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  1. Lag

    It's not about internet,other people had lags in same time when i do
  2. Lag

    Hello guys,there have been very laggy in last few days,and its not only to me its to all server... I dont know what to do its just to bit laggy i cant even move or shot,and its not good for game like this one,which dont require proffesional gaming pc,just try to fix that,thank you!
  3. 1.0.8

    Make some new spells for Yoji Nice update anyway i like it a lot gj unny admins
  4. Akia vs Yoji

    Hello guys,and developers,i think Akia is overpowered for Yoji,and it's not good for players like me,which play Yoji main. Yoji is almost unpossible to kill Akia,because every Akia shot make Yoji can't shoot anything,and that's bad,i can just watch how Akia is killing me... Pls fix it,if i throw some ultimate powers as Fire wall or smthing like that Akia just throw watter and easily remove my ulti,thats really unfair..
  5. Schedule for PvD : Europe

    Im open to play in morning