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  1. A new Hero (BY: TherKyn)

    This is awesome! You really fleshed out the character and all of this will apply to Gaya amazingly! Great work, very fun to read.
  2. Max attack lvls

    Last I heard, level 10 is max for all spells.
  3. Gamemode

    It's random
  4. Silver I is high 4000s Silver II is mid 3000s
  5. New Upcomming hero - Duar

    Here's some Duar ability ideas for eachmove. Tap (Basic Attack): - Spear jab (Similar range to Mort, but doesnt have to jump when attacking) Straight Swipe(Ranged Attack / Movement): - Shield bash (Plows forward with his shield, pushing away enemies) - Enemy Burrow (Slams enemies into the ground) - Club Smash (Afocused attack that smashes the ground in front of the character, dealing less damage over distance) ^ Up Caret (Defense Ability): - Berserk (Increases health and physical attack resistance) - Shield Barricade (Duar puts down his shield and creates a barrier like Isna's wall) - Shield Block (Duar raises his shield and defends from incoming damage, possibly from one direction only) Down Caret (AOE Move): - Ground Smash (Duar jumps into the air and crashes back down, damaging nearby players) Double Tap (Ultimate Ability): - Berserk (attacks for 10 seconds will toss enemies, additional health)
  6. Who wants off topic

    We also have a sub-forum labeled 'Discussion' that seems like it could have some overlap here.
  7. Tournament schedule

    What's the plan if our whole team isn't present?
  8. What do you think about Tournaments?

    So the tournament confirmation asks to confirm for August 10th but the rules say that the matches will be held on weekends. I could make it on a weekend but the 10th I'll likely be occupied. Should I confirm anyway and will the date change to weekends?
  9. 1.0.0

    Woo 1.0.0, we did it! And woah very cool Akia video, thanks for sharing
  10. CAM00019.jpg

    wow looking good
  11. Hello team Unnyhog, As an Asian server guild master, the loss of progress on the guild level is disheartening. We were 75,000 exp in on a level three guild, which would take a couplemonths to work back up to. I've decided to remake the guild on the EU server but I think it's worth bringing up - would the devsconsider helping our asian server guilds catch up again so that time is not all wasted? Whether compensation by bringing the guilds back up to their previous exp or at least a fair amount towards it, or through green gems so the owners can choose to reinvest into guild exp. Id love to hear your thoughts and where you all stand on the subject. All the best, Nicho
  12. Future Plans

    Wow some very exciting stuff in the pipe! Will it be possible to link a mobile account to the steam client?
  13. Hello, My asian server account hasn't transferred, nor have any of our asian guild servers. I'm presuming you're aware of this problem but just in case it's an anomoly I thought I'd bring it up.
  14. 0.9.6

    Just saw the button for the emoji in the lower right, very fun! I'll definitely be making use of them
  15. Si prepara para la batalla

    Oo gracias para la imagen. Mi estrategia para cualquier personaje: Me gusta elegir un lado sin mi equipo. Juegodentro del rango de mi torre y espero para los enemigos muevan a la portal de trasgos. Matolos enemigos con todos mis hechizos, gano la portal, y mueva a la torre del otroequipo. Cuando los jugadores resucitan, yo los ignoro hasta destruyo sustorre. Vuelvo a la portalpara reclamarlo. Usualmente los enemigos estan atacando a mi torre por este tiempo y no hay problemas. Ganola portal, voy a la guardiana, y trato no salir hasta la guardiana es destroyida. lo siento mucho para el espanol imperfecto! Todavia estoy aprendando y me gustaria correciones