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  1. Hi Unnyhog team, I have the Android Hero Masters app V0.1.8. After adding my email for sign up, I received an email that told me I'm now signed up for Unnynet and it provided me with a temporary password. What do I do with the temporary password? I haven't seen any indication to change my password or possibly verify my email. Just a bit confused, perhaps the full account features are still in development?
  2. Claim your Contributor award

    I've been enjoying Hero Masters myself. Refreshing gameplay
  3. Thank you for UnnyWorld

    Congratulations team! A pivot is nothing to be ashamed of. I look forward to what you believe will be the next big game. I highly enjoyed Unnyworld since October 2016, and I agree. The time is right for change. Unnyworld will be missed, but it was an important stepping stone. Congrats and best wishes.
  4. Hi there, I think I'm a fit for the high reputation, gold league, and yoji expert badge. Not sure if Unnyhelpers/moderators also would get the unnyhog team badge.
  5. Halloween contest

    Done! Id: eu-west 32764
  6. Unnyworld - Reglas oficiales

    Reglas Oficiales ----------------------------- Todas las reglas en este publicación están ahora en efecto desde octubre de 2017 y se aplican a todos los rangos de UnnyWorld. Las siguientes reglas se aplican a los servidores UnnyWorld, Discordy el Foro. Todos los usuarios deben leer y seguir estas reglas para evitar prohibiciones del juego. Si por alguna razón una regla necesita ser cambiada o modificada, la Administración de UnnyWorld tiene el derecho de hacerlo. El uso de una cuenta alternativa para evitar castigos está prohibido en el UnnyWorld. Si está atrapado haciendo esto, su suspensión puede ser extendido y la cuenta alternativa será prohibida. -------------- Respete a todos los moderadores Todas las decisiones por los personales de UnnyWorld se consideran definitivas. Por favor no discuta con un juicio hecho por uno de nuestros miembros del personal. Si cree que un miembro del personal está abusivo, conectate con nosotros por un mensaje directo u el foro. La publicidad no está permitida Publicidad de otrosjuegos en UnnyWorld o el foro cuando no tiene permision resultará en unprohibición. Publicidad de cualquier Canal de Youtube o Twitch no está permitido si no tiene los permisos. La publicidad de su nombre de gremio, la invitación, o la oferta pública de cualquier jugador para unirse a su gremio es permitado en el chat del servidor. Pero si lo spam o molestar a otros jugadores se traducirá en un mudo. Si un miembro del personal le pide detener, escuche. Todas las promociones, ofertas, anuncios, etc. relacionados con el gremio deben hacerse en la junta de "Gremios" del foro. Anunciar cualquier cosa que se relacione con una fiesta para juegos se permite en el chat global, aunque por favor no rompa las reglas del spam y letras mayúsculas excesivas. No pretendaser alguien Personificar es una ofensa seria en UnnyWorld. Si usted es testigo de que alguien trato pasar para un miembro del personal, por favor contactaun moderador lo antes posible. Ver todos los miembros del personal No enviamensajes excesivo ni usa letras mayúsculas excesivas No se permite el spam. El requisito mínimo para que sea clasificado como spam incluye, pero no se limita a, la publicación de mensages iguales o similares en el espacio de unos pocos segundos o más. Los mensajes que comprenden la totalidad o una gran cantidad de mayúsculas también se consideran spam. Spam en el foro no será tolerado, y resultará en un prohibición.
  7. Moderators in the game

    Additionally I'm quite experienced in moderator and leadership positions: I have been an admin and game moderator for a wide variety of game servers, namely Minecraft. Ideveloped a gamealongside two cofounders as the president of the company. Wehad over300 core community members at the point of sale. I'm theleader of the beecultistscommunity, an exclusive social discord server.
  8. Moderators in the game

    Hi team, I'm glad to hear this position is being rolled out. I've always cobsidered this to be a critical element to implement at some point in the future. I'd love to help direct efforts in developing Unnyworld's community and its culture. Name: Nicho Id: 32764 Region: EU Time Played: October 2016 (woohoo almost a year!) Victories: 435
  9. New Upcomming hero - Duar

    Here's some Duar ability ideas for eachmove. Tap (Basic Attack): - Spear jab (Similar range to Mort, but doesnt have to jump when attacking) Straight Swipe(Ranged Attack / Movement): - Shield bash (Plows forward with his shield, pushing away enemies) - Enemy Burrow (Slams enemies into the ground) - Club Smash (Afocused attack that smashes the ground in front of the character, dealing less damage over distance) ^ Up Caret (Defense Ability): - Berserk (Increases health and physical attack resistance) - Shield Barricade (Duar puts down his shield and creates a barrier like Isna's wall) - Shield Block (Duar raises his shield and defends from incoming damage, possibly from one direction only) Down Caret (AOE Move): - Ground Smash (Duar jumps into the air and crashes back down, damaging nearby players) Double Tap (Ultimate Ability): - Berserk (attacks for 10 seconds will toss enemies, additional health)
  10. Tournament schedule

    What's the plan if our whole team isn't present?
  11. What do you think about Tournaments?

    So the tournament confirmation asks to confirm for August 10th but the rules say that the matches will be held on weekends. I could make it on a weekend but the 10th I'll likely be occupied. Should I confirm anyway and will the date change to weekends?
  12. 1.0.0

    Woo 1.0.0, we did it! And woah very cool Akia video, thanks for sharing
  13. Future Plans

    Wow some very exciting stuff in the pipe! Will it be possible to link a mobile account to the steam client?
  14. Hello, My asian server account hasn't transferred, nor have any of our asian guild servers. I'm presuming you're aware of this problem but just in case it's an anomoly I thought I'd bring it up.
  15. 0.9.6

    Just saw the button for the emoji in the lower right, very fun! I'll definitely be making use of them
  16. 0.9.6

    I actually have yet to do that, Im not a big emoji user to begin with but that's certainly a pleasant quality of life update
  17. 0.9.6

    I'm loving everything about this update. Keep up the amazing work Unnyhog team!
  18. Funny bugs

    oh my god this is hilarious buhbye satellite
  19. What do you think about Tournaments?

    I love the idea. Setting up esports with teams sounds awesome, especially that we get to compete with developers. I dont know if the community is established enough to get a team together and to have everybody show up on time, but I love the idea all the same.
  20. Funny bugs

    I think the game might be telling me I'm bad at dealing damage...
  21. Buggywoogie balance and skills

    What's your native language? The post is a bit hard to understand in English. As far as I can tell, this is more of a Questions, Tactics, & Strategy post than a Bugs and Problems post. As far as your main points, however, here's some answers. Let me know if I missed anything. 1. Why are red crystal drops higher? The red crystals are heavily used in the top row skills. These skills will be the first you invest into. The crystal drops for dark crystals, for example, are rare because your ultimate ability should take more time to level than your basic. The crystals align with the power of the skills they unlock. 2. Akia's ultimate ability stops when she takes damage. Yup, meanwhile Yoji's pheonix ultimate ability does not. Im sure this is intentional and part of keeping PvP balanced. Her ultimate can be quick and hard to escape so an opponent can attack to try to stop her from regenerating and healing her allies. 3. When a bot, Yoji uses the fire beam ultimate instead of pheonix. Imagine what It would be like if they all used pheonix for an ultimate. They would be much harder to kill and far more annoying. 4. Why are higher tier abilities not always better (specifically Akia) This is for you to choose. Each skill is arbitrarily good or bad. You decide if it's worth the crystals to obtain or not. The skill may not be better to begin with but with practice, you could find it to be much more effective. 5. Will there be guild wars The devs have stated eventually there will be some sort of PvE guild wars where you can attack other guild planets.
  22. Happy birthday Kaidou! Congrats on turning 18 amigo:D

  23. Game stuck

    Hello, I undownloadedthe game and redownloaded it. When I relaunched, I bound my social network but my account was not loaded it seems. I started going through the tutorial making a new character and the game crashes everytime the tutorial tries to have me build my first building. It crashes right after I hit the hammer navigation button. So two problems here: 1. Logging into myaccount isn't working. 2. Tutorial crashes before making first building.
  24. Game stuck

    Thank you to all three of you who responded. Thanks @Pavel Ignatov, I redownloaded the game and selected the Asia region. I didn't think my account would be region bound. It works properly now. On a sidenote, will we ever be able to switch regions? I was playing before they were available and the Asia region doesn't accurately reflect my location. @SuvitrufThe tutorial crash is on mobile. My device is theDroid Ultra running Android version 4.4.4. @Margarita, I'm not able to record it but attached are two screenshots. The game crashes as soon as I hit the hammer to build my first building. It sometimes would show the full list of buildings, other times it would crash before the full building list could be shown. Thanks for all the help. Let me know if you have any other questions about the bug.
  25. UnnyWorld - Roadmap

    I definitely think the new ranking system needs to come out asap. New heroes are great to see when the game is stable and systems are set in stone. I like the direction of the new heroes, but it'd be a shame to see development focused on them while other things deserve attention. The ranking system should be revamped first because many players are getting more invested into the leaderboards. Waiting to update the ranks will only cause more community backlash. The league categories with bronze, silver, and gold are an absolutely phenomenal idea and will add a lot to the game. After the placement system is revised, I feel like there's a lot of love needed with the planet raiding system. New heroes should be pretty far down the road at this point