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  1. New Games

    Hi, Will Unnyhog publish RPG games? I mean,are you publish on a specific type of game or is it based on market conditions?UnnyWorld is a very good game, andalso hope for non-MOBA RPG games.I can give an example, but i don'twrite because lest an advertisement.
  2. Claim your Contributor award

    I'm here. Give me that!
  3. Thank you for UnnyWorld

    I feel sorry but that's normal. I hope we can play again together with another game.
  4. Update announcements

    Hmm... Looks good. I'm waiting for my e-mail. Thanks for the new game.
  5. Teleportation

    Hi, We can beam/TP into the mountain. Can we fix this please? or let's remove the TP. ^^ (I will take a video later)
  6. St. Valentines contest

    I have no girlfriend or wife (for now xP) lol But okay, i'll take a photo with my friends while i'm in the course.
  7. St. Valentines contest

    I feel super alone nowlol
  8. Development talks

    Me andZetsubou will be there!
  9. Weekend Contest #2

    Thank you! I fixed the topic.
  10. Weekend Contest #2

    EU - CloudSenpai - 85916 Here is the label andstatistics. Actually, i got 2 times butone of them was a bit interesting and iadded a short video with thestatistics. UnnyGod.mp4
  11. 1.2.3 Güncellemesi

    1. Yeni görevler eklendi. 2. Artık oyunda cinsiyetinizi seçebilirsiniz. 3. Liglerdeki anlık atlamalar/promosyonlar için gereken madalya miktarı artırıldı. 4. İpuçları eklendi. 5. Oyun optimizasyonu. Performansı artırmak için artık düşük grafik kalitesi de seçebilirsiniz. 6. Büyüler: a) Buz duvarı artık tüm diğer büyüleri engelliyor b) Kan Kontrolü gereksiz kılınamaz. c) Nihai/Ulti yeteneklerin uygulanması geliştirildi (2 parmakla dokunun) 7. Hata düzeltmeleri yapıldı
  12. Weekend Contest #1

    Time:19.09 ID: 85916 Additional ID: 121196
  13. Weekend Contest #1

    Better now. Thank you.
  14. Weekend Contest #1

    Pass. 7-7-7 scores are really difficult. 3-3-3 OK,easy but I can't do that, i don't have a lot of time. But thank you for this. Nice idea, have fun all. Btw, if we can win this, can we share with our guild mates? I don't need this but maybe, i can send to our guild mates with raffle.
  15. 1.2.1 - Current

    I'm wishing a healthy and happy new year to you and your family. Thank you for updates.
  16. 1.2.1

    Mutlu yıllar!
  17. Who is your favorite new hero?


  18. Turtle Season

    I know. I can wait, that's ok.
  19. Turtle Season

    Hi, What is this? lol I think, there are a few immortal and invisible enemies.
  20. Zetsubou Shuffling


  21. 1.2.0

    Harika gelişmeler. Teşekkürler. <3
  22. Brand New: New Logo for Facebook done!