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  1. I can not get into fights on the planet.

    @Макс Единорог Добрый день! 1. По поводу пропадающего интерфейса - мы знаем об этом баге и работаем над ним. Нам очень жаль что он сейчас беспокоит игроков.=( 2. Сообщение вида "Can't add to queue" , появляется при любой попытке пойти в атаку на планету или это был единичный случай? Получается ли на данный момент пойти в атаку на планету? P.S. С нами можно общаться на русском, а мы будем переводить на английский, чтобы другие, не русско говорящиеигроки,смогли прочитать тред. -- Hello! 1. We know about theinvisible interfacebug and we're working on it right now. Sorry that's bothering you. =( 2. Do you get "Can't add to queue" everytime you try to go attack another planet orit happenedjust once? Are you able to attack the planet right now? PS. You can speak Russian with us. We will translate this thread in English to make it readable for other non-russian speaking players.
  2. Hedgehog Day and special gift

    Dear friends, today is a funny day, called a Hedgehog day, which is related to our company. Our company’s name originates from a word Hedgehog. It’s because we loooove these tiny, fragile creatures. Just look at them, how cute they are! To celebrate this day we’re giving away a new promo code in UnnyWorld:hedgehog_day May you have a Happy Hedgehog day and see you in our SpaceFantasy! Your Unnyhog
  3. Funny bugs

    @NiksiHaha, nice, but I think we gonna fix this bug sooner or later
  4. 0.7.9

    Hello, @KAIDOU. Thank you for your reply! Yes, you will start from the beginning if you pick another region, but it doesn't erase your progress in the current region. So, if you switch to Asia and than back to USA, you will still have an access to your progress in USA. We're thinking of adding a feature of copying an account to another region, but this is not a high priority feature for us at this point. Yeah, that's true, we see a lot of non english speakers in the USA chat. It's a good idea to add an auto translation feature, but again, not at this point.
  5. Game stuck

    Hello, Nicho! Sorry to hear that you're experiencing such problems with our game I was wondering, if it possible for you to make a video withthe crashing tutorialand give it to us? This might help us to understand the problem better.
  6. Thank you and Happy New Year

    Good day, dear gamers! We, at Unnyhog, must admit, 2016 has been an incredible for us. After spending 2 years on the development, we managed to launch UnnyWorld on mobile platforms for#Malaysianmarket. It was a point where actually everything started for us, because, UnnyWorld stopped to be just a codebase and pile of visual assets. It became a growing#communityof people, like you, who are living in and fighting for the#fantasy#universe… and, most importantly, together. All this time we were watching closely what is happening in the game and in the mid of 2016 we started to make some radical changes to the planet system. And finally, we wrapped this year by launching UnnyWorld on#Facebook#Gameroom, which allowed us to spread UnnyWorld almost around the globe on#PC. You can start playing the game right now in a matter of minutes: How cool is thatGradually, step by step, the game is truly becoming#cross#platform. Not to mention that we’re updating the game on a short time basis. For example, the previous update brought daily quests to the game and new year’s skins for characters with a 50% discount. If you missed all these announcements, go to our blog and read the corresponding article: Even more epic features are coming in the next year. Read this forum post to find out what to expect pretty soon:… Anyway, theUnnyhogteam wishes you a Happy New Year: May the force be with you Thank you all for being with us. We hope that our game brings joy to your life. It’s one of the reasons why we’re making games. P.S. If you wish to play UnnyWorld onmobile, sign up on the game's official website:
  7. New arena

    We're preparing a new type of the arenas for you. It's a deathmatch arena which fits 6 players maximum. The rules are simple: kill as many creatures as possible. This is how it will look like in the game. There is one feature, concerning arenas we will bring to the game shortly, but I'' keep it a secret... Find out playing UnnyWorld
  8. Game Icon

    As we're iterating the game, we decided to try out a new icon. When we were working on it, we wanted the new icon tolook more appealing to mature audience and reflectingfast and furious gameplay. Tell us whether or not we succeed and feelfree to share your opinion about it, maybe together we'll come up with something even moresuitable for the game