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  1. Moderadores no jogo

    Olá, amigos. Como vocês devem saber, adicionamos moderadores no jogo, o que pode impedir que alguns jogadores de conversar devido ao seu mau comportamento; Se você está interessado(a) em se tornar um moderadore nos ajudar a crescer e construir uma comunidade melhor, responda a este tópico. Precisarei também do seu apelido (Nome/Nickname) de jogo, seu ID de jogador, a região que você joga (Servidor), quanto tempo você está jogando e quantas vitórias você tem em Arenas. Obrigado!
  2. Rush com controle?

    Galera, eu estava pensando aqui, no mapa "Bang Bang", por acaso há uma maneira eficaz em contra-atacar nessa nova atualização? Não é tão difícil de dominar um acampamento Goblin de início, mas depois quando tu morre e vem aquela horda com bomba, qual seria a melhor tática para revidar ou até aproveitar o momento mesmo tomando muito dano as suas torres?
  3. PvD winning no gems

    Sure, sure, thanks! -- The thing is that is noteven showed to me after the match, it's like I haven't won or lost the event match. ;x
  4. Stucking

    This first problem can be in your knowledge already, but here, I put some more details if can help: "Bug Lobby" A problem which occurres when a player enter in a group when othersare looking for an Arena *Is not always function to deal with it when this happens, sometimes changing tab (Invasion -> Arena) is needeed to back to normal* Also, sometimes, that msg do not show up when is glitched. This second one is just a probably A.I metters. "Stucked Bot" In this case, Isna was avoiding player's attacks basics and then get stuck. After that, she move out, but has returned to the same place and stucked 'her self' again. -- Thank you! --
  5. More motivation to interative with others players and a healthy community in-game. Hello my developers friends and community UnnyWorld! I'm here to say what I have in mind to keep us playing and helping everyone as Win-win way, I hope. *CHAT* 1.1 - Well, first of all what about to let our chat more excited with anti-flood and expression system? For example, I could type "=D" to express on the chat as " ", also, showing this or just a simple text, takes around 10 seconds to send another message, avoiding SPAM player or bot to screw up the window, if possible. 1.2 - To increase the delay/time to send emoticons in-game too. 1.3- How about a system to scroll the bar chat manually? This, because some player can be late and make a choice to read the history, but the automatically scroll gives some difficulty, casesomeone else write on chat. Maybe, an option to scroll with finger/mouse or automatically as default. *Merchant Coins* 2.1 - For a future shopping and more group players, could have an unique option to buy some basic skin, using unnycoins. This way, could make more players to be kind and to manage party andworthing each coing as well. (Example: A first and basic skin, can be bought with 2k gems to 5~6k unnycoins) 2.2 - To use in the chat and/or in-game match, more options to express to your mates and enemies, creating a Loadout-like to use others emoticons, being adquired by unnycoins or gems as "2.1" form as "GG Planet" or "Give Up", showing a polution cloud planet emoticon. *Calling by Alerts* 3- When all players are ready or when a match is found, makes a sound effect to advise the player, while is chatting or with the minimized game. *Be a good unnyplayer* 4 - To be an easier way to communicate and help players and developers, an extra option "Help" window chat to any player to acess with intend to send a critical or common bug. Case the such report be helpful, players can be rewarded with Unnycoins for participating of the 'helping community system'. *Let me hear you* 5 - I thought about more options to set the volume in-game with sound effect and music, not as "Turn on" and "Turn off" anymore, but these options more to: 100%, 50%, 25% or off volume. In PC version, users have to set it up, using Windows volume, also to mobile users, I believe. - That's all!Thank you guys for reading anddoing a great work! ^-^ Examples pictures below:
  6. Check ur build n' power

    @Zyonmkxq Oh boy, really? Alright then, thanks. =/
  7. Check ur build n' power

    Hello good friends and fighters! I've thinking about a new and simple arena to check new power or build. -- A Training Arena! @Zyonmkxq@Pavel Ignatov@Lucas - Better mechanic to test heroes and their skills; - Faster test,no Arena or limited time; - Small place to cast powers, just enough to melee and ranged heroes; - Goblins standing and walking in cicles (patrolling move); - Target with normal and/or objective bar; - An alternative way, such asto create a "Loadout System"; Bônus: In future tests about new animations, skills and damage for possible glitches. -- Thank you guys! --
  8. Check ur build n' power

    Not actually. It's an option to players test their build and skills as I said, also, such Training Arena is to some Unnyhelpers, case they want, are able to search for some bugs as well. BTW, @Zyonmkxq, could you please send me the link/test build? I'd like to test it, if I am allowed to do it. Thanks!
  9. PvD winning no gems

    I was going to create this subject, but Eggy already did. Well, @Pavel Ignatov, today I had the some problem. PvD event from last weekend, I won one match, but nothing appeared. So I waited for today for some fix until I have 2 more victories, unfortunately has happened again such issue. Total is 3 gems for 3 matches. My last match was Kamoshu and Rj34 players in my team, so far I know, Kamo has got his reward. SA server / 22838 @Kamoshu, please?! Thank you for your time!
  10. Guild chat NOT WORK!

    I was preparing myself to post it first, but our fella "UBIVATOR" was faster. =)
  11. 1.1.1

    @Lucas, por acaso neste update, ainda falta algo para ser implementado? Eu acessei o jogo depois da atualização Steam, e fui direto ao tutorial, bem, emparte. -- Outra coisa é que ainda está com o título "Em breve". -- Obrigado!
  12. [ Badges ] Request your Forum Award

    I just need a Forga's badge, please.
  13. Crash game log

    My exe has crashed at 7:40 PM at Russia time in this monday: Picture - Outlog file - 2017-10-16_121306.zip
  14. Counter - Is it right?

    Is this really an issue?_?
  15. A new tournament or event

    Well, I play since Gameroom version and at the moment, we have a new server (South America), a 'Transfer account system'andnew implements in every week as you guys goes on. So, I wouldlike to know if soon, like in this end of the year or in 2018beginning, we will have a new brand tournament (or even simple) as the game grows up. It's counts as new events as well.Making us as players, having more fun and new opportunities to evolve as hero/player and builder at UnnyWorld game. - Thank you for reading!
  16. TimeOut Connection

    My connection is stable for a long time, but, sometimes, like the traffic is lostfor some seconds (5~10s). The difference is that Time Out just freezes my char, as I see others players with the same problem (just when they freezes). - All Discord call goes well, but my guildmates freezes in the game, what let me confused about quality connection indeed. All game runs well, but only the own player seems "teleport" for some connection reason, without connection warning (lost icon disconnection) One example about this: I had to use "Alt + F4", force close brute to reconnect and play it again
  17. Counter - Is it right?

    UPDATE Well, @Pavel Ignatov, I played for 2 days and I still see this issue happening sometimes, even aparently showing all game running well. Not sure if it's something wrongto my connection until someone to confirm if it's causing some trouble to others as well.
  18. Invisible character

    I got it now. -- 'Debug Log' is from settings, yes. Thanks!
  19. Invisible character

    I had no issues with my connection while I was playing, but, for almost entire match, Isna, as in this example, she was attacking invisiblyand walking cross the arena without problems:
  20. Counter - Is it right?

    Nope. I was playing normally, without any issue, but this happened to me. Sometimes only the timer starts at '0 seconds' too.
  21. Invisible character

    Just to be sure, please. So, when this glitch or something like it happens to me again, so I let the game opened and I copy my 'outlog_file' here. Is that right? I've activated 'debug log' option. I believe that outlog is update every action, right? Anyway, I'll do it next time, thanks for your explanation...
  22. Invisible character

    Really?! Oh, boy... could you tell me how can I send you the right file?
  23. Invisible character

    Well, I've connected twice after this case, if this can help you in someway. I will send you if this happens again, for sure. Here is the file: output_log athalwolf.txt
  24. Bug em áreas de construção

    @Lit, por favor, me diga o seu ID de jogador e o servidor em que está jogando...
  25. Evento PvD en 30 de septiembre

    ¿Ha perdido todos nuestros partidos del "PvD" del sábado? Aquí están las transmisiones Twitch grabadas del evento: Región Norteamericana https://youtu.be/apjZ6dzxkYo Región Europea https://youtu.be/R1TqiXbZvTY También ver las listas de los participantes. Esos chicos son demasiado Participantes del NA 🎉SKT T1, Kamoshu, AlexGAMES, zebastianGM, Wariolord, Serenity, Ehezi, Jugger36, EvyOwl, Deodead 🎉 Participantes del SA 🎉MetabolicX, Pinochet, DiegoSlayer, sin nombre, Erina, creativo, _Morte_, Loh Peshoh, Taynora, Sentinel, GameOver, Nieve, Lucifer, MetamitoX Lucas MateoSales, Pokebom, matheus, Firebrand, El Tankea, david, Sederick, CEBOLA 🎉 Participantes del EU 🎉Agresor, Niksi, Tallulah, War, NANIII, psycroptic, exsi, LegendaryMops, KJlOyH, 🎉 Hemos felicitado a los ganadores y esperamos ver jugadores formando parte del evento el próximo sábado. Recuerde, las vacantes son limitadas. ¡En primer lugar, es el primero en llevarlo! Sólo tienes que llegar a la hora del juego / evento y esperar la invitación en la charla global. Todos los participantes ganaron gemas verdes 👑💎 sólo por jugar contra nosotros. Entonces, ¿por qué no unirse la próxima vez !? El siguiente evento será anunciado hasta 1 o 2 días antes de los partidos. 📣 Hasta entonces, siga nuestros canales Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/unnyworld (en inglés) https://www.twitch.tv/unnyworld_ru (en ruso) Y compruebe las opciones sobre el ajuste de tiempo para las 'partidas PvD'. Queremos mantener las partidas PvD al mismo tiempo para todos, Entonces, por favor, voten para hacer el evento en el horario más adecuado para ustedes. 😏 Votación NA ⏰ https://goo.gl/ZKfeVc⏰ Votación SA ⏰ https://goo.gl/ndkjdU⏰ Votación EU ⏰ https://goo.gl/z63Wym ⏰