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  1. My former account didn't bind

    Hey, thank you for letting us know about this problem and we're really sorry to hear that you have it. Unfortunately, the game doesn't support restore of progress right now. Next week we will have a new update of the game and we will see what we can do about your situation. We will let you know for sure!
  2. Gamescom 2018

    Unnyhog is heading to Germany, Cologne✈to participate in one of the most influential gaming conferences in the world, where we will be showcasing Hero Masters. Master the secrets of universe with us!✨
  3. New Games

    We're finally ready to answer you As far as I remember you started playing it some time ago. The game has changed a lot since that time.
  4. Stun Runes from Vengeance Levels

    @Meissner Test Thank you for pointing that out, we will fix it.
  5. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    We have a lot of questions and comments coming from one specific player from Philippines I decided to post it here, so that my colleagues would answer them and other people would see answers as well. 1. The achievements concerning reveal true heroes is still there 2. The arena fight count concerning exploret yoji, still the same your fight count goes back to zero when you go out and go in to the game. 3. The story quest concerning the reveal true heroes is there, if I'm not mistaken 4. The update is harsh, but the graphics improves a little. First the energy you need on every planet is too costly. Id prefer the old energy system. 5. Second the levels of the monster on every planet goes to hard, to beat maybe you should try balancing it. 6. The heroes skills update is not good like the queen cannot heal anymore. My playstyle has been destructed because of that change and also other heroes. 7. Suggestion for arena, match making should be fair. Low fighters should be match in low fighters. High fighters should be match in high fighters also. Balance. 8. You should add more quest, achievement and storyline. Also Id like to get back those dungeons and reveal true power. Also add something to do, 1st fighting monsters in planet, 2nd arena, 3rd dungeons 4th think about another idea so that players will not be board like mini game 9. You should add more quest, achievement and storyline. Also Id like to get back those dungeons and reveal true power. Also add something to do, 1st fighting monsters in planet, 2nd arena, 3rd dungeons 4th think about another idea so that players will not be board like mini games 10. Pvp should have a rewards and ranking should have a monthly rewards to improve competitiveness among the players. 11. Ranking (Leaderboard) 12. 1 great idea you can get to let the gamers come in to your game. Get ideas from supercell they have a great tactic to keep the gamers be on the game and not quit it. 13. Gems and specific heroes are a great rewards 14. Also in the shop you should add more things that can be paid by gems and the coins, but just balance so you can also earn and the gamers will be please, so that the gamers will not think that your game is pay to win, just balance 15. I also see that you are transparent to suggestions and comments of the gamers and thats great thing, they will be the one who will market your game without paying them because they feel that they have something to be contributed for
  6. Hero Database (Collect them all)

    That's really an insane work. Good job!
  7. Twitch streams on Saturday - 3PM UTC

    Guys, we won't have Twitch stream today and in the following weekends. We decided to postpone Twitch streaming in order to find a better way to communicate with you. I will make a post on social networks about that. Have a good weekend!
  8. Update announcements

    Hero Masters 0.3.0 ⭐️ Three star heroes were rebalanced ⭐️ Energy restore was rebalanced ⭐️ 3d environment and ui were visually improved
  9. Arena is sometimes broken

    @PeddaThanks for pointing that out This will be fixed today/tomorrow @Meissner TestThank you for replying other players
  10. Twitch streams on Saturday - 3PM UTC

  11. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    Guys, regarding the problem with empty combat in Story mode or in PvP arena, here is an explanation. Sorry for inconvenience and I hope that helps
  12. Update announcements

    Guys, thank you very much for reporting a bug related to combats in Story mode and in PvP arena🔥 It's already fixed and we're going to release a patch along with the next update Tuesday.
  13. Update announcements

    You're right that there are no more elements. I wouldn't also recommend you to draw a line between UW heroes and HM heroes, because spells in HM will be different for sure. We won't make water or electric Yoji if that's your concern. I hope I answered your question.
  14. Update announcements

    Hero Masters 0.2.2 ⭐️Dungeons and Reveal features are temporary removed from the game. ⭐️You now have 5 slots for a fight: 2 slots are front line and 3 others are back line. Melee attacks back line when all enemy heroes on a front line are eliminated. ⭐️Hero Elements are removed, so there is no Fire/Water Yoji, it’s just Yoji now. ⭐️All heroes were changed and rebalanced and we’ve added a window, where you can view all info about them. ⭐️First Arena isadded. You can fight against others. Rewards for fighting in Arena will be added in upcoming releases. ⭐️During battle nothing will distract you from being fully focused on a fight, as summon and other meta features are now unaccessible. ⭐️The x2 speed of the game is now back to the game. Woohoo! 🔥🔥🔥
  15. Update announcements

    Пока что, к сожалению, все новости на английском. В будущем конечно добавим русский язык.