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  1. Update announcements

    Hero Masters 1.0.3 EN ⭐️Energy restore in background mode bug was fixed ⭐️Rare pumpkin texture was improved ⭐️Added guest mode in Chat ⭐️Added Spanish and Portuguese localizations ⭐️Give up button was added for Arena mode RU ⭐️ Исправлена проблема с восстановлением энергии в фоновом режиме ⭐️ Обновлен внешний вид редкой тыквы. Теперь в бою она отличается от обычной тыквы ⭐️ Добавлен гостевой режим чата в игре ⭐️ Добавлена испанская и португальская локализации ⭐️ Добавлена возможность сдаться во время боя на Арене
  2. Update announcements

    Hi, Chancho! Thanks for letting us know. Well, first of all, we're right now focused on the mobile version of the game (sorry to tell you that) and we do not intend to update the Steam version till its official release, which you can check on Steam. The date might change though. Second, we did update the Steam version this Monday, as an exception, specifically to fix the bug with rare pumpkin. However, the chat isn't intended to work on Steam version, as it's still under development. Saying all of that, I suggest you to check whether or not you have an update for Hero Masters on Steam. Update the game and confirm that Rare Pumpkinlooks fine. Hope you find that well.
  3. Вопросы по игре

    Добрый день, Дмитрий! 1 Сменя ника описана вот тут 2 К сожалению, нет. Да, это хорошая возможность. Мы уже добавили эту кнопку, она будет доступна в следующем апдейте. Эта проблема до сих пор существует? Напишите нам на, и опишите кратко проблему укажите ваш внутриигровой айди укажитепочту, которая использовалась для привязки
  4. F.A.Q.

    Hello, guys! I've decided to start this F.A.Q. to answer most common questions. Would love to see in the comments below your suggestions regarding questions I need to add and adjustments for my answers to make them more clear.
  5. How to save your progress??

    Hello! For example, you can bind your in-game account to Google Play through Settings window.
  6. Здравствуйте. За что выдают звания? И как повысить уровень на форуме??

    1. Margarita


      Добрый день! 
      На данный момент мы не раздаем звания. Это тянется с прошлой игры.
      Думаю, в будущем пересмотрю их выдачу. 
      По поводу уровня гляну и отвечу позже.

  7. Какой промо-код на сегодня???

  8. Claim your Contributor award

    Ok, guys! Алекс got the last one award I'm stopping to distribute them as Hero Masters was officially launched globally on App Store and Google Play. Here is the news. Congratulations, everybody! We wouldn't achieve it without all support coming from our lovely community of players.
  9. Epic news, everyone!🔥🙀 Hero Masters was released globally and featured on Google Play, which means more and more people (and creatures👽👻🤖) joining you in fantasy adventures👾🌏 👉Play for FREE on Apple Store🍏 👉Play for FREE on Google Play🎮 Start playing the game now and become the most powerful Hero Master among all in the universe! #madewithunity#battler#idle#rpg#heroes#fantasy#game#mobilegaming#collect#summon#magic#universe#world#playforfree#afterwork#afterschool#craft#grind#dungeons
  10. Report hackers

    Thank you, we will take care of it!
  11. Report hackers

    Unfortunately links to screenshots from this message are broken. Can't look at them ( But thank you for keeping posting info about hackers.
  12. Energy Regeneration

    Really sad to heat that 1 So what's your account level? 2 By any chance did you change the time on your device?
  13. Jogo travando (ANDROID)

    Olá! Você poderia nos enviar uma captura de tela de um momento problemático?
  14. Energy Regeneration

    Hi! What's your profile level? *top left corner on the main screen in the yellow star Also, did you collapse the game or terminate it on the device?
  15. Bug reports

    Hello! Please, provide your in-game id. We will take a look at your problem.