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  1. Unlimited Loading -Game Freeze

    Its loading forever since I updated the game and changed the server to south asia, I cant open my account, help please.
  2. Tournament winners

    Thanks already got the 8k gems.
  3. Tournament winners

    Do the loser contestants get any rewards?
  4. Tournament winners

    Awesome Tournament!
  5. Tournament schedule

    At Last!
  6. The game crashed.

  7. The game crashed.

    It just stopped everything is not moving and I didn't win or disconnected, I used task manager to exit the game manually because its not responding.
  8. The game crashed.

  9. The game crashed.

    And another discovery for me, the game is stuck at invade and I almost waited 10mins or less still no sign of movements so I need to restart the game again. I hope this helps. :-)
  10. The game crashed.

    Inside the folder 2017-08-29_131950 crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  11. Tournament schedule

    My team is complete and ready can you replace unwashedtowel. Here is my team. (Activist) (Thanatos) (KickingPNut09)
  12. Tournament schedule

    Oh thank you I found 1 member its name is Thanatos. And I'm waiting for another player in my guild to join me. Thanks. -Activist :-)
  13. Tournament schedule

    I'm at server North America. -Activist
  14. Tournament schedule

    Re-schedule and join me. lol