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  1. Powers slow

    Hello,increase the speed that the skills are executed for example the Fenix fall faster
  2. Powers slow

    play using the powers as for example phoenix yoji's ability to play because it is very easy to get away from him also some skill of the akia and neri.
  3. Evento NERI print

    posta aqui
  4. Weekend Contest #3

  5. Weekend Contest #2

  6. Weekend Contest #2

    Can it be in battle royale?
  7. puny rewards

    how does this aqvium system work because sometimes I make a lot and sometimes I earn very little.
  8. akia and yoji

  9. akia and yoji

    I was wrong the damage of the characters is normal, it is the image of damage that is wrong
  10. akia and yoji

    akia and yoji have 60 basic damage, plus they're taking 40 damage what's happening?
  11. Clã CDP

    Fique atento talvez eu libere umas vagas
  12. Morte instantânea Arena

    Na arena dos mísseis, os bots ficam paradas e não saí em de suas bases.
  13. Atk básico não tira dano

  14. Unnyworld travando #android#

    Muitos travamentos. Servidor am.latina20171212_022713_edited.mp4
  15. Gemas bug

    the gems are still on my account, can I spend them?