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  1. Acheivement bug

    yes i have the silverman achievement in steam. my in-game name is minion_II player id 64291 on the north american server
  2. Acheivement bug

    i have the same problem and so does my friend tripp I believe when the update happened the affected players had enough metals to advance all the way to silver II and skipped the silver III landmark that the achievement is looking for. the 'compilation' screen says i have 2 achievements to claim (gold and platinum) but the achievements screen shows me waiting on silver i have the steam achievements as well as the badge for gold.
  3. epic chest - epic fail

    First of all i believe the epic chest i just purchased did not deliver the quantities promised .. i have only been playing for 3 days so i still have locked characters which makes it hard to get an exact count on the normal and rare scrolls but the epics Ican say definitively that i only received 4. the normal scrolls i estimate around 120 .. unnycoins, exactly 40. from a 'user experience' viewpoint, if i had known what to expect from the epic chest, i never would have purchased it. I certainly will not be purchasing another! Honestly, why would i want 58 scrolls for 1 spell that i never use on a character i dont like to play? I would have been much better off speeding up access tochest quests. As a fellow programmer i would like to suggest an alternate interface for the chest .. when the chest opens the scrolls remain inside exposed end first (like a bouquet of flowers). then each click can extract and reveal a scroll with a quantity based on the level of the spells associated alter. that way newer players will get a broader selection of spell and more advanced players will get higher quantities needed for upper level advancement. over all the game is enjoyable but as a developer the last thing you want is for a player to spend money then feel immediately disappointed, which was exactly my experience with the epic chest.