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  1. Morth's ability bug

    Yea I tried it in bang bang and no minions / ally heroes were stealthed
  2. Morth's ability bug

    When you use Mass Stealth and then Shadow Attack / Judgementright before stealth, the stealth will not trigger (including allies) and Mass Stealth still go on cool down. This got me killed a couple of times.
  3. 1.1.3

    @Pavel IgnatovWhat if you just let Neri cast spells (but cannot aa) during electric rush, to compensate the previous -1 duration and 25% dmg nerf? It is really awkward that the spell has to be the last one to be casted. For example, when Neri is low hp, you would want to use elec rush asap but with ult up (faradays), you always need to use ult first then lastly electric rush, by the time you just finish casting ult you're dead before even casting elec rush. I think it is too one dimensional to have the spell always cast in the same order every time, as with the ability to cast spell during elec rush, it would let neri have more variety of combos instead of just one. What do you think?
  4. PvD winning no gems

    ID: 1715 i think they didnt receive them too because they replied same
  5. PvD winning no gems

    I just participated PvD on Asia server, and i think i won 4 games. Usually the gem appears on town hall after winning but it didn't, so I didn't get 400 gems off it but none. Is this related to transfer? because my friend MajorBonkers received his gems. Please have a look on it thank you very much.
  6. The devs are so efficient and quick wow thank you!
  7. I don't think the bug is related to transferring because Graemmaerie (IGN: Majorbonkers) who started his account in Asia also has this bug.
  8. Ever since I transferred from NA to Asia server as Platinum 3, I've never gotten a promotion even though I stayed at top 3. The first week gave me a promotion from Platinum 3 to Platinum 3 which I was already in that tier, so I ignored it because I thought it was just a transfer bug. But then after this Monday, I got the same promotion message again saying I got to Platinum 3, so I was stuck in there forever. This also happens to other people. I should be in Platinum 1 by now instead I'm still staying in Platinum 3... Another thing is the friend list bug,friend list was never working since I transferred. I could party with a friend but the friend wasn't shown as Online but Offline. Can confirmed other people also have this bug. The only way that I can see people being online is the guild list, as it is working normally. Please fix and thank you.