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  1. UnnyWorld - Roadmap

    Cant wait for the PvE content
  2. Skills flying through walls and hero houses

    just as a little reminder in case this sliped away due to the short time distance between my post and an answer, i did post something about the skill "Wave Form" above
  3. Skills flying through walls and hero houses

    ok And i just discovered a bug during an attack with the skill "Wave Form" i accidently attacked the left tower of the gate with that skill and i was able to glitch through the gate resulting in me already attacking the Townhall directly without destroying the gate. Also i noticed that the skill Waveform doesnt deal any damage to any buildings as the attack stops right infront of them
  4. Hiya, So im new to the game and i dont know the name of the heroes sofar (as i cant switch through them) nor can i see any hero name after picking my first hero, so i'll jsut refer to the 3 current heroes like "fire-guy" or something like that ^^; So i've been playing a few arena matches (which are quiet fun tbh) but there are a few things that kinda bugging me about some skills. For example the Waterwave of the water-girl and that firelaser of the fire-guy. Are they supposed to just pass by any walls? I find it somewhat awkward that you cant hide yourself behind a wall to protect yourself from those skills once you are close to them when they cast it (especially the firelaser, holy crap, almost impossible to get away from that xD) About the Hero houses: i assume those are supposed to let us use different heroes in arena/attacks? I started with the What-girl therefor i had a Water Altar already set up in my Base. A tad later i was able to build a Fire Altar which, as i thought, should grant me the acces to the fire-guy? So i clicked the Fire Altar and choosed the "A" button which lead me to my water-girl. Ther i was unable to select any other hero, only a new skin. Is it supposed to be that way or am i missing something? QueenDrake PS.: Got told to leave my ID here.... so... here it is: 1526_1