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  1. Difficulties getting a party together

    It is extremely hard to coordinate party of 3 and play consecutive games without some sort of glitch occurring. Many times a player clicks accept party invite, it says they accept the invite, but then it just says "Offline" where their character should load in. Other times it will show someone in a party but on their screen they aren't in the party. You have to kick them in order to re-invite. Sometimes only 1 player in party will see the queue searching, but for other players it will show "Waiting on other players." This is followed up "Error: Not in queue" I think. Also, it is really annoying that you can't invite someone who is already in a party (not really a bug.. but should be changed). If someone is already in a party and they accept another party's invite, then they should just automatically leave their current party and join the new one. The point is that it is very difficult to get 3 people together regularly. It often involves a lot of communication and having to restart the game client. Trying to get a custom match going seems to be even harder since you must coordinate twice as many people. I will try to get more specific updates on the bugs, but I feel like this is a very important thing that should work properly since the game is very focused on playing with friends.
  2. New Upcomming hero - Duar

    Some spells are similar to what Nicho suggested, so I noted those. Basic spell (left click): - Spear jab (from Nicho - except I would make it slightly longer range than Morth since a spear has further reach) Passive buff: - Maim Duar knows exactly where to strike his foes. Each attack slows enemies by 20% and reduces any healing by 50%. Secondary spell (straight line) -Shield bash (line AoE; from Nicho) Duar plows forward with his shield, damaging and stunning all enemies in his path for 0.5s. -Flurry (channeling, cone AoE in front of Duar, in direction of drawn line) Duar rapidly strikes with his spear in front him, dealing physical damage over 2.5s. Animation: Basic attack animation but executed at hyper speed, maybe with the speed striking in a different orientation each time and some dust appears around over the AoE. -Leap (in direction of drawn line) Duar leaps a great distance forward in a selection direction. Note: This is taken from Morth, but I think Morth's Tumble should be changed to a low cooldown, short distance evade time spell while Duar's could be a longer-distance, long cooldown spell. Defenseive spell (up caret) -Warcry (active AoE buff around Duar) Duar inspires his allies in a small area around him, granting him and his allies +30% movement speed for 4s. -Taunt (active AoE debuff around Duar, active buff on Duar) After a 1s cast time, Duar taunts his enemies in a small area around him, gaining +30% armor forcing all enemies to attack him for 2.5s. Note: Enemies are effectively stunned and can not cast any spells besides basic attacks. If Duar leaves the attack range of an enemy while Taunt is still in effect, the enemy will walk towards him until they can cast a basic attack. If Duar can not be found or targeted, then enemies will just stand in place for the duration unable to do anything. Offensive spell (down caret) -Shield throw Duar throws his shield at his enemies which jumps between enemies up to 3 times dealing damage and stunning for 1.5s each time before returning to Duar. Mechanic: This spell would function just like Akia's Healing Wave. Animation: Either the shield could actually leave or it sends out a dummy shield, but either way it would not impact his ability to use other shield-based spells. -Impact crater (from Nicho) Duar jumps into the air from his current location. After 2s, Duar slams back down on at the same location dealing massive damage in a small area. -Bloodlust (active buff) Duar gains +10% armor penetration and +10% attack speed for each 5% of HP missing for 7s. Animation = red aura around Duar and he his model grows 5% larger for each 5% of HP missing (character model is twice as big if Duar is at 1HP). Note: I'm assuming if you have more armor penetration than your enemy has armor, then you effectively deal bonus damage. If this is not the case, then this spell should just give +10% damage to his basic attack. Ultimate (right click) -Final stand (active buff) Duar becomes unkillable (can not drop below 1 HP) for 5s.