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  1. Suggestion (new talent system)

    Hello there. Yep, we are working on it. 1) It will be possible to trade scrolls with guildmates. 2) Actually, in next update we are planning to add green crystals drop in chests. Don't know about chests for specific heroes, but we will think about it.
  2. Future Plans

    Yep. It will be possible by using synchronization by code option in settings window.
  3. I can't start arenas.

    This bug is really rare. But we found it only because of your report. Thanks again (: And, btw, check your account, we sent you a small gift in the game (100 sweet Crystals).
  4. error chat

    On which platforn are you playing? Facebook gameroom?
  5. Problems arena

    Hello. Sorry to hear that. This happens sometimes, and we are working on this issue.
  6. error de actualización

    Hola. Hemos solucionado varios problemas con los amigos. La nueva actualización estará disponible pronto.
  7. I can not get into fights on the planet.

    День добрый, @Макс Единорог Это всё через Fecebook Gameroom? Есть ли вероятность, что у вас какие-то проблемы с интернетом? При потере пакетом/разрывах соединения с игрой такая проблема возможна.
  8. Зависли

    День добрый, Единорог (: Спасибо за репорт. Под мобами подразумеваются гоблины? Пофиксим в след. апдейте. Не совсем понимаю. Что за лучи?
  9. 0.8.0

    Nope. It's available from 1 lvl (:
  10. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    I don't think that it's right. May be we should introduce some sort of temporary deputy, which will be elected as you said. This deputy will have almost all privileges like GM, and has possibility to start process to kick current GM. Also, You know, current GM just can add fake accounts to guild to prevent kick.
  11. Game stuck

    Also, if you are playing on PC, it would be very helpful to know your PC spec. At least OS version (Windows 10?), DirectX version.
  12. Future Plans

    Here we go:
  13. I really like this: - play in all three arenas - play with every character in a day About achievements. Few of them really nice. But: It's nice, but for new players it will be almost impossible to achieve =/
  14. UnnyWorld - Roadmap

    Hello, nicho. We are working on league system now. And it will be released soon (: