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  1. Tournament reschedule

    thank you! i'm sad about the rescheduling but looking forward to next weekend
  2. Tournament reschedule

    could you tell us how we get our promo codes? Do they come to our email?
  3. steam achievements

    I noticed that steam achievements are not showing up. For example, I have purchased a chest and I didn't earn the UnnyHelper chest. And that's also the case for a few other achievements.
  4. movement bug

    During one of my arena games my hero was stuck running in place. After I left my base, I ran right into the wall and died to enemy tower. Then when I respawned, I could not move -- I was running in place the entire game. I alt-tabbed out of the game and my keyboard was working fine so I know it was a game bug. I also could not cast my ult no matter how much time passed.