems Loading

    I think it is fixed now, I haven't encountered any problems since last night.