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  1. Lamia bug again

    Lamia's last skill with stun isn't working. It's ultra frustrating. You've weakened her and now this. What a nice christmas gift this is. She's ultra squishy since the last update. Might as well that you did not introduce her to the game at all.
  2. You Nerfed Lamia Too Much

    She can't even acquire charges for her skill in Invade. at least let her heal when attacking buildings. She became too squishy.
  3. Instant Promotion SUCKS!!!!

    Yeah! I saw the changelog. Thank you!
  4. Instant Promotion SUCKS!!!!

    The medal needed to be the top 1 in Gold League III is 6500 but you'll be instantly promoted when you reach 6000. Does that even make sense??? It doesn't even indicate if I also received the 50 free gems for being the top in the league. Ridiculous. Fix it.
  5. Instant Promotion SUCKS!!!!

    I'm gonna get promoted again. I guess I have to wait until next year because they're just focusing on fixing bugs now.
  6. Instant Promotion SUCKS!!!!

    Option 2 - I care for the gems more tho. If I don't have the same opinion with the majority, does that make menot allowed to enjoy the game? That's sad. I just want the system of instant promotion to be enhanced. I'm working my way to the top of each league to save up gems and all I get is instant promotion wherein I get not even a half of what's intended for the first rank. Are you directly related to the creators or just an enthusiastic player too? I want somebody from the Unnyworld Team to hear me out.
  7. Look! As of now, we can form our planets as attached, isn't that cheating? I think you need to restrict layouts that disables attackers to roam the whole planet. Take a look. The other buildings are red because they are not connected by a pathway tothe town hall.
  8. Add Log In Event

    Just a suggestion but I think it helps when it is labelled in a more obvious way. you know... psychology. but nvm.
  9. Add Log In Event

    I suggest you add log-in event. That would help in keeping the players in your game.
  10. SUGGESTION! Add Notice Windows

    More than that, ads that promote your other site like social media and this forum. or is it already available to smart phone players? I'm playing on gameroom sorry.
  11. SUGGESTION! Add Notice Windows

    Add notice windows on the game that we can see when we log in given that we can have a button underneath it to stop showing it to us for 24 hours. That way, you can notify more players of events, updates, your social media pages, and this forum. Just a suggestion.
  12. Neri 3rd Skill Bug

    You mean the flag not being passed is also intended? But Forga can do it with his invulnerability skill? I expect the flag to be passable at least if he can't attack nor cast a skill.
  13. Neri 3rd Skill Bug

    I don't know if it can be called a bug but Neri's 3rd skill wherein he turn invulnerable for 3 sec makes him unable to pass the flag in turtle season. And also, he cannot cast skill nor attack when he's in that state unlike the invulnerable state of Forga. Is that meant to be like that? I don't think it's like the crystallization of Isna where she literally freeze in the duration of the skill. Please clarify or fix.
  14. Remove Automatic promotion

    Nice! Thank you!
  15. Remove Automatic promotion

    I've autopromoted myself 3 times now and I am really pissed at how many gems I missed because I just played your game with much enthusiasm. I don't think this is a good reward to loyal players. Why not restore the promotion scheme before that you stay in the league unless it resets every week? Why should we endure this evil? Should I wait for a few weeks to demote myself and finally gain those gems? horrible.
  16. Remove Automatic promotion

    How about the people like me who missed those gems? Would we be compensated? A reward box for every promotion would be sufficient
  17. Remove Automatic promotion

    Thank you! and cheer up! This is only a game and it is supposed to be making the players happy. We want you to be happy and inspired too so you can think of better updates
  18. Battle Royale Suggestion

    1 - Plague part was a bit annoying. It doesn't feel like a match as you can hide and just dodge the plague and you'll win. 2 - Could be a blank map. Just to indicate distance between players. 5 - Yeah, a hotkey to collect nearby items as my ally sometimes do that and leave me with nothing. I guess they're playing on smartphone? I'm on gameroom.
  19. Battle Royale Suggestion

    Waiting takes forever! Maybe the players isn't receiving it well. 1.I suggest you cut out the plague part and let the players do a real battle royale. 2. Provide us with mini map on the top right corner too. 3. And I suspect some players are stuck on their starting point maybe when they use the teleport. I never used it tho because I prefer roaming so I'm not sure. 4. Put achievements for it too!!! It would attract more players to play that mode that way. 5. Add "Loot All" shortcut key for gameroom players too or is there already?
  20. Enhance Lamia Scream

    Enhance Lamia's Scream please? Make it having a wider area of effect rather than short-range and 1 direction only. at least a wider triangle in front of her would do.
  21. Bring back Ice Tower original ability

    Yes, but on a second thought, nvm.
  22. Since the update, it became easier to get a star while invading. Our defense our less useful now.
  23. Forga Bug

    Okay. I'll try to screenshot next time.
  24. Forga Bug

    After he casts some skill, he looks like he's crawling. Though I never experienced it when I used him. Only when he's my opponent or ally but not sure with ally.
  25. Lamia Bat Bug

    It moves now tho? I don't know what happened.