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  1. Who is your favorite new hero?


  2. Builds

    Sounds good. Otherwise, it's useless. I don't spend money for it now.
  3. Builds

    Hi, How about bringing features to houses like Candy House? For example: - Candy House:Contributes 5% to Aqvium production. We have reason to buy them on this.
  4. Unny Zetsubou

    Great job Sanks!
  5. Unny Zetsubou

    Hi all, We are a level 6 guild on the EU server. Mostly English speaking but accepting anyone who can speak English. Also we speak many languages. So, you can speak your own language freely. We are friendly and will be involved in all aspects of the game whether it be PvE, PvP or what will come. If you are interested in joining please visit the game and make a quick application. You can speak to myself in game. Any questions please fire away! Look forward to seeing you in game! - Cloud Senpai Guild Name: Zetsubou Region: Europe Level:6 Zetsubou of UnnyWorld social media links
  6. Unny Zetsubou

    Many thanks to all who supported.
  7. Unny Zetsubou

    No Kills, No Support, No Death. WE ARE ZETSUBOU! lol
  8. Unny Zetsubou

    Great job ZeN, Sanks and DarkAngel. And thank you for sharing.
  9. Unny Zetsubou

  10. Turtle Season

    I know. I can wait, that's ok.
  11. Turtle Season

    Hi, What is this? lol I think, there are a few immortal and invisible enemies.
  12. Unny Zetsubou

    Great job mates, keep up the good work!
  13. Unny Zetsubou

  14. Unny Zetsubou

    Guild Zetsubou is everywhere! This is just a test server but we are in!
  15. Adding friend after match

    I agree.
  16. Unny Zetsubou

    Good morning GhostBusters! Who you gonna call? - Ghostbusters Who you gonna call? - Zetsubou Best song ever.
  17. Zetsubou Shuffling


  18. 1.2.0

    Harika gelişmeler. Teşekkürler. <3
  19. Brand New: New Logo for Facebook done!


  20. Unny Zetsubou

    Hi guild, We have a new challenge! Join this survive and support theUnnyWorld! "Create your own world. Survive in Arenas and battlegrounds of Battle Royale. Play For FREE!" Link:
  21. planet reset suggestion

  22. Unny Zetsubou

    Great job Tommy. Keep going!
  23. Unny Zetsubou