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  1. Update announcements

    Hmm... Looks good. I'm waiting for my e-mail. Thanks for the new game.
  2. About guilds

    Where is my "unlike" button?
  3. About guilds

    Hi, Could you make an update to share the guild authority? For instance: Leader >Vice leader > Captain > Veteran
  4. About guilds

    Any news?
  5. Teleportation

    Hi, We can beam/TP into the mountain. Can we fix this please? or let's remove the TP. ^^ (I will take a video later)
  6. St. Valentines contest

    I have no girlfriend or wife (for now xP) lol But okay, i'll take a photo with my friends while i'm in the course.
  7. St. Valentines contest

    I feel super alone nowlol
  8. Unny Zetsubou

  9. Unny Zetsubou

    Hi all, We are a level 9 guild on the EU server. Mostly English speaking but accepting anyone who can speak English. Also we speak many languages. So, you can speak your own language freely. We are friendly and will be involved in all aspects of the game whether it be PvE, PvP or what will come. If you are interested in joining please visit the game and make a quick application. You can speak to myself in game. Any questions please fire away! Look forward to seeing you in game! - Cloud Senpai Guild Name: Zetsubou Region: Europe Level:9 Zetsubou of UnnyWorld social media links
  10. Development talks

    Me andZetsubou will be there!
  11. Weekend Contest #2

    Thank you! I fixed the topic.
  12. Unny Zetsubou

    Thank you all guild friends!
  13. Weekend Contest #2

    EU - CloudSenpai - 85916 Here is the label andstatistics. Actually, i got 2 times butone of them was a bit interesting and iadded a short video with thestatistics. UnnyGod.mp4
  14. 1.2.3 Güncellemesi

    1. Yeni görevler eklendi. 2. Artık oyunda cinsiyetinizi seçebilirsiniz. 3. Liglerdeki anlık atlamalar/promosyonlar için gereken madalya miktarı artırıldı. 4. İpuçları eklendi. 5. Oyun optimizasyonu. Performansı artırmak için artık düşük grafik kalitesi de seçebilirsiniz. 6. Büyüler: a) Buz duvarı artık tüm diğer büyüleri engelliyor b) Kan Kontrolü gereksiz kılınamaz. c) Nihai/Ulti yeteneklerin uygulanması geliştirildi (2 parmakla dokunun) 7. Hata düzeltmeleri yapıldı
  15. Unny Zetsubou

  16. Unny Zetsubou

    Thank you everyone! WE ARE TOP 1!!
  17. Unny Zetsubou

    Morning everyone, Don't forget to get the rewards. <3
  18. Unny Zetsubou

    I love our guildmates. They are the best! Thank you for these wonderful achievements, Lundi, Sanks and Zen.
  19. Unny Championship

    Championship Winner is 🎉🏆LAMIA!🏆🎉 ❤️ Thank you to everyone who voted! ❤️
  20. Unny Championship

    Hi everybody, We have a poll that will last until January 1, 2018. Every day we will choose a champion and we will have one championship on January 1st. 1st Day: Lamia vs Duar 2nd Day: Forga vs Akia 3rd Day: Isna vs Neri 4th Day: Morth vs Yoji After that, we will start to Semi Finals. Then, CHAMPIONSHIP! Link to voting: VOTE
  21. Unny Championship

    6th Day Winner is Neri. Now, Championship Voting: Lamia vs Neri Here is the link: VOTE
  22. Unny Zetsubou

    🌟💙💛💜💚🎉🍸Happy New Year🍸🎉💚💜💛💙🌟
  23. Unny Championship

    5th Day Winner is Lamia. Now, 6th Day Voting: Neri vs Yoji Here is the link: VOTE
  24. Unny Championship

    4th Day Winner is Yoji. Now, 5th Day Voting: Lamia vs Akia Here is the link: VOTE
  25. Unny Championship

    3rd Day Winner is Neri. Now, 4th Day Voting: Morth vs Yoji Here is the link: VOTE