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  1. Tournament schedule

    I got it worked out so i can play Saturday, thanks for all the help.
  2. Tournament schedule

    Or if you can bump our game to sunday i can play sunday
  3. Tournament schedule

    The name is "Antics"
  4. Tournament schedule

    Can someone replace me from my guild?
  5. Tournament schedule

    Can my team sub in a player?
  6. Tournament schedule

    My academic adviser just told me he wants me to take the afternoon exams as well so I will not be able to participate int he tournament. Unfortunately the weekend chosen is the one weekend I have my PhD qualifier exams. I was supposed to only take the morning ones but this changed last minute. 1Kn0wFear
  7. Rocket Cart Bug

    On Rocket Cart's Morth counts as two heroes on the top cart. Possibly on the bottom but haven't got to test it.
  8. Tournament participation

    Thanks, 1 pm is fine on the 26th and I am free all day the 27th. 1Kn0wFear
  9. Tournament participation

    I just found out I have a commitment from 9 am to noon Central Time zone on August 26th. What time will the tournament be starting? 1Kn0wFear