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  1. Patreon financing campaing

    Quick question....I've signed up to participate in financing thru Patreon, got billed last month (10.99$ or so package), should receive 3k gems monthly but didnt receive anything yet ?
  2. Patreon financing campaing

    Thanks alot ! HAve a good day !
  3. Patreon financing campaing

    Thanks I got it. Keeping an history for both you guys and us users would be helpful, we talked together in october, fixed it easily, I dont know about november since its pretty far, But I knew for sure that I didnt have anything in december. Anyway, a mail tracking system for these might be a must. Anyway you can see if it has been done in november ? First payment was in mid october so I've been waiting for gems around that date, but found out 2 days ago that the following bill dates wererather at beginning of month in november and december, no problem at all with that tho
  4. Patreon financing campaing

    Helloguys, Was wondering if the same issue happenned again ? Not sure I got anything after monthly payment at beginning of the month. we can go private messages for more talk
  5. puny rewards

    I get 1 crown per win, -8 per lose, as you get higher rating you get less crowns per fight I guess, which would be very OK !
  6. 1.2.0

    So since you play melee, ranged should be nerfed ? When there's 2 out of 9 heroes that actually are melee (I think ?)
  7. My views (and suggestions) for trading scrolls

    I think it was never stated that someone could trade scrolls only once the related attack is maxed
  8. Hi, First of all, I wanna look into an ''issue'' I just had in-game. A few minutes ago, I upgraded Forga's Sniper Shot at it's maximum lvl (from 8 to 9), tho it wasnt shown any actual dmg or cooldown changes for that last upgrade, thought it was simply a bug. But after upgrading, stats hasnt changed....isnt it kinda sad that the last upgrade of a Character's ultimate isnt even changing stats of the related attack ? Second of all, I already posted regarding what was happening with scrolls you get for a maxed attack, thinking it would not appear in chest anymore but got an answer from a certain admintalking about a trade system incoming. Thing is, I dont find where I can see these ''extra scrolls'' since the ''MAXED'' word is shown instead where they used to be shown. Are they still stacking ? Thanks for your time, -Glaire163x
  9. you'd get alot of ppl complaining about the game becoming too much of a ''pay to play'', I like the actual formula with chests and the recently increased unny coins bonuses. Can get + 5 coins per game now with friends and bonuses.
  10. Thank you, I really appreciate your comment ''Only'' have 3x lvl 9 (maxed) attacks for now : Lane's Underground Walk and Forga's Mass Arrows + Sniper Shot. I have 17x lvl 8 common attacks, all others are lvl 6/7 +7x lvl 6 rare attacks, all others are lvl 4/5 + 3x lvl 3 epic attacks, all others (6) are lvl 2 , even Duar has all his common attacks lvl 6+. The thing is, when you calculate it, you realize that ppl complaining about the high unny coins price of Heroes are pure ignorants, as attacks cost wayyyy more as a max rare attack (lvl 7) will cost you 540 unny coins each (as last upgrade cost 200 coins, having a lvl 6 rare attack = 340 unny coins so my 7x6 attacks = 7x340 = 2380 unnycoins only for rares, as for epic attacks, lvl 2 = 50 coins(x6), lvl 3 = 150(x3) and lvl 4 = 250, so my 6x lvl 2 epics = 300 + (3x150)= 750for epic attacks (purple ones)+ 2380for rare attacks (blue ones) = over 3100 unny coins spent on Heroes' attacks so far Let me laugh once more at ppl whom may complaint about Heroes been too expensive.
  11. [ Badges ] Request your Forum Award

    ''Hero ExpertiseBadges The following badges represent the players' experience with their favorite heroes. In order to unlock these, you have to get the required number of arena wins playing as the respective hero. You may unlock up to 3 Hero badges.'' -quoted from earlier post Does that mean we can have all 3 badges for yoji, forga and Neri (specific heroes named as example) or only 1x a hero's set of 3 badges ? Just so that its clear for everyone (mostly me :)) with 1200+ wins as Yoji, can u send me badges for him plz ? cordially (and appreciating your work) :), -Glaire163x (North American server)
  12. Patreon financing campaing

    now I got it thanks alot
  13. Patreon financing campaing

    I did receive a mail....with a ''0 gems'' amount in it was at 520 gems, still at 520 gems I tried to exit game and log back in, still at 520
  14. Patreon financing campaing

    Its my pleasure to help such a nice game ! great work from developpers !
  15. Patreon financing campaing

    I am pleased to support, here's the info : - Id: 51872 - Region: North America Let me know if theres any issue, Thankfully, -Glaire163x
  16. 1.1.1

    Why only guildmasters could toggle it ?
  17. Hi, I've been going thru some frustrating evenings/nights/days fighting ppl I often play with. Fighting against guildies is a very sad thing that we dont see in any other games I play or heard (except for volontary friendly fights), is there anyway you could actually fix this ? I'd suggest a ''select button'', like a setting that would let game know if we want to fight friends/guildies or not I prefer fighting bots over fightingfriends
  18. Fighting friends/guildies

    My issue actually is that I dont want to fight them lol, i find it kinda ironic to gain rewards with some friend one night, to lose them against the same friend the day after (same when winning over weaker guildies)
  19. Fighting friends/guildies

    Actually, I leave most game I find to play against guild members, the 10 minutes penalty is worth it over fighting people I work with sometimes
  20. My Unnyworld Life, in review

    Nicely written, I agree with most of what u just said But i'm not sure if Yoji is really been nerfed, phoenix is, yes. Makes him even more interesting with the ability to remove Morth's poison (lets call it a minor change) but overall, the ability to cancel spells like ''Ice Wall'' and some others I already forgot of, will bring a new era to the game. Its probably quite difficult as developpers to find the right changes to apply for great results and bring more players, actually, they made a good job and its impossible to make it so 100% of players appreciate 100% of update's changes. We need to make our way thru it by ourselves. Thanks for text buddy,
  21. Acheivement bug

    Same here, Glaire163
  22. Moderators in the game

    Hi Pavel/Developpers/Admins., I'd like to contribute to this game as moderator !So as required : - Ingame name: Glaire163x - Id: 51872 - Region: North America - Time Played: Since early july 2017 - Arena wins: 1192
  23. 1.0.8

    Why do I have a "1" icon over my achievements tab like if I had one unlock or something, just appear as I logged into 1.0.8
  24. So from what I see, there'S 3 ways to gather aqviums, 1- Magic mines : Considering my 4x lvl5mines (4x250/hr) + mid tower (+150/hr) = approx. 1150 aqviums/hr with no effort. About that, I'm not sure how fast to upgrade to lvl 6 considering the cost of 125k aqviums for a gain of +50/hr. That would take 104 days to pay back for 1 mine lvl 6 and 400 days + for all 4 mines. For my part, I'll keep my minesat lvl 5 for now. 2- Invades : Mines has a cooldown of 18mins, with a gain between 0,6k-3,3kaqviums. Let's say 3 someone would make 3 invades per hour = 1.8k-10k aqviums / hr 3- Arenas (either wins and losses) : Either when we win or lose, we get between 150-750ish aqviums (idk what affects that amount -_-), with an average of 4-6mins per arenas, that'd make between 10-15 arenas / hr so : approx, 2k-10k aqviums per hour Overall, thats around 5-21k aqviums per hour lof gameplay
  25. Anyone found ways to maximize aqviums earnings....?