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  1. Energy Regeneration

    Hi! What's your profile level? *top left corner on the main screen in the yellow star Also, did you collapse the game or terminate it on the device?
  2. Bug reports

    Hello! Please, provide your in-game id. We will take a look at your problem.
  3. Update announcements

    Hello! 1 What platform are you playing at? 2 What's the game version? (can be checked in Settings window)
  4. Update announcements

    @Ilyenko PavelPlease, clarify these comments. You know better than me
  5. Claim your Contributor award

    Yes, I will be giving rewards till the game is officially released globally on 18th of October.
  6. Update announcements

    Sure, great idea! We will implement something like this in the future
  7. Update announcements

    We aren't updating Steam version until we launch it officially on Steam. That would probably be in December or later. Right now we're fully focused on Android.
  8. Update announcements

    It's live! How did you download the update in the past? Follow the link and try to download the game from Google Play.
  9. Update announcements

    Hero Masters 0.3.4 ⭐️ The required level for Arena was changed from 11 to 2. ⭐️ Rebalance difficulty on 9-10 Planets ⭐️Added rune sets ⭐️ Fixed a problem with incorrect calculation of experience at the Hard and Hell levels. Now more experience from high levels. ⭐️Rebalance heroes. Now their roles are more significant ⭐️Added 3x battle speed
  10. Claim your Contributor award

    Hello! Great you enjoy the game. Did you know that we have a special section in the store, where you can get experience boosters?
  11. Fiz um backup e não consigo jogar de onde eu parei

    Vamos adicionar a funcionalidade de restauração na próxima atualização. Será anunciado. Vamos ver como vai depois de você atualizar o jogo.
  12. Instructions

    @CHALLENGERThank you! @Night Raven Did you complete the Story mode?
  13. Suggestions

    Thank you very much for your suggestions!We will take a look at them.
  14. Update announcements

    I'm curious, do you usually turn off network on purpose? Why?
  15. Update announcements

    Thank you! We will take a look at it.
  16. Scroll Summon: quantity bug

    Hello! Yes we fixed this issue, it will be included in the next update Thank you for reporting it.
  17. Update announcements

    By now this shaking function should no longer disturb you. Please, check it out.
  18. Report hackers

    @FluffyNeedleIt's actually a good idea to create this thread. Thank you!
  19. Scroll Summon: quantity bug

    Hi! Thank you very much for letting us know about it. We will take a look at this problem. It's probably just a visual bug.
  20. Que runa usar ?

    Você completou missões emQuests -> Story? Existem algumas missões que lhe dão uma compreensão básica das runas.
  21. Report hackers

    Yes, please, provide screenshots. That would be helpful.
  22. Instructions

    Hello! We don't have a database for runes. What do you actually mean by spirits? By the way, one of our players - @Meissner Testreally did a nice job, creating a database for heroes. Here, take a look at it
  23. Ну как так?

    Привет! Спасибо за фидбек. Главный экран - это герои, стоящие на планете. 1Почта прикручивается через кнопку Social / Общество с главного игрового экрана. 2 Достижения в итоге получились за регистрацию или до сих пор есть проблема? 3Уровень аккаунта пишется на главном экране, слева сверху в желтой звездочке. 4 Какой сейчас уровень аккаунта? Удалось ли получить достижение? // На скриншоте интерфейс прикручивания почты
  24. Claim your Contributor award

    Hi! Wrote you a private message.
  25. Claim your Contributor award

    This is an award rather than a reward. We assign forum badges for HM players. You just got one. Congratulations;) There was no need to providing your email though.