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  1. 0.9.6

    *Emoji Thumbs Up* Man I'm loving this update. The three gremlin spawns makes the arena go by faster and they even die faster too. Good work guys and keep it up. *cough* Release Duar *cough*
  2. UnnyWorld - Roadmap

    *Cough*Release Duar.*cough*
  3. Neri Duplicate bugged!

    OK, will do.
  4. Neri Duplicate bugged!

    unfortunately i can not provide any visual proof at the moment but most freezes happen upon use of duplicate at the landing spot area where the catapult throws you.
  5. 0.9.5

    I didn't get the chance to look at the road map before, but yea gaya seems just like what i had in mind. Looking forward to these new releases.
  6. 0.9.5

    If i may recommend a Wood hero in which you can unlock from the earth house. As it is of a nature aspect it would be a support type hero with heals slows and binds due to the thought of vines and such. Would make for a fun team up.
  7. What do you think about Tournaments?

    its a good idea really. I played a lot of games in which i fought against the developers tho they knew everything about the game so my win to lose ratio was pretty badlol.that would be fun on this game too just make sure you remove the auto hits in this tourney to enhance the "skill" aspects of the game in which ppl would need to aim regular melee. The auto hits on talents (if they have any) would remain tho as to not make it hard to land enough dmg to take your opponents down.
  8. I can't start arenas.

    much thanks too you helpful admins. Don't know what i would do without ya.
  9. Neri Duplicate bugged!

    Using Neri duplicate freezes the user until he is killed. Further tests shows that using moves wile duplicated can also freeze the user until killed. This new character is loads of fun but the freezes need to go....cost me alot of wins. Hope to see this bug resolved soon #Number1_Neri_User
  10. I can't start arenas.

    ID: 18817 Server: West Europe plz fix this as fast as you can, i couldn't do arena for 4 days now so my guild mates moving up and leaving me behind.
  11. I can't start arenas.

    Every time I go to start arena and I'm waiting for a team up, I just stand there waiting for like 1 min before it stops searching. Am I banned or is this a bug?