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  1. Discussion: Incentivizing mentors

    This is great, Im glad to hear many of these solutions youve already considered and plan on developing. I agree that the reward system gets a bit tricky when youre playing with lower levels so that incentive might have to come from other systems. I envision multiple things going on with visiting other people's planets. First is that it doesn't have to strictly be a nonpvp environment. Allow people to kill each other and do damage to one another, just have them respawn at the teleporter or town hall once they die. Allowing players to visit each other and choose if they want to fight provides them with tools to build on top of the game itself. For example, people could host duels and tournaments. Or you might see a roleplaying community spring up. What must go alongside visiting other people's planets, however, is a local chat. This could be as simple as a chat bubble popping up above the character's head un the world, or another chat besides the global/guild chats that already exist. With a local chat players can really develop friendships with other players. The purpose of an optional combat experience is to provide players with the tools to develop meaningful relationships within your game. As I noted in my previous post, players who develop friendships within the game are much more likely to stick around and get highly invested. If you'd like to justify the development time, these features are part of your player retention features and will directly turn into sales because players who stay longer will inevitably make more purchases.
  2. Hello Unnyworld, Today it's important we talk about creating a game's culture. A giant problem as games tend to scale is that the community's culture becomes toxic and extremely unwelcoming to new players. To prevent this, we need to focus on cultivating a healthy community culture that promotes mentorship amongst new players and veterans. This mentor relationship is key to increase player retention and ultimately elevate player's to the next level of gameplay. Any gamer with 1,000s of hours into a game will tell you they played that much because of the people, and the large majority of those players got hooked because of an early mentor. In my eyes, the guild system is the perfect environment to start cultivating that mentoring culture. Guild leaders and even other members can present themselves as mentors to one another. The problem is that the game currently has some design features that inhibit the evolution for players to turn the game into a more social experience. First of course is that the chat and friends list features are in need of major attention. Along with that comes features to visit each other's planets and interact in uncompetitive environments. But those features can all be implemented in due time. What I'd really like to propose in this post is a change to the rating system when playing with players of a lower level. As a guild master myself, I know I need to spend time in the arena to help my newer members get involved and start getting invested. But It feels like a huge drag and It pains me to win and only get +1 renown for the win. Already Im only getting 7 each win. To get just 1 point towards my rank really makes It hard for me to justify the time i spent with that newer player. I feel as though the game should reward veteran players for spending that time with new players so that we can start working on a culture where the new and old players can get along. Incentivizing older players to be mentors to the new generation can create a distinct culture in our community and greatly increase the changes of those New players sticking around. Some solutions might include: - Providing extra guild exp for wins when youre in a party with guild members - Not reducing your rank reward when playing with lower rank members in your guild - Giving a couple green gems to the veteran for playing with a lower level player Any of these suggestions would be a step in the right direction towards incentivizing players to become mentors for the new generations to come.
  3. Funny bugs

    oh my god this is hilarious buhbye satellite
  4. What do you think about Tournaments?

    I love the idea. Setting up esports with teams sounds awesome, especially that we get to compete with developers. I dont know if the community is established enough to get a team together and to have everybody show up on time, but I love the idea all the same.
  5. Funny bugs

    I think the game might be telling me I'm bad at dealing damage...
  6. We getting lightning hero?

    Yup! Their name is Neri and they look a lot like the Yoji. Weve already had some play time with them in early November and they were great!
  7. Buggywoogie balance and skills

    What's your native language? The post is a bit hard to understand in English. As far as I can tell, this is more of a Questions, Tactics, & Strategy post than a Bugs and Problems post. As far as your main points, however, here's some answers. Let me know if I missed anything. 1. Why are red crystal drops higher? The red crystals are heavily used in the top row skills. These skills will be the first you invest into. The crystal drops for dark crystals, for example, are rare because your ultimate ability should take more time to level than your basic. The crystals align with the power of the skills they unlock. 2. Akia's ultimate ability stops when she takes damage. Yup, meanwhile Yoji's pheonix ultimate ability does not. Im sure this is intentional and part of keeping PvP balanced. Her ultimate can be quick and hard to escape so an opponent can attack to try to stop her from regenerating and healing her allies. 3. When a bot, Yoji uses the fire beam ultimate instead of pheonix. Imagine what It would be like if they all used pheonix for an ultimate. They would be much harder to kill and far more annoying. 4. Why are higher tier abilities not always better (specifically Akia) This is for you to choose. Each skill is arbitrarily good or bad. You decide if it's worth the crystals to obtain or not. The skill may not be better to begin with but with practice, you could find it to be much more effective. 5. Will there be guild wars The devs have stated eventually there will be some sort of PvE guild wars where you can attack other guild planets.
  8. Getting to know the devs

    Is everyone on the dev team a full stack game developer or do you have specific positions such asanimator, artist/3D modeler, network architect?
  9. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    I think this is a key I hadn't realized before. With the addition of guild experience, levels, and achievements, community members will have a lot more invested into the guild then just their relationships. I understand now why you want to protect all older members of the guild. In this case, I think having higher level players in the guild be protected from kicking and being able to potentially elect a new GM who's more fit is a fair mechanic. Thanks for explaining the big picture. And a quick sidenote to hit on this - I don't think we should give the option to diversify your guild in such a way. One guild system is good, multiple is unnecessary and overly complex.
  10. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    This is a great middle ground. A solution like this incentivizes guild leaders to stay active but doesn't turn the game into political lobbying and underhanded persuasion trying to get more votes.
  11. Join my guild

    Well thats great, theres an established english-speaking guild for every server now.
  12. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    I love the ideas @KAIDOU To clarify, you not only disagree with the democratic guild leader election, but also suggest the following changes: - Guild history board for members Who joined, left, or were kicked. I agree with this. It actually appears that Kick notifications arent appearing in guild chat now. - A guild shop system with a guild currency. I think a system like this will pair well with the future "guild wars." The roadmap update mentions that high performing guilds will be able to have their own planets, initiating wars on other guilds. This is certainly far down the line, but a great idea for future content. - Hierarchy permission system by introducing guild officers. I agree, promoting people to moderators will be integral as guilds grow altogether. As of now, there's not much management to be done with guilds, so there's not a huge need for officers. These are all good suggestions for the future of guilds but it's important to keep in mind that these are all luxury changes. The current problem is moving guilds to all be a democratic election. I really think this is a step in the wrong direction and hope that the devs reconsider the idea. As you mentioned Kaidou, there are lots of other ways to improve guilds instead of a constantly changing leader.
  13. Hello Unnyworld players, I think it's time we discuss the pros and cons of making all guilds a true democracy. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a quote from the roadmap announcement : My opinion Now I personally think this is not a good direction for the guilds. As a guild leader myself, this means the group of people I've recruited and the work put into making the guild what it is could be completely discredited by another, perhaps more charismatic leader. Also, guilds are free to join for anybody who meets the requirements. This opens up the possibility for a guild to be taken over by a group of toxic players looking to overthrow the leader. If just some of my more loyal guild members go inactive for a while, I might not get the full amount of votes needed to win. Once someone else is leader, they could just remove me and I'd be left with nothing. This game design that makes for unhappy players. Furthermore, these players are community leaders that are highly dedicated. Through good leadership, successful guilds are made. If I were a poor leader, my guild members would not be loyal and would simply go elsewhere after a while. I don't think a voting system is needed to always check if a guild leader is liked by all the guild. If the guild leader isn't liked, the members will leave on their own accord. What are your thoughts on making guilds a true democracy? Is this something that we should leave as an option for the guild in deciding how they're run? Comment below with your opinion on the guild system coming soon.
  14. Getting to know the devs

    These blogs are great, very informative about the company history. Thanks! I see many remote teams use a combination of slack, trello, and google apps. What kind of software does theunnyhogteam use for task management and communication?
  15. Happy birthday Kaidou! Congrats on turning 18 amigo:D

    1. KAIDOU


      thanks my friend ...officially adult now xD