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  1. Who is your favorite new hero?


  2. Builds

    Sounds good. Otherwise, it's useless. I don't spend money for it now.
  3. Builds

    Hi, How about bringing features to houses like Candy House? For example: - Candy House:Contributes 5% to Aqvium production. We have reason to buy them on this.
  4. Unny Zetsubou

    Great job Sanks!
  5. Unny Zetsubou

    Many thanks to all who supported.
  6. Unny Zetsubou

    No Kills, No Support, No Death. WE ARE ZETSUBOU! lol
  7. Unny Zetsubou

    Great job ZeN, Sanks and DarkAngel. And thank you for sharing.
  8. Unny Zetsubou

  9. Turtle Season

    I know. I can wait, that's ok.
  10. Turtle Season

    Hi, What is this? lol I think, there are a few immortal and invisible enemies.
  11. Unny Zetsubou

    Great job mates, keep up the good work!
  12. Unny Zetsubou

  13. Unny Zetsubou

    Guild Zetsubou is everywhere! This is just a test server but we are in!
  14. Adding friend after match

    I agree.