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  1. Какой промо-код на сегодня???

  2. Claim your Contributor award

    Ok, guys! Алекс got the last one award I'm stopping to distribute them as Hero Masters was officially launched globally on App Store and Google Play. Here is the news. Congratulations, everybody! We wouldn't achieve it without all support coming from our lovely community of players.
  3. Epic news, everyone!🔥🙀 Hero Masters was released globally and featured on Google Play, which means more and more people (and creatures👽👻🤖) joining you in fantasy adventures👾🌏 👉Play for FREE on Apple Store🍏 👉Play for FREE on Google Play🎮 Start playing the game now and become the most powerful Hero Master among all in the universe! #madewithunity#battler#idle#rpg#heroes#fantasy#game#mobilegaming#collect#summon#magic#universe#world#playforfree#afterwork#afterschool#craft#grind#dungeons
  4. Report hackers

    Thank you, we will take care of it!
  5. Report hackers

    Unfortunately links to screenshots from this message are broken. Can't look at them ( But thank you for keeping posting info about hackers.
  6. Energy Regeneration

    Really sad to heat that 1 So what's your account level? 2 By any chance did you change the time on your device?
  7. Jogo travando (ANDROID)

    Olá! Você poderia nos enviar uma captura de tela de um momento problemático?
  8. Energy Regeneration

    Hi! What's your profile level? *top left corner on the main screen in the yellow star Also, did you collapse the game or terminate it on the device?
  9. Bug reports

    Hello! Please, provide your in-game id. We will take a look at your problem.
  10. Update announcements

    Hello! 1 What platform are you playing at? 2 What's the game version? (can be checked in Settings window)
  11. Update announcements

    @Ilyenko PavelPlease, clarify these comments. You know better than me
  12. Claim your Contributor award

    Yes, I will be giving rewards till the game is officially released globally on 18th of October.
  13. Update announcements

    Sure, great idea! We will implement something like this in the future
  14. Update announcements

    We aren't updating Steam version until we launch it officially on Steam. That would probably be in December or later. Right now we're fully focused on Android.
  15. Update announcements

    It's live! How did you download the update in the past? Follow the link and try to download the game from Google Play.