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  1. Acc Problem

    In Steam? You can't right now. Steam version always trying to login with your Steam profile. We will change this behavior in future. Just for now, you can download our launcher and play on it with different account.
  2. Leaderboard

    This is possible, each stat has different caching time. But thanks for report. I will think about the ways to make it more obvious.
  3. 1.1.4 - Current

    News on Steam with detailed info about Lamia's Spells
  4. Редактор планет

    Извиняемся Не подскажите id свой и регион?
  5. Arena entering glitch

    Do you mean that the game crashed?
  6. Stuck on update screen

    Hm. What firewall do you use?
  7. Some bugs

    Does it happen in Steam version, or..?
  8. New Founder's Pack

    What do you mean? You want to add new heroes to this pack, or..?
  9. Friends

    Yeah, we have some thoughts on it
  10. party enter arena bug

    Hello there. Yeh, we know about it. It happens when you press "Play" before party info is loaded. We will fix it.
  11. Friends

    Yeh, a lot of users asked about this limitations. We will keep it in mind
  12. Friends

    There were technical issues behind this decision, actually.
  13. Live Streamers!

    I don't think, that streamers will accept such offer (gems)
  14. Battle Replays systems

    We have plans on it, for sure.