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    Thankyou for the clarification there, i was starting to think it may be a bug of sorts, also sorry for the private guild rants
  2. LFM | Making a Team

    Please delete this.... Guild was ruined by inactives and people who betrayed the guild.. Just like i thought would happen. We need PRIVATE guild soon.

    No matter how many times ive edited the description saves but never the name. This is a bit ridiculous. P.S When are the PRIVATE guilds arriving? Im sick of random people joining and then NEVER playing again...
  4. LFM | Making a Team

    HELLO UNNYHOG FORUMS Hello all you lovely people, my name is McSkinnerOG or Skinny for short. I have come to the forums today to inform anyone who may have the interest of joining an active guild/ being part of a Team that is aiming for positions in tournaments/competitions that i pla to create exactly that. I have personally been playing UnnyWorld for about 2 months or so and i am constantly in the top 60 players on the leader-boards each week and i plan to gain positions quite quickly, "of course this all depends on who i can team/play with" Team name: TBA "To be announced/up for discussion" REQUIREMENTS: All are 100% Needed/ not optional Playtime: over 50hours "NO IF BUT OR MAYBE" Characters: If you use yoji as a main thats ok BUT, I use yoji as my main "basically learn a new hero please :3" Age: 18 and up "We plan to enter tournaments and competitions and as such you will need to be of legal age" VC PROGRAMS: Discord/Twitch desktop If you are interested hit me up on steam or ingame.