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  2. Attack lvl decrease after gaining exp.

    Thank you Goku, I can see the pink text. We'll check it today and come back to you later.
  3. Update announcements

    Hello, Friends! Please don't uninstall the game. We haven't yet released the synchronization feature, and you will end up loosing the progress. The chat appears when you shake the device, but we got the feedback that it's confusing sometimes, so we'll either remove this feature or increase the threshold for the shake power in couple days. Chat login issue was also fixed, please try again now. If the problem is still there, please fully restart the game or logout from the chat and login again - it'll work.
  4. Update announcements

    Try reinstalling game to see if social problem fix. Instead of it fix i lost 2 days worth of progression. Zzzzzzz. Ign Talidi. Social chat keep poping up when phone is move or shake. Weird
  5. Attack lvl decrease after gaining exp.

    I often encounter the txt, attack lvl decreased after my hero levels up after gaining some experience from the battles.So,I was wondering if it is a bug or not because shouldn't it be the other way around when you lvl up.
  6. Update announcements

    I am having the same issue, i miss the chat section!
  7. Report hackers

    @FluffyNeedleIt's actually a good idea to create this thread. Thank you!
  8. Scroll Summon: quantity bug

    Hi! Thank you very much for letting us know about it. We will take a look at this problem. It's probably just a visual bug.
  9. Que runa usar ?

    Você completou missões emQuests -> Story? Existem algumas missões que lhe dão uma compreensão básica das runas.
  10. Report hackers

    Yes, please, provide screenshots. That would be helpful.
  11. Instructions

    Hello! We don't have a database for runes. What do you actually mean by spirits? By the way, one of our players - @Meissner Testreally did a nice job, creating a database for heroes. Here, take a look at it
  12. Ну как так?

    Привет! Спасибо за фидбек. Главный экран - это герои, стоящие на планете. 1Почта прикручивается через кнопку Social / Общество с главного игрового экрана. 2 Достижения в итоге получились за регистрацию или до сих пор есть проблема? 3Уровень аккаунта пишется на главном экране, слева сверху в желтой звездочке. 4 Какой сейчас уровень аккаунта? Удалось ли получить достижение? // На скриншоте интерфейс прикручивания почты
  13. Claim your Contributor award

    Hi! Wrote you a private message.
  14. Claim your Contributor award

    This is an award rather than a reward. We assign forum badges for HM players. You just got one. Congratulations;) There was no need to providing your email though.
  15. Claim your Contributor award

    Wrote you a private message.
  16. Scrolls

    @Meissner TestThank you for providing additional explanation. @zackPRDid @Ilyenko Paveland @Meissner Testhelp you to understand how it works? I guess it's a UI/UX issue here, which we might consider fixing in the future. Thank you for pointing that out to us. This is something that is usually hidden from eyes.
  17. Attack lvl decrease after gaining exp.

    Hello! Can you please specify what do you mean? Both with words and with an arrow on the screenshot. Unfortunately, I neither see any pink text below the handshake icon nor I understand the problem by the info you provided.
  18. Fiz um backup e não consigo jogar de onde eu parei

    Olá! Triste de ouvir sobre sua situação. Nós atualizamos recentemente o jogo. Você consegue acessar seu progresso agora? Hablas español o ingles?
  19. Fiz um backup e não consigo jogar de onde eu parei

    Hola, Joa! Muchas gracias por ayudarnos respondiendo a jugadores Es muy valioso
  20. Update announcements

    Sent you a private message!
  21. Last week
  22. Recently found errors of the Hero Masters game
    - the chat opens automatically without reason
    - I get rid of all the heroes
    - events are prescribed processes
    - the game is closed only
    - home crashea
    - Account login does not verify

         last update

    1. Margarita


      Hi! Thanks for such extended list of things. 
      Better create a dedicated topic next time or send a private message to me, if your questions are concerning your private information, like email or in-app purchases ;)

      - the chat opens automatically without reason
      At what time does it open automatically?

      - I get rid of all the heroes
      What do you mean by that?

      - events are prescribed processes
      What do you mean by that?

      - the game is closed only
      It's in Open Beta on Google Play if I understand you correctly. Here is the link.

      - home crashea
      Can you provide details? 

      - Account login does not verify
      Can you provide details? 

    2. Potter _

      Potter _

      my translation is not very accurate and some things are poorly translated

  23. Claim your Contributor award

    Hi,hope you include the cloud backup feature soon.
  24. Attack lvl decrease after gaining exp.

    Just below the handshake in pink txt.
  25. Update announcements

    Bug cant log into social. The login keep pop up during play but cant log in
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