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  1. 1.0.8 - Current

    Get enough marks, and you will be automatically promoted to next division/league.
  2. Lag!

    Steam, right? Also, could you send us this crash reports?
  3. Videos of this game

    Nice. But the name of company is Unnyhog
  4. Newest Update

    Actually, here (:
  5. Lag!

    We have fixed bugs on this map. It will be ok after the next update.
  6. Lag

    We will add Asia server, I think, by the end of September.
  7. Bugs report

    It's possible if you teammates/enemy has lower rating than yours. But we are reworking this right now. This changes will be in the next update. Don't worry
  8. Mail

    The mail could be delayed. The problem is not on our side. But we are trying to fix it
  9. Who will come to say hi

  10. About the game

    Right now we are working on new hero. But yes, we are planning to add new maps in the future (:
  11. About the game

    This is your custom password. For example, if you want to link the game on another device, lets say Android, with current account, you can link it with this email+password you have entered.
  12. About the game

    Yeh, we are thinking about it, like FAQ section in the game.
  13. Chest bugs, possibly linked ones ?

    Np. Good luck next time
  14. Chest bugs, possibly linked ones ?

    Actually, you got it. But we will look on this freeze. Do you still have this issue? There is no relation between epic scrolls chance and previous bug. But we will check drop logic.
  15. Bug Navio Lvl 3 Missão

    Hello there. You have to upgrade 2 ships to level 3.
  16. не могу войти

    Что за платформа? Steam? Launcher? Gameroom?
  17. Difficulties getting a party together

    There are some problems with party system. We are working on it right now.
  18. Тук, тук.

    Что-то картинка не грузится )=
  19. A List of Bugs and Issues

    Yeh, we know about it. I will try to look on it before next update. Anymore? Are you sure that it has counted arena's aqvium before? @Pavel Ignatov, pls check it. Yeh, @Margarita will check it. If it happens again, can you send us the log file from Steam\steamapps\common\UnnyWorld\Unnyworld_Data?
  20. The game crashed.

    This is Steam's problem. It happens when there is problems with connection. Usually it should disappear over time. But sometimes you need to restart the Steam client.
  21. change account

    Hello there. We are working on it
  22. [Suggestion]Guild ranks

    Hello there. Thanks for suggestion. We will add different roles for guild members. Like officer, etc. Also, we will add option to change guild leader. For example, if he haven't logged in for a long time.
  23. 8/26/17 Maintenance Problems

    If it happens again, please provide screens and as much additional info as you can. Maybe there is a problem only with particular task. If so, we will fix it. Again, sorry fo this bug. Here is the personal promocode for you: tasksbug68947
  24. 8/26/17 Maintenance Problems

    1st of all, you can't start 3 and 4 tasks. You have to finish 2 task firstly. So, basically, the problem occurs only with 2nd task. We will look on it. P.S. are you sure, that you have played with Neri (electric guy)?